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  1. 4 minutes ago, HumphreyBear said:

    Newbie here, been reading and learning for about 2 months now. Got into xrp because my cousin in Scotland knows an exec in the Royal Bank of Scotland and he told her to get into it. I bought in at Aud 2.15 but have kept adding and now my average is down  to $1.20. Holding for 2-3 years and fully believe that we will all be richly rewarded.

    Its always interesting to see someone who knows someone who is associated with someone in some important place who as information about something they suposedly know is going to be big.:P

  2. 5 minutes ago, John_Buh said:

    Think so?  Or perhaps a long grind where the price of XRP is deflated to the point where only the most stalwart HODL'ers remain whereupon the whales

    decide it is time for a pump and take their profits.  The greed of the rich knows no bottom in this delightful age.

    So what youre actually saying is that most of us HODLERs have been caught out by our wives and mistresses and have now cut off the taps flowing into our XRP fund:P

  3. 3 minutes ago, DutchTom said:

    Great idea! Probably they passed away long before finding the last word,, but they probably would have a good time hunting the words...

    Definately, and it have it be symbolic so it shows the love for family

  4. 3 minutes ago, DutchTom said:

    Hi Guys,

    Some advice needed, since I'm a bit confused about my xrp's on the ledger nano:

    If, for instance, during my drive home suddenly a Tree decided to cross the road sending me to other places (xrp-chat heaven i would like) I want my family to keep acces to my wallet. No sense at this point learning my Wife and Daughter how to use the nano, how to withdraw XRP's , move XRP's, use send and receive adresses, etc. 

    The thougth not being around here anymore, and my family being left with a vast amount of money on my Ledger (as in the near future:D) not knowing what to do freaks me out a bit I must confess. Would the 24 word phrase which is in a Vault be enough to acces the xrp's and sell them if they would so?

    In that case, i just have to make sure that I make some instructions what they should do. What would be wise when they wanna cash out, since when we are talking big numbers, and when it's all about the money, no one could be trusted with the 24 word phrase:huh: Any thougths, what would be easy and safe for them to do?

    Like to hear some simple advice from you guys, bearing in mind that they would be noobs and have no clue at all what to do.... 


    Start a "National Treasure" type scavenger hunt. put each word in a safety deposit in a bank all over the world. Then setup clues for your wife and daughter to which only they would know how to decypher....and when you peg someday have some money set aside with a curator of your will sothat they can complete the hunt

  5. 1 minute ago, John_Buh said:

    My frau has a dear friend stricken with pancreatic cancer out of nowhere - like your friend, as fit as can be. She s flying back to California tomorrow to see

    her one last time.  Gives you pause to enjoy every day.

    Definately, just an interesting thing about Cancer though, have you ever heard googled "My Dance with Cancer" do you yourself a favour, and check it out. I dont know the condition of your wifes freind but this guy stumbled onto a something that even doctors agree with....But they cannot persue it as a treatment

  6. 1 minute ago, BluKoo said:

    Good morning from a snowy Scotland. 

    Your cops have guns? Ours just have sticks. They are frozen too, but that just means they hurt more.

    Flip dude, wish our country would swap guns for sticks. At the rate that fire arms are stolen from police and police stations all elements of criminals will have guns in the not to distant future

  7. Just now, RegalChicken said:

    I'm not sure I totally follow, but the reason I never bother with the BTC/XRP pairing is because if BTC rises faster than XRP then your BTC/XRP pairing is going to look red even though XRP is rising against fiat. I wouldn't bet against BTC. Even the Ripple guys are long on Bitcoin. 

    BTC the good ol boy that keeps on giving

  8. Hi all, I've been a headless fly the last few days, Company is going through restructuring but luckily I was not affected to severley, although considering I have been demoted twice now in the last 6 months.... But on another note, I hear whispers of something big coming for XRP, not much info just that something big is coming, is or has somebody whos up to speed able to catch me up on whats been happening?

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