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  1. It’s an audience of stay at home mums who don’t know what investing is. Good luck with this trash publicity
  2. There will be no coming to Jesus moment so don’t bother. I know my battle plan for crypto and haven’t had to faulter from it since I started. Crash from tether or not is irrelevant to me so thank you for your concern but no crash will be affecting me. If I am misinformed that is fine, I was merely posting the information I have come across.
  3. Tether is stable at 1 USD all the time.. if they were printing off tether that wasn’t backed by 1 USD then it wouldn’t equal 1 USD. It would be some random price like $2 or $3. if you buy tether... they print it...if you sell tether, they burn it. There’s no other way to maintain 1:1 ratio like that especially if they are pumping the economy with it like people speculate. Not only that but there are only roughly 2 billion tether or something. That’s maximum, 2billion damage to bitcoin if they were buying bitcoin with it which is nothing
  4. Because some people trade based on satoshi value rather then fiat value
  5. Xrp ethereum bitcoin cash 2-3 year prediction
  6. I use both. I dunno what the numbers are I just assumed coinspot is bigger because everyone I know uses it
  7. What significance does feb 3rd have if you don’t mind me asking.
  8. Well f*ck me sideways! That does not sound good! Bloody scams everywhere these days..
  9. Yeah sorry boys that was me. Just increasing my ripple holdings with some leftover cash.
  10. What would a fud buster team do? Tell people the exact same information everyday? If people understand the tech the first time reminding them every day won’t chanfe anything.
  11. Banks don’t want to use ripple? That’s Cool, ill be holding and I’ll lose barely any Money compared to the losses banks are suffering from by not adopting xrp and saving on transactions. Gg banks.
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