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  1. But that’s impossible. XRP is based on consensus not proof. It can’t possibly be qualified to trade on Coinbase
  2. Back up to earth more truthful. From...
  3. The point of xrapid is that they buy and sell the same quantity in the blink of an eye.
  4. Just saying. They have the money to make it look and sound slick. It’s very important. Last year was an embarrassment. Hope they see this thread
  5. The point of xrapid and xrp is that big customers don’t need to charge their wallets. The beauty of it is that the transaction goes from fiat-xrp-other fiat so fast that price moves aren’t that significant when it is in full usage that buy/sell will cause insane volume but the big FI’s don’t need to hold any xrp. We get to do that and ride the usage train to the moon and beyond
  6. No. I was doing a google ***ist for the guy that missed out on the 2 for a dollar zerps. Kind of a mixed bag posting.
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