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  1. Well if we are lead to believe that XRP is not influenced by BTC at all... like i have been hearing... then it wouldnt matter. Just the General populous spreading there wings to XRP a little more
  2. I want to be optimistic and say between $8 and 10$
  3. Yup like like the Turbo button on the Out Run Arcade game. LOL Classic
  4. Hey Owen, I think to some up all of your questions, XRP has already grown in leaps and bounds this year...It still has a lot of growing to do... The biggest thing I would say keeping it back is FUD. People who dont follow XRP?Ripple closely or Dont get the big picture of Ripple is trying to do are having trouble trusting it and investing in it beacuse they associate it with centralization via Banks (Excuses Excuses...Just buy already dammit LOL). However, people are comming around and am I looking to make this my retirement fund one day, which I am sure will happen.
  5. Check out "Its Happening, The Zerpening" on the last 2 pages there is a guy that made such a post, but because I just joined I cant stear him in the right direction just yet
  6. Case and Point, buy the hell out of XRP, it will go up although not as quickly as the others, but it will
  7. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/markets/XRP/USD:rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B?interval=15m&range=1d&type=line It shows all the Markets XRP is trading on, I think, I stand corrected. It also will show you the volumes
  8. Guys I have been following Ripple for about 6months and bought a couple 1000 to hodl. I have just joined the Forum and I noticed that people are using remarks that the price of XRP should be low for institutions to want to use it for cross-boarder remittance and the like. Here's my understanding....."The price of XRP has no correlating effect on cross-boarder trasactions"...the correlation is the price of the currencies being sent...lets say from point A (Japan) to B (USA) - minus the Ripple fee. it would in other words be the Exchange rate between Japanese Yen and US Dollar minus the ripple
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