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  1. I bought in a crap load.....let me rephrase....I bought in when last year around August when the price was low, havent traded or sold for anything....HODL all the way baby, I'm Smiling even at this price.
  2. LOL thats like that other one "All your base are belong to us" LOL Sorry I got the sh!ts and giggles over the XRP dip
  3. Unless you learn a tantric orgasm... which means when you'll empty your j-i-z-z sack over a 5 minute period
  4. i'm willing to bet he goes through with it on one of those Pay Per View channels
  5. And after the deed is done and you turn on the lights you find out its your very own sister
  6. Thats like ordering a cake and expecting it to be Pepper Crusted Steak when it gets to your table
  7. To birds having a conversation about Cryptos, one says to the other "When moon?" the other says "When not to moon?" LOL luv it
  8. Would it be pre-ejaculation if I said "The XRP Moony shot is near" ?
  9. LOL, well I'd be doing you a favour, not much more than wildlife as an attraction here, the rest is down hill from there LOL
  10. I'll take a tan day in the courtyard of our apartment complex nude if that happens
  11. Would it be premature ejaculation if I said we are going to over take number 1 soon
  12. If a rocking-horse could make a terd....I'd wonder what sound they would make when they hit the ground
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