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  1. I havent looked much into it, and I'm getting mixed info. Is it a Crypto or is it an Exchange?
  2. You forget, they became monster hunters, so they kick *** and chew bubble gum
  3. Youre right, the percentage difference in gains needs to be like double digit in the upper 50 or 80% in relation to BTC for it to tickle my testees. Otherwise those minor gains are wiped out when BTC dips
  4. Watch Altered Carbon, it will keep you busy and fixated for maybe i dont know the weekend
  5. I entered a competition to win $50K BTC with an insurance company here, if I should be so lucky to wind up in a draw and at least win a portion I'll buy more Zerps
  6. So is it time to retire yet there is such alot of possitivity around Ripple and XRP, we should be busting a nut anytime now and be shooting for the moon
  7. If you were lead to believe something and you didnt believe it when you were suppose to believe it, but now believe it, would it make a difference on the outcome???
  8. If you open the twitter feed, he says $100 for XRP for march LOL. but then again he is loony LOL
  9. its the law of averages kicking in LOL. When you look at a manhattan graph of most things in their infancies there are clear defined peaks and valleys in the graph. But as time goes on and more data is collected between them the peaks and valleys even out. I am not saying this is whats happening to the *****-coins. But i'm thinking if there is a posibility even though temperary you could make a buck with the cheap coins then odds are you would most likely do just that.
  10. Probably people trying to buy into the lower order coins to see if they can make some profits
  11. hmmmm interesting, he's like the Oracle for Ripple as the Oracle wa to the Matrix
  12. I'll be ridin the gravy train when she cums, i'll be ridin the gravy train when she cums, wash rinse repeat. come on Fed, hookup with Ripple already
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