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  1. I just hope everyone realizes that EVEN IF all the SEC stuff was not true, which seems unlikely...even on the merits of XRP being a crypto currency and not a security, it doesn't take away all the shady behavior...even if it was all untrue, we just passed the event horizon some weeks back without knowing it. XRP is now in a black hole of toxicity and ill-repute. It will never be an institutional settlement or cross border token again. Banks and governments and exchanges will all shun it. Good for Brad, Chris, and Jed to make so many millions of dollars. Congrats to them, LOL.
  2. Yep. Pretty much. It's all over. Also HODL since 2017. I should have put all the money into an S&P 500 ETF, would have done FAR, FAR better. We can blame Ripple, Brad, Jed, Chris, and everyone else, but we bought a speculative cryptocurrency investment and it went to shit. Basically, hardly different than a penny stock pump and dump lasting three years. Whoops!!!!
  3. I’m not accusing Hodor of breaking the law, but it is not unreasonable to wonder: who is Hodor? Does Hodor have any conflict of interest or relationship with Ripple or any of the whales/individuals mentioned in the federal lawsuit? Hodor has kept his identity secret. We are supposed to “trust” that he is just an enthusiastic investor? What if his enthusiasm was meant to stoke conditions for dumping xrp onto retail investors as part of a deliberate strategy to drum up sales? What if the worst suspicions could be true? Just saying. If it’s all in the clear @Hodorshould reveal his identity and pr
  4. with all due respect, some of us who have been investing in XRP for years have repeatedly set this as a benchmark. It happened once in 2017 and almost happened again last month. Both times it is followed by vast dumping of XRP by whales. What evidence do you have, other than wishful thinking, that XRP will increase over $1, if all of those things you speculate will happen, do happen? There were reasons for years why it was supposed to go over $1 and never did. It seems like anyone buying more XRP at this point is going to buy a useless token that will allow Jed to dump his XRP at the expense o
  5. Thanks for this insight. A few day ago I sold all my XRP. I passed over a couple of chances to make significant profit, relatively speaking. I was a "believer" for several years, going back to 2017. I find the compounding evidence of the nature you speak overwhelming. I consider myself lucky to have not really lost any money. I think that the writing is on the wall. As to the legal merits, I'm not qualified to evaluate the SEC claims. However, as you note, there is an OBVIOUS pattern and preponderance of circumstantial evidence of insiders profiting off sales of XRP and that it could very
  6. https://www.netqash.com/post/facebook-s-libra-and-the-history-of-stable-value-who-decides-whether-cryptocurrency-is-real-money Interesting article and interesting CryptoCom2020 event.
  7. NY state hates crypto. Wall street is based in NY and influences policy heavily. It's not a big surprise.
  8. Good theory. My theory is that XRP has been in a downward trend because of unusually heavy snowfalls in the mountain west, a resurgent dollar, disruptions at West Coast ports and energy sector spending cuts in response to lower oil prices which weighed on output in the first quarter. A problem with the model used to smooth the data for seasonal fluctuations has been blamed for the drop in XRP expectations. Consumers and businesses were affected by the government shutdown and severely cold weather brought on by the polar vortex which led to lower demand for currency transfers. There are also si
  9. There have been many many posts in this community of this nature, including many predictions come and go that we are "going to the moon." Maybe we will and maybe we wont. As far as I can see, the Coinbase listing did about nothing for us in terms of price, and any one factor is questionable. The gods and the stars don't seem to be doing much either. I have the zerps parked and paid for. I have not lost any money, but I do have the sinking suspicion (and believe me I'm not a FUDster at all) that despite all the great things that seem to be happening with XRP that this won't be the thing that ma
  10. Yes, it is the Adam Smith fantasy of the origin of money. Check out what David Graeber has to say about the barter myth in "Debt: the First 5000 years."
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