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  1. Thanks for the thorough response, I'm going to let this sink in, cheers
  2. Google's critism[1] on Marlinspike's Convergence proposal (Black Hat 2011)[2] was that due to clients never expected to update their notary settings, the default notaries would remain indefinitely and require major reliability. There seems to be some conceptual similarity along Convergence's concept of "trust agility" (by introducing notaries) and XRPLedger's validators (Ripple's 5 nodes are currently default by dnsseed?) How are clients incentivized to change their UNL in such way that the network isn't heavily relying on a small bunch of default validators that are constantly hammered? It seems to leave an attack vector as well? Edit: Note that I am unsure how bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies address this problem at this moment, perhaps someone can elaborate [1] https://m.theregister.co.uk/2011/09/08/google_chrome_rejects_convergence/ [2] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convergence_(SSL)
  3. To my understanding r3 is working on smart contract solutions for loans using corda, not settlement/rtgs. The large overlap between r3 and sbi stakeholders might hint the choice for settlement solutions was already made, but thats speculation obviously.
  4. Guy seems pretty keen on ripple.
  5. First of.. it's not a "coin" its an academic paper. Second, a "coin" does not make a company with resources, network and utility. I am pretty sure Ripple is a keen organisation that will keep an eye out for technological improvements as displayed by David's reply. TL;DR Your question seems a bit silly, like saying "Shouldn't Apple be worried about some academic paper that states it could create a better* operating system" *(in a non competitive general context)
  6. Wait for huobi, btcc and other major chinese players to join, volume is just starting to build. 500plus, etoro, sbi, india, ig.com some confirmed some speculated other just hoped for. Either way I dont see this volume trend cooling down anytime soon.
  7. The best indicator to monitor rcl utilization is found at the ripple.com xrp market performance page.. then watch the tx/sec grow steadily... https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/
  8. Nice find, traditional investors will be pouring in quickly
  9. Efforts toward commercial use of Rippleā€™s distributed ledger technology are accelerating Source: slide on page 114
  10. rialto.ai this one seems interesting, they seem to be aiming for becoming a large liquidity provider / market maker on RCL, their "token" seems to be yielding dividend.. one to watch imo
  11. "npm install" is like "from somedockerimage".. a reasonable experienced programmer should think twice about these things, an unexperienced programmer should ask his/her senior what he/she's actually doing..
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