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  1. Its always interesting to see someone who knows someone who is associated with someone in some important place who as information about something they suposedly know is going to be big.
  2. Sounds like the rumor scandal a few months ago has caused a little backlash for coinbase. oh well lol
  3. Hi Guys I have been off forum a bit, on our end we were hit with another BTC scam, many 1000s of South Africans were defrauded of bitcoins from "BTC-Global"
  4. $445 in Just 2 years, Fack me sideways, im hodling for dear life then
  5. So what youre actually saying is that most of us HODLERs have been caught out by our wives and mistresses and have now cut off the taps flowing into our XRP fund
  6. I feel like theres a fog being held over our eyes with the markets, Somethings gotta give eventually
  7. Do you guys think maybe people are all tapped out buying on the dips?
  8. Wow just checked the price of Dogecoin...I am potentially sitting on what could be my next PC upgrade. Pleasantly impressed. I have around 9k doge stashed for about 3 years now
  9. Definately, and it have it be symbolic so it shows the love for family
  10. Start a "National Treasure" type scavenger hunt. put each word in a safety deposit in a bank all over the world. Then setup clues for your wife and daughter to which only they would know how to decypher....and when you peg someday have some money set aside with a curator of your will sothat they can complete the hunt
  11. Then my condolences to you and your wife, hopefully the suffering wont be to long for the friend
  12. Definately, just an interesting thing about Cancer though, have you ever heard googled "My Dance with Cancer" do you yourself a favour, and check it out. I dont know the condition of your wifes freind but this guy stumbled onto a something that even doctors agree with....But they cannot persue it as a treatment
  13. Massive system shock, the lady was 62, the fittest 62 year old I've ever seen
  14. I'm on a go slow today, had rough day yesterday. A long time neighbour of ours wife passed away yesterday. Massive heart attack. Myself and my fiance attended to the funeral plans for him as he wasnt in any state to arrange anything. We were with him till around 21:30.
  15. Flip dude, wish our country would swap guns for sticks. At the rate that fire arms are stolen from police and police stations all elements of criminals will have guns in the not to distant future
  16. Halapalooooza, $87 by 2019, let hope for sooner, but if not then lets hope for 2019
  17. Hi all, I've been a headless fly the last few days, Company is going through restructuring but luckily I was not affected to severley, although considering I have been demoted twice now in the last 6 months.... But on another note, I hear whispers of something big coming for XRP, not much info just that something big is coming, is or has somebody whos up to speed able to catch me up on whats been happening?
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