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  1. Thats nuts man, you guys are getting shafted with tax. But we are not far behind. Our tax on goods is 14% and is expected to rise to 16% this year. Our first nationalized medical scheme is going to kick off this year aswell for which we will be taxed for. So we re on par or if not worse off
  2. 10% thats insanely low. We have tax brackets here, so the more you earn the more you get taxed based on which tax bracket you fall in. Heres a breakdown Devide by 12 to work it back to USD: R0 – R189 880 18% of taxable income R189 881 – R296 540 R34 178 + 26% of taxable income above 189 880 R296 541 – R410 460 R61 910 + 31% of taxable income above 296 540 R410 461 – R555 600 R97 225 + 36% of taxable income above 410 460 R555 601 – R708 310 R149 475 + 39% of taxable income above 555 600 R708 311 – R1 500 000 R209 032 + 41% of taxable income above 708 310 R1 500 001 and above R533 625 + 45% of taxable income above 1 500 000 I fall into the 3rd Band 31%
  3. Better...South Africa, where the goverment says you work for free from Januray till May. And thats just to pay tax
  4. Dammmmmmmm only 60 hours a week, if you come live here, thats like a requirment not a right
  5. Your a riot LOL, no wonder my testicles keep chewing through my undies
  6. Best quote in a movie ever, and I think I will do it for real when XRP overtakes BTC
  7. Yeah, the fact that they say they are developing speaks volumes. But lets hope Ripple/XRP can beat the rest of them to the punch
  8. Sounds like something from an old Hacker movie LOL. Da Vinci virus anyone lol
  9. By relaxed gun laws, you mean stolen weapons, then yes LOL. Farm murders happen here regularly...almost weekly. So having a gun to protect yourself is a must here. My heritage is of European decent, some dutch and the rest french and I am now renamed Afrikaaner LOL
  10. Crypto Currencies were songs: Bitcoin would be "Adele - Hello" XRP would be:
  11. Yes I am a kid from 78, I listen to Five Finger Death Punch and Leo Morrachioli. I'm from sunny South Africa and you?
  12. You should hang around me and my buddies, you'ld need a cab to take you home, cause you'd be into much pain from laughing.... Jizzzzzz it all over the moon yeah
  13. I know right maybe its cause my sack chewed...Aaah never mind XRP is about to bust a nut and shoot to the moon
  14. I bought in August 2017, when XRP listed on our exchange, so i missed that gravy train LOL
  15. The graph sort of represents whats happened to my undies... My sack chewed a hole through it
  16. The only thing I feel happening is Iam getting a chaif rash, my sack chewed a hole through my undies
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