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  1. Just now, IllRideWhatIWantTo said:

    You bought the ripples. Result: GOOD BUY. 

    I bought in a crap load.....let me rephrase....I bought in when last year around August when the price was low, havent traded or sold for anything....HODL all the way baby, I'm Smiling even at this price.

  2. 3 minutes ago, HodlOnASec said:

    At the glacial pace at which we’re heading to moon, we’ll all be way too mature to ejaculate by then. :P 

    Unless you learn a tantric orgasm... which means when you'll empty your j-i-z-z sack over a 5 minute period

  3. 54 minutes ago, RegalChicken said:

    I'll tell you right now that John McAfee bet a hell of a lot more than a million bucks on btc. He's gonna eat his own kibbles and bits on TV! 

    i'm willing to bet he goes through with it:P  on one of those Pay Per View channels

  4. Just now, Ripplify said:

    even in that case you could witness bunch of fools sending money via xrp utilities to buy bitcoin!

    Thats like ordering a cake and expecting it to be Pepper Crusted Steak when it gets to your table

  5. Just now, John_Buh said:

    Who could ever forget PayPal - I've handed over much geld to those crooks...


    Just now, Sihtegroftnod said:

    I've got to be honest here. Who's to say they will announce anything?

    To birds having a conversation about Cryptos, one says to the other "When moon?" the other says "When not to moon?" LOL luv it

  6. 1 minute ago, HodlOnASec said:

    I was planning on taking a vacation on that day.
    I will make sure to avoid South Africa as a destination!

    LOL, well I'd be doing you a favour, not much more than wildlife as an attraction here, the rest is down hill from there LOL

  7. 4 minutes ago, mediator_mba said:

    Oh. When moon?

    But i seen hiragana in topic, that good, from moonland people can read it.

    When I was student, tried to learn japanese to work in foreign affairs. After years in memory remains only advanced culture knowledge and some phrases. 

    When Moon.... Hmmm when XRP overthrows BTC :hunter:

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