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  1. Cuallet is now live with XRP and it’s mind boggling to me that people don’t realize this is the first and only crypto with a real financial use case. People are going to rekt not investing in this going forward.
  2. At $100 I will cash out 10% and pay my house off and continue hodling until 2-300 where I could retire with a ridiculous amount of happiness
  3. Thetamind Ripple never said coinbase was coming in January, they have not made a single promise or speculation towards XRP’s price or usage. They are a regulated and registered US company and pumping an asset is immoral and illegal. They have announced amazing partnerships and are the most successful Blockchain company out there delivering real world solutions. Promises and hype has been created in Twitter, Reddit and the rest of the inter webs but not fueled by Ripple
  4. Faith returns to the market and things continue with XRPs dominance coming sooner than later
  5. Sorry for the dramatic title but I think this is true. Once faith in tether is truly gone the market will massively correct. The outcome of this will be regulated trading platforms that sell crypto in fiat and regulated crypto pairing. Regulated crypto=XRP I believe this will be the new paradigm for platforms and will lead to XRP being the standard. This will take a while and the market may have a rough year ahead but holders don’t mind. It’s more like a prolonged Black Friday sale
  6. Hi Hodor, This might be better suited to its own thread but is there a scenario you see where XRP becomes such a valuable institutional asset for exchange that it is removed from public trading? Where long term holders will be the last private persons to have XRP and the rest earmarked for business exchanges. Just popped into my head. Thanks
  7. Whatever happens, I have been incredibly entertained by this thread. I greatly appreciate everyone’s TA, right or wrong they are helpful in their own way. I didn’t sell at .40, $1, $2, $3 and I won’t sell anytime soon so this is fun for me. Thanks everyone
  8. No plans to leave anytime soon but this is definitely something that would be nice to know.
  9. Is it possible to ask them about transfer failures through the app during periods of volatility? Often times if I want to move anything out of Toast it pops up with an error message and to try again due to network congestion or insufficient funds. If the app was able to retry the transactions instead of immediately reporting an error that would be nice. This might be a larger issue than the app but my exchange transfers don't seem to suffer from this. Thanks
  10. Seeing as I was planning on two more years to reach $1, I will take $20 with a smile on my face.
  11. They don’t “pay” them for use or advertising. They sell their product and the benefits and then provide XRP through their accelerator program to increase adoption and make it easier for FIs to swallow. This is the same thing PayPal was doing with their “discount” program in their early days. In my job when we want to test a product it is provided by the vendor for T&E. Then after successful testing the purchase is made at market value. These claims will continue for eternity. There are people still claiming amazon, apple, google are scams so who cares
  12. If XRP breaks ??? It will be each persons personal moon. There is no relative short term group moonage. Just enjoy the ride and relax, it’s going to be really entertaining over the next 9 days. Fingers crossed and all sorts of god are being prayed to that he is right
  13. Interested in rare rituals and never before seen customs so I just sent them a join request. Will report back with my findings (unless they are cannibals)
  14. Thanks for sharing it takes guts to put yourself out there. I have read your posts since I have been lurking and appreciated your contributions. I read crypto forums of other coins all the time to get a feel for others beliefs and ideas and generally see immature negativity and attacks on others for not thinking like they do. I have been humbled with the positive energy from the XRP community and Ripple despite being treated like pariahs in the crypto community. Being attacked by a crypto anarchistic basement dweller for not sharing their beliefs is hilariously hypocritical and makes us
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