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  1. i could use some rocket lambo feeling working in the office is much easier when XRP is more then 3$ edit: At least i am not that frustrated when i dont get a raise i have been asking for
  2. Ales? Come on on 10$ party i am drinking only the best Brandy they have in tha house
  3. OK you just convinced me i am selling all of my Zerps
  4. Awesome news guys!!!! https://ripple.com/insights/continued-decentralization-xrp-ledger-consensus-protocol/ Hope all the fudsters that say XRP is centralized will shut up from now on.
  5. I am more like 5-10 by december and then 20-30$ spike and then reduction in January / Feb to 7-8
  6. no but it can eat you so stay the hell away from it!!!!
  7. If they cross BTC is going to the moon and hopefully us with it.
  8. Overall Volume is quiet high... almost 23B but it all goes into BTC and LTC rest of the top 10 coins arent moving much
  9. Opinion?.. total BS... i dont think if btc goes to 12k to drop back down to 7... at least not in a near future (1-2 months)
  10. Take care.. and hopefully tomorrow we will be steady sitting at 1.5
  11. Next thing we know you will send your cows to chew on him (bull-commando)
  12. month like in 2 months... i can live with that
  13. 24h Volume has spiked from 17 to 22B we can expect high movement incoming... get ready guys
  14. Exactly my friend i feel the next week is going to be crazy ... to the mooon