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  1. Well, I will get back to you to discuss after the 11th. That day I will be all day on a plane, so let's see if BBC will be reporting on your story so I can watch it inflight. No offense, but out of curiosity why mentioning this here if it holds no relevance to XRP?
  2. Don't tell me we wont be around anymore after the 11th
  3. I hope you won't disappear like BG123 if nothing happens.
  4. Somebody should post this on reddit. I didn't even know there was a petition.
  5. Rumors from what I have read, nothing concrete yet. I am sure it will come though, when depends a lot on the stock market and crypto regulation developments, in my opinion.
  6. Sure it is. Just look how little time it took to get to the ATH of +$3. As soon as the next bull run takes off and Coinbase announces to list XRP or Ripple announces a big xRapid partnership, we can easily get to $10. Will it happen? Like you said, no one knows. Perhaps we will stay the entire year in a bear market. I don't think so, but I also didn't think we would be in a bear market for almost 6 months already this year.
  7. Yes, so that's why I will sell 30% of my stack once RSI and MA's show there's going to be a correction. Had i know back then what I know now, I'd have sold at EUR 2 to 1.8
  8. I hate these kind of threads, excuse my harsh language but I really dislike spreading of FOMO. Please refer to this topic.
  9. What happens in July? It opened today right? But nice to see you positive
  10. I think some people are in for a deception, but i'd love to be proven wrong today.
  11. Well your prediction/analysis was more accurate than any of this bearableguy
  12. Will enjoy your discussions here, I am refraining from getting further involved. I am fascinated by geopolitics, but I also know it can be quite a sensitive topic and I prefer to stick with direct discussions on XRP on this dedicated forum. In any case, I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Might not agree with everything, but I think you are on the right track as to what will be the future role of XRP.
  13. Imports are actually quite diversified. About a third from Russia but Russia works closely together with OPEC and it would not be in their interest to not deliver oil to Europe as the country vastly dependent on natural gas and oil exports and cannot just replace the European market with another. Even if for some reason that would happen, Europe would probably increase imports from KSA or Iran (they were recently talking about keeping the nuclear deal alive and start trading oil in EUR with them)
  14. Theoretically, yes. On the other hand, who will they be exporting those goods too. I believe Trump tweeted yesterday he only needs Israel and Saudi Arabia as allies and he's very much progressing in alienating the traditional allies of the US. Tusk said at the EU summit in Bulgaria a few weeks ago: "with friends like this (US), you don't need any enemies." Who could have imagined a statement like this a few years ago. The tariffs he's imposing on Chinese and EU goods will do more damage than good. BMW for instance is producing cars in the US for US consumers but being forced to buy US raw mate
  15. Not really, I did not state that prices 'aren't going anywhere', they might very well shoot up to $3 and then eventually correct again. We all know it's not a straight rocket up, hence there will be plenty of opportunities to buy at decent price levels - e.g. when we hit $5 and it corrects back to $3, people will say $3 is a good price to buy. It's all relative, but spreading FOMO sucks as much as FUD to me personally.
  16. Part of the marathon. Not sure who does communication at Ripple, but they are clearly working on educating journalists, make a clear distinction between Ripple, XRP, xRapid, xCurrent. Helps a lot in destroying FUD.
  17. Make sure you mention here when you are selling, cause I do remember your great timing in Jan
  18. Please don't. You cannot predict this. I have seen too many times on here people saying we'd never see sub 1 and 2 again. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy at decent price levels.
  19. And it is easy to forget what a select company we are. Spending time on this forum with so many people who see the golden opportunity here makes you forget that sometimes because these few people are concentrated on these boards. But go out on the street and I bet 99% has never even heard of Ripple and XRP.
  20. You appear slightly confused. Ripple is working with Central Banks, 40 to 50 of them. Ripple has the right connections in institutions Stellar could only dream of. In terms of organizational strength and networking/connections with organizations like the IMF, Stellar cannot be classified as a competitor. They are nowhere near the ball game Ripple is playing. A working product and use case alone isn't enough to succeed. Nice e-meeting you.
  21. How can you specify the burning rate? I thought this was fixed.
  22. Nothing to do with balls. I don't want to wait for 5-10 years. I am in this for 2-3 years, max 5 depending on developments. Each to their own right? I am in my early 30s and I don't want to start enjoying the wealth only when I am 40.
  23. I will be selling all the way up to 100 and buying back as well. It ain't gonna be a straight ride up, but i do agree many people will sell. Imagine we go to $12 and back to $4. Rinse repeat all the way up to 100 and you can bet plenty of people won't be able to deal with that kind of pressure.
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