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  1. Only guessing, but I understood it to mean that ... MG has tons and tons of locations like corner shops and post offices where you can go and collect money when someone sends it to you, but not every one of these individual locations is part of "ripplenet" itself. Presumably MG has some infrastructure in place that tells shop owner in "middle of nowhere" town that funds have been received and please give Mr X local currency (of whatever amount was sent in some other currency minus fees). That means that the main transaction might happen on ripplenet, but then a separate message is sent vi
  2. One of the real nice features of the coil tech is that there is no need to sign in. If you have the coil plugin - payments are streamed and the page can be unlocked automatically without you needing to log in. This is one feature that really attracts me to it - in principle I can navigate from one site to another and if they require a paywall, coil will stream without me doing anything. I suppose the plugins will become more advanced and allow you to switch them on/off per site once adoption picks up - so you don't waste money on a site you click on by mistake and don't want to pay for.
  3. Seeing that wired is now using web-monetization is great. I immediately went to wired and checked and sure enough - they are accepting my coil payments. Since this is clearly part of a test phase (no announcement of any kind), I decided to start reading articles and keep my browser open on one to ensure they get some tiny $$$ and know that the system is working. The sad irony is that after reading a few articles, a blocker appeared that stopped me reading more without a subscription. Of course, you can open an article in private mode and carry on reading - but then the coil plugin stops c
  4. I am not looking for off-ledger transactions, so if an exchange is changing THB for AUD or similar in the same way that EUR/USD happens on bitstamp, then I do not currently find it. I speculated on a thread a while back about the lost PHP/AUD corridor - which may have gone the same way, but I do not know. (I see that bitso is now trading Argentinian peso and I wonder if there might be on-exchange trades going via BTC since there is no xrp pair for that, but it seems unlikely). I'm not sure whether it's worth my time to try to add support for these off-ledger corridors, as once I add
  5. I don't get all the arguing on this thread. We don't even know that uber are using moneygram at all, the announcement the other week was "MoneyGram International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGI), a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers, today announced a partnership with Uber to provide drivers and delivery couriers a discount on digital money transfers sent to family and friends in over 200 countries and territories" Drivers can use moneygram and get a discount. It doesn't even state that uber are using moneygram for their payments. If that was announced, I missed i
  6. I apologise for quoting myself, but I've just listened to "Ripple’s Q1 2020 Virtual All-Hands Meeting" and Brad Garlinghouse states "Specific to our on-demand liquidity there was a 190% increase from Q4 to Q1" I'll take that as confirmation that my numbers are not too far off. (EDIT: the point being that I found a 196% increase in my ODL report)
  7. This is all good news. When stackoverflow starts using coil - things will really get noticed. I spend half my time on that site (ok github too) and so does everyone I work with.
  8. Your path is clear then. Sell them [dramatic pause]. Or don't sell them [another dramatic pause]. And then tell us that you sold them [dramatic pause again]. Or didn't [small sigh]. Those of us that live in the universe where you sold them - we will be laughing all the way to the bank of Schroedinger [cheering, champagne corks popping] Those of us who don't - won't [faint creaking sound].
  9. I've watched a few of her videos now, and mostly she seems to be lucid and makes good points - but in this video she didn't say anything of value or interest to me. I realize that she has no idea of the data collecting I do since I do not post to twitter, but trust me. I've looked at number of transactions vs $$$ value of transactions many times and I couldn't give a rats arse about number of transactions. The idea that we can have either lots of quails' eggs or one ostrich egg is laughable. I would like to have ostrich and quail eggs together. The fact that they have killed the ostriches
  10. Things were going very well until someone 'lit the wrong bloody fuse' ! This plot doesn't show the non ledger corridors (USD/EUR others?), and you can ignore the one marked 'other', (it's some bittrex traffic that I should remove - I had a problem with the scripts and was tweaking them). It's only Tuesday, but this weekly total doesn't look like it's going to impress anyone.
  11. It's very worrying. If ODL isn't cheaper than conventional moneymarkets, then it won't get used. Dropping from 15m a day to 2m was a massive change yesterday and after reading that report last night I immediately sold a chunk of my xrp. I will wait to see if volume comes back before dipping my toes back in. That report raised a huge red flag for me and it's the first time in almost 3 years that I've strongly doubted the xrp experiment. My greatest worry has been that institutions using ripplenet get instant settlement which allows them to change the way they rebalance their accounts and
  12. Thanks for the summary - Link is wrong - you have pasted the link to preview mode - which comes up with an error - I tried https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-june-5-2020-xrp-value-comes-with-liquidity/ which works
  13. I suspect you might be having difficulty with the terms "revenue", "decline" and "profit". Losing 10% here or there is not the end of the world when you rake in 500m in profit in a quarter (which shareholders are saying thank you very much indeed for). 2 billion in profit for the year is not to be sniffed at. source https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/WU/western-union/gross-profit Those numbers may not be exactly right, but I trust them more than most of the stuff I read on xrpchat.
  14. Seems like someone might be buying again. The escrow returned this month was 800m, so 200m has been held back, that's the first time in 6-7 months that such an amount has been witheld. I hope this means we are turning a corner and more adoption is coming via new corridors. 2024-07-02 rDqGA2GfveHypDguQ1KXrJzYymFZmKxEsF 2020-06-01 500.0 rw2hzLZgiQ9q62KCuaTWuFHWfiX7JWg3wY 2020-05-01 400.0 2020-06-01 100.0 2024-08-02 rw2hzLZgiQ9q62KCuaTWuFHWfiX7JWg3wY 2020-06-01 200.0 +----------+---------------+------------+ | Month |
  15. That's very nice. Good job. Saves me worrying about integrating my graphs with utility-scan. Though I'd like to see the stacked bar-style plots rather than the line graphs for different corridors weeky/monthly/quarterly etc etc if you can add them. I'll happily donate my python scripts if you're interested.
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