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  1. Great idea. We could then all contribute based on time availability and knowledge. How do we go about this on this forum?
  2. The ledger will indeed become more decentralized than it is at the moment and we can already state that Ripple does not have majority control over the consensus process at this stage. The way I understand it, there are degrees of decentralization and the goal here is to reduce the points of failure in the network as much as possible to counter attacks and decrease the need for trust. I also type in @ for the peeps names. Not sure there is another way.
  3. Yes indeed. Where to start on that one? Lol. Better write a whole separate article! Oops, here is the link again: https://www.persistent.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/WP-Understanding-Blockchain-Consensus-Models.pdf
  4. You could ask one of the top contributors for a link or even reach out to @JoelKatz?
  5. Xrp shaped swimming pool, now that’s an idea! ? Maybe a jacuzzi would fit the shape better. Invite me when xrp reaches $10! Jokes aside, don’t ignore the power of patience and solid arguments. But I get your point.
  6. While they FUD, the arguments we offer are seen by others who might be on the fence. Worth it? I think so.
  7. @Trickery, You have a point. I just think we should not underestimate the power of FUD and take chances. Also, XRP needs exchanges and that means investors of all kinds with a healthy level of belief in cryptos. The more peeps involved, the better. What do you think?
  8. @Instigator, Thx. I’m tired of the black and white FUD that I read about. Making the system evolve will take time, subtlety and guts. And I also wish to protect my investment. I don’t see a contradiction between wanting to be more financially successful while improving things at a systemic level. Trying to leave the banks behind makes zero strategic sense.
  9. Dear community members, In view of XRP’s ongoing success, we have to prepare for heavy FUD which, as a matter of fact, has already began. I believe that the success of Ripple is tied up with the success of the wider crypto sphere and so, we must be active and offer counter-arguments where needed while engaging with those open to it as suggested by @Hodor and others. There seems to be a misunderstanding among other « altcoiners » that Ripple is out to prop up banks in order to crush their hope of a global, decentralized crypto. They do not realise that the goal here is to enable an IoV where other cryptos will have their place (isn’t SBI making plans to support BCH for eg?). Peeps often confuse the XRP ledger with Ripplenet and do not see that, in my opinion, having Ripple leading the pack is a very positive thing in terms of legitimacy. While BTC for eg is struggling, it is positive to have a market not so dependent on it. As an aside, do peeps even understand what Mojaloop can achieve for the unbanked? Best
  10. Hi guys, How about this article: https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/litecoin/ltc-price-prediction-dumping-buy-ripple-xrp-read/? Maybe it could use some comments from the community? I have already added mine.
  11. Hi @sophievu, I like your optimism! It falls on the w/end and it's party time. Ripple will want maximum exposure when business starts again in earnest.
  12. Hi peeps, Created a poll on Twitter: Anyone care to take a look please? Cheers!
  13. Hi peeps, Thanks to those who are participating! Newbie here and wanting to engage positively with you all. Cheers
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