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  1. I believe it was stated that the two household names would not be financial institutions.
  2. Volume up 10X in 24 h I just read. Would be surprised if this is based on Coinbase rumor. Inside knowledge/trading? Something big to be announced tomorrow?
  3. Yes, that's what I did, all the way down from $2.40 to $.60. Although I would love to buy more, I have already bought more than I initially planned. At some point you need to draw the line and I think I am going to stick with this position.
  4. That’s a very interesting coincidence indeed. Thanks for sharing!
  5. It would suck, as I’d still be in minus and people would be telling me: “you see, XRP is a useless investment” whereas I would like to prove them wrong. Other than that, no big deal, if its still below $3 in December, I might reconsider my investment. However, since XRP moves up and down with BTC, I don’t think we will witness a flatnlining market until May. This is not 2013.
  6. No doubt that the company Ripple is going to be successful in solving real world problems. The validity of its solutions is not where I see the risk, what I am less certain about is if this will be reflected in the price of XRP. Yes, I know that it has been said that a higher price of XRP would be better for liquidity but what would stop Ripple to create more XRP just to do that? Feel free to correct me if I am wrong here. I am no expert, but I’d love to see the questions answered: Must the price of XRP rise substantially for Ripple to be a successful company? Would its solutions be effec
  7. And it's not every crypto that follows BTC blindly. VEN for instance doesn't (well it did in the january downturn)
  8. SEPA with a certain Dutch bank took me only a morning until it got deposited on bitstamp. Never heard of bitpanda, but spread seems to be substantial.
  9. Too little action for my liking. Can't wait for some rollercoaster rides. Hopefully in the next two weeks we will see some of that.
  10. Yes that's how I feel about it too. I think you articulated it well: "some people are not ready to accept the paradigm shift." It's a common phenomena that those shifts go parallel with lots of FUD and with crypto space being in its infancy, negative media attention about BTC falling from 19k to 6k, Tether, money laundering practices, bubbles, etc. doesn't really help with adoption. Over time, the market will mature, lots of money is yet to flow into cryptos and the industry, if you like, will develop with financial mechanisms that are currently only in place in traditional investment practice
  11. Yes sure, but let's say you earn 50k and you take a mortgage of 300k to buy BTC at 19K and BTC sinks to 1K he might be screwed, depends on his income obviously, but that would be too much risk for me personally. Everybody's got a different risk tolerance level and need to assess individually how much they are willing to put up knowing you can win or lose it all.
  12. I did something similar during the gold bull run a few years back. Student loan interest rates were a joke and I made a decent profit. However, losing was an alternative but possible scenario. I took a controlled risk and the money I put in was an amount I knew I could pay back should things go south. Generally speaking, I do agree though that it isn't wise to use money you cannot afford to lose and you should determine that yourself. I read a story of this guy who took a second mortgage on his house to buy BTC at 19K, that wouldn't be a controlled risk for me.
  13. I guess Tradingview is a little slow Thx for the heads up!
  14. Hard to say. The moment to step in is better than a month ago. However, you need to determine if $5000 is an amount you will be able to pay back should XRP hit rock bottom. I don't think that will happen, but you should consider each and every option. If you think you can't, don't do it.
  15. Interesting observation how XRP shot up to the ATH of +$3 back in December and now it goes up a few cent at a time, hovers up and down at that level for a few days and makes another move to repeat the same process. I know it's too short to talk trends.
  16. What's happening, I see no movement at this very moment...
  17. Guys are partying and won't be back in full force until late next week.
  18. Gonna be interesting when they get back to trading and they find XRP at $1.70
  19. XRP will not become the world reserve currency unless it was intended to become so in the first place. It's a scenario that crossed my mind that Ripple was founded intentionally to replace the dollar as reserve currency with backing from those who benefits most from the Dollar hegemony. Who knows. If this is true indeed, we would profit generously from this transfer of wealth, but who would control Ripple in the end and would other stakeholders like China and Russia be ok with that? Geopolitics is big and XRP would not just be allowed to replace the dollar if it wouldn't benefit those who are
  20. Yeah, it's so random, really wondering how this originates.
  21. I was randomly checking blockfolio and was like WTF XRP $1.20?! I love watching the pumping.
  22. Hard to say, much of it depends on the decoupling from BTC and how long that is going to take I don't know. I do feel we're going through a catalyst. If we manage to decouple significantly (much of that depends on widespread introduction of currency pairs with fiat) we might hit some very substantial price. For now, I am going to say we'll be touching $20, partly because of the above, partly caused by speculation following the announcement of a household name like Apple.
  23. Revolut has begun offering cryptocurrencies and soon you can buy XRP as well, but you can't move it to any other wallet.
  24. Was just going through his posts: What made CMC include the Korean exchanges again now?
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