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  1. Coinbase won't be around for long. They caught the low hanging fruits but will be taken out by others shortly. Anyway, I am happy with some reality checks and a little down pressure.
  2. Not sure how to take this. It's like XRP is turning into a hype and I am sure lots of money is flowing from BTC into XRP. I very much believe in XRP but is the current growth sustainable and healthy?
  3. I guess I’m one of the few on here being anxiously waiting for it to drop. I only got into the crypto game on December 16th and bought at 0,80 cents. I have only a marginal stack and I have been waiting with dry powder to add more... It’s kind of hard to keep myself from not pulling the trigger, but something tells me we will see 1.30 sooner or later again. Then again, what are the odds of XRP staying below 2$ all of 2018?
  4. I just created a Toast wallet and imported my Ripple address from gatehub. RXP is showing up fine but I am wondering if there’s anything left to do now or can I simply close my gatehub account? I have my Toast passphrase and recovery phrase written down. Also I have gotten a backup file, how would I use that in the future, should I print it? Thanks for answering my newbie questions
  5. This speed of growth is unhealthy, there will be a drop after which I will accumulate more.
  6. Ive finally managed to acquire some XRP in a wallet after getting verified on an exchange, but so far I have purely traded CFDs in XRP. Now it appears to me that most people here actually hold XRP in wallets rather than to trade in CFDs. What is the reasoning behind this or what are the pros? What I like about CFDs is that I can trade them quickly if need be and use stop losses to hedge myself. Although I am in for the long run and don’t do day trading, it does give me agility. Just curious as I need to decide to increase my stake in one or the other.
  7. I am not sure whether privacy coins really have potential. I do believe that rather sooner than later, authorities will entangle crypto currencies and enforce regulatory frameworks to counter money laundering etc.
  8. Like a bogglehead would say (for those who know) - you can’t time the market.
  9. As mentioned, I cant make use of GDAX currently...
  10. Thanks for the input! I guess there is no alternative but to wait for verification on bitstamp or Kraken... Coinbase is a no-go like this.
  11. I am new to crypto currencies and started last week trading XRP through CFDs so without actually owning the currency. I have spent the whole week reading on XRP and how to buy it through the various exchange available. Not holding any other crypto currencies to exchange as well as the fact that none of the major exchange platforms seems to have been able to process hundreds of thousands of new verification requests, doesn’t make life any easier. So I am pending verification on a number of exchanges except for Coinbase. I got verified within a matter of hours and in absence of any other al
  12. Its really frustrating. Been pending verification on various exchanges and I just can’t get any XRP. I am currently trading CFDs not to miss out and plan to acquire xrp as soon as I get verified somewhere. The only platform I got verified is Coinbase, but their network exchange fees are ridiculous (30 eur on a transfer of 100 eur worth of bitcoin.) And Gdax I am not getting verified because I am Dutch and living Germany, so the verification process fails. Really frustrating this.
  13. Not a problem here, my problem is getting verified on exchanges and getting money in fast to buy. Meanwhile I am stuck to CFDS to at least be able to profit from this. If only XRP was already in use for money transfers, it would all be a lot more efficient
  14. Only last week I got into the game and I am just using CFDs to profit from the rise of XRP. I have been reading and reading content for days now and I really think this is a golden opportunity. Therefore, I want to get XRP and just CFDs. However, with the recent increased demand, it looks like many exchanges are going haywire and the verification process takes forever. I managed to get verified today on Coinbase, but I have read they overcharge a lot and CC limit is set at 750 EUR. I want to a few thousand EUR ready as dry powder so I can buy on the next downturn. I would prefer to just c
  15. Anybody tried Revolut? Been using them for making cross border bank transfers at midmarket rates as well as for their multi-currency mastercard. Still sitting on stash of pounds which I might as well use for Ripple instead of transferring it to Euros after this horrendous Brexit severely impacted GBP/EUR rate. You pay 8 EUR monthly for premium service which includes crypto currencies and a whole lot of other things, but I am not sure if it is cheap or fast.
  16. DQA

    Is XRP unique?

    Being new to the game, I am currently only using play money on CFDs while absorbing knowledge and shaping my investment strategy. Most of my assets are allocated to stocks and bonds and I am not planning to alter this - this is for my 401k. I would, however, like to allocate more funds to crypto currencies and I am really fascinated by XRP. Ripple seems that they seem to have a clear vision on where they want to go, whom to go after, and a strong management team to keep their bearings, but above all, a rock solid value proposition that has gauged wide interest from financial institutions.
  17. Only got onboard of crypto currencies last week. In fact, I never really believed in Bitcoin and I very much believe it is a bubble that might grow bigger, but will eventually explode. So last week a friend of mine told me he invested in XRP and I decided to started reading on it. Although I am by no means an expert in crypto currencies, let alone Ripple technology, I do believe this company potentially has gold in its hands and with the right strategy, I can see this turn really big. What I like in particular is that there is a clear use case to commercialize their technology. However, I
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