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  1. Hey people. So i have a small amount of xrp on bitfinex. I wanted to transfer it but it is processing since 30th of december. I dont get any answers from the support Team. I have already 2 Tickets but nothing is happening. I got the approval mail already but does anybody know how long xrp transfers are taking? Regards.
  2. Pagan

    Its me again

    This what makes me thinking are those youtububers who are claiming that it is not possible mathematicly. They are saying the maximum is 5 to 10 dollar in 2018.
  3. Pagan

    Its me again

    Oh wow. That is the best answer i could have get. Thank you. That motivates me again. I was in such a bad mood because i couldnt give him more.
  4. Pagan

    Its me again

    Hey people. Its me the guy who asked if 10k xrp would have be enough to put it on side for my son. I couldnt find the money. I just have 500 xrp. Do you think that is enough for him? Like i said, i have cancer and dont know how long i will be next to him. Sorry for my bad english by the way. Its not my mother language.
  5. Thx but i am really not here to take donations. But thank you.
  6. Thx for everyones kind replies and advises. I will buy defenetly a nano s. That 10k is something what i could invest over the next 3 month. For now i could invest about 1500 euros. I dont want to sound dramatic but i am in a situation where i have to think about my Health or the future of my son. That 10k is a part of my Health but is nothing compared to the future of my son. Thats the problem i have. Would 2k do it too? I am not talking about making him to a millionare. I dont want that. I want that he is working for his money but at least he could have about 100k dollars on the side for a house or his education.
  7. Hey people. I am 33 and have cancer. I dont know if i will survive or not but i want to give my 20 month old son something when he is about 20. I dont want that he has the same life i had. So now my question. How many Coins do i need that my son can effort himself a better life. Better education and so on. Is 1k xrp enough? I dont think so. I mean the people here are talking about a maximum price of 9 dollars. And consider even that as a dream. I could find enough money to buy 10k xrp. Thats the maximum i could effort. Do you guys think that would be enoug for giving him a better start in his life. In other words. Will xrp ever reach 100 dollars? Keep care people. And you have build a very nice community. Thx for the replies and your efforts. And just an advise for your life: Enjoy every second with the people you love.
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