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  1. That is not their business yet. Fiat to Crypto Exchanges need to comply a lot more regulations than Crypto to Crypto Exchanges. That's the reason why you can find more crypto to crypto than Fiat to Crypto. Anyways, this poll is to try to find out wich coins would you like to buy trough XRP. A lot of people diversify on various coins and there is no better way to do it than trough XRP. If you like one or more please Vote. Thank you.
  2. XRP will be a Base Pair. But they can't list every pair. Please vote for the Most Important to you. Thanks!
  3. Great!. Did you vote on the Poll?? FCT is not in there but I will give it a Vote. Mine too. FCT - 2 Votes. Thanks!
  4. It's not a Fiat Exchange... Crypto to Crypto only... Please vote on the poll if you like one. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, NUEX is a New Exchange and they want to list new XRP Pairs and they want to know wich pairs the XRP Community would like to Have?? Please answer in the poll. If your Pair is not on the poll just write it as a comment. REMEMBER GUYS!!! Having XRP Markets Increases XRPs Volume!!! We do want to Increase XRP Volume!! Thank you!
  6. LeGonze

    massive money moved on XRP ledger...

    I just gave you your first reaction...
  7. LeGonze

    massive money moved on XRP ledger...

    Negative. He can't do it OTC. Based on that agreement he can't sell more than it's stipulated in there in any way. What case could have if he could sell to his brother, friend, sister, parter or anyone and they dump it in the market. Its just not logical.
  8. LeGonze

    massive money moved on XRP ledger...

    Exacly. We don't know for sure who's account is that. And, I totally agree with you guys that this looks totally as a Business Move, a good one for all of us. I just wanted to make clear that Jed Can't sell off his stack.
  9. LeGonze

    massive money moved on XRP ledger...

    In a new agreement of course...
  10. LeGonze

    massive money moved on XRP ledger...

    But in any case, Jed is not allowed to sell off at once... They signed an agreement:
  11. LeGonze

    Does Claire still work for Ripple?

    @OOL Thanks for taking the time!