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  1. You should cool your jets, when we pass the $100 maybe you can repost that question :-) we are struggling above 0.50c 500$ is not happening anytime soon
  2. Buying monthly every pay day since December, except when it was above 1.2$. My DCA must be around. 0.80c. Will keep buying while below 1$, even if it stays like that for 6 months, as long as good news are keep coming.
  3. Congrats, too many haters. I see it as a motivation to reach my next goal of 20k. Maybe my next month bonus. High risk but hoping for high reward.
  4. I am neither maybe slightly red. Made half of my xrp on good trade of ltc and eth in December. 3 times what i invested. Started to buy xrp in December and always bought below. 0.90. I triple my initial goal and I will try to do my best to keep buying while below 1$. Even if it is 200$ a month. Its money I would have spent on crap.
  5. I'll be either dead or already cash out before. 5 years max waiting for me
  6. I invested every month what i could lose but my stack is now high enough that I would be ******. (well not that high)
  7. is that an official binance account ?
  8. Sold my vechain few hours ago to go all out on xrp. I will keep buying under 1$ every month. I have already reached my target but I am happy while under 1$ to buy instead of eating out etc...
  9. It' only controlled by whales because the price is cheap. Once xrps are used by Financial institutions it will be harder for them to play with the market.
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