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  1. your going to have a testicle in your hand which is dressed up in a T-Shirt with your pic on it......Erm.....ok Im game
  2. Not really an article but still LOL: http://socialcoinnews.com/2018/02/16/1000-ripple-coins-could-make-you-a-millionaire-in-2-or-3-years/
  3. Well if that article about 1000 Zerps being worth $1500 000 in 2 to 3 years, then yes so would I lol
  4. They are not allowed to do any anonymous transactions anymore. part of the know your customer legislation. So all of the anonymous accounts are suspended until they can be link to a person. Or at least thats only a tip of the iceberg for them
  5. Re-Evaluate Inspected Element. Gathering Coockies.... Coockies have crumbled... New Result=Poker Face
  6. The plot thickens, does he or doesnt he hmmmmmmm. (Left eyebrow lifted)
  7. Question...What would happen if XRP marketcap value goes past Bictoin?
  8. The old dog who actually a teenager you mean lol. I think we are going to see some interesting things come from bitcoin yet
  9. The Hoff has spoken, now bring in the Kinight Industries Two Thousand
  10. I am only saying this, becuase I am excited about the future and for evey $10 growth = 1Mil ROI for me
  11. Speculating....Respeculating...$5 almost immediately after, should Binance announce XRP listing. Then, with constant listing on exchanges and liquidity growth during the year till December...$15. But if I include the tingling in my left testicle I am sure $20 should be good
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