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  1. Great explanation on the manipulation/fraud of the silver comex market, just for some perspective: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/blog/8252/econ-101-silver-market-manipulation
  2. Yeah just have a look at threads from october-november 2017, nobody thought at the time XRP would reach $1 in 2 months time, let alone $3. Once major partnerships using xRapid get announced, this thing will go ballistic, will that happen this year? Perhaps not, but I am sure some great announcements will be made. I would not be surprised to end the year with $8.
  3. I am sure there are strategic considerations and depending on the progress Earthport has booked with Ripple, they might have acquired the the entity with the idea to have them as frontrunner to lead VISA's transition for cross border payments to the modern age. Who knows, at the moment it's all speculation and all we know is that VISA acquired a company that uses Ripple product, which is nice, but correlation does not imply causation.
  4. It's being blown up. Just because this company uses Ripple products does not necessarily mean anything. If Visa wants to work with Ripple they will do so directly, perhaps they already are and the acquisition is part of remodeling their payment infrastructure, but this news itself cannot be defined as good news. People seem to be blowing things out of proportion, but that's just my opinion.
  5. Ive bought all the way down and I have accumulated enough. Got powder ready when true bargains come in, but I have enough zerps not to buy at this stage.
  6. https://blogs.imf.org/2017/06/02/the-sdr-giving-an-old-idea-new-life/ I could write up an entire post to this 10 minutes podcast, but instead of doing that, I'd love to hear what comes to your mind when listening to the IMF explaining the role of the SDR.
  7. @Hodor very interesting post from your early days I just came across via google. Would you mind sharing an update on your report from 2017. I have come to the same conclusion and I strongly believe ILP with XRP as liquidity asset are planned to be used in the near future with SDR (e)currencies to replace the dollar as a more stable and fair reserve option. Some snippets: "Zhou Xiaochuan, the central bank’s governor, said the goal would be to create a reserve currency “that is disconnected from individual nations and is able to remain stable in the long run, thus removing the inherent deficiencies caused by using credit-based national currencies”. To replace the current system, Mr Zhou suggested expanding the role of special drawing rights, which were introduced by the IMF in 1969 to support the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate regime but became less relevant once that collapsed in the 1970s. ... China’s proposal would expand the basket of currencies forming the basis of SDR valuation to all major economies and set up a settlement system between SDRs and other currencies so they could be used in international trade and financial transactions."
  8. Because I've accumulated enough for my liking. Enough is enough and my risk appetite doesn't let me buy more. Besides, if we ever reach +$10 i'll make a nice sum of money, so why would I increase my risk even further?
  9. Given that Clinton is doing a keynote, it might be something big. Can't imagine they hire him just for the lolz.
  10. I feel it to, but then again, I've been wrong before. Nothing surprises me anymore.
  11. This - so many people have sold their XRP already. At these levels, there would be a huge uptake, simply because people know XRP has been at $3. So spending some money on such an undervalued asset and it being close to rock bottom would imo usher in a huge buying spree. But can we go there, certainly. There was a guy saying here that XRP would go below $1.50, he got almost stoned to death - this was blasphemy and impossible. Look where we are at now.
  12. 2020 I want to retire, so you better be right.
  13. Tether can't implode at this stage. It can only happen once a new bull run is in full swing. If it happens at this very stage of the bear market, recovery will take years.
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