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  1. I just made a small PR to update the demo as it seems very useful - and I will definitely make use of the signing examples in my application. Thanks again. https://github.com/ripple/ripple-libpp/pull/22
  2. Apologies for this post - it's not directly TA rleated, but is relevant to xrp price movements. New readers to the forum might be interested in page 1 of this discussion The automated programmatic sales from Ripple, founders, Jed etc have all apparently stopped - additionally, market makers in the US, ODL traffic, LoC, and much other institutional involvement has come to a virtual halt (even attempts at price control from ripple are completely out of the question now!). This means that the market for XRP is going to be a lot more volatile until the SEC matter is resolved, and the kind of
  3. Could people please create/use other threads to discuss other topic and keep this one on "charting the course off xrp" - some of us want a quick look at the latest TA contributions without having to read all the opinions on other topics. Thanks.
  4. I don't think so(?) Ripplenet uses a form of ILP . Customer A wants to send Funds overseas and only makes a contract with the ILP connector that says it will deliver X amount to the destination. Customer A complies with KYC/AML regulations with it's end and everyone who participates in ripplenet must also have compliance in place (including destination endpoints). The system is closed and any ILP connector provider also has this in place. ODL is just one more form of connector, albeit a more sophisticated one than a nostro/vostro with a few more cogs in the machine - if the connector will acce
  5. Thanks everyone. I have the info I need now. Building the order book by hand isn't an issue as long as I don't miss any offers etc. I'll play around and see if doing a full update once every now and then is necessary of if things stay in sync long term.
  6. I'm curious about the websocket interface - when I request the order book, I get a list of taker offers as expected, but as its a websocket, I expected that I could subscribe to the order_book and every ledger close I would automatically receive a new list (or subset thereof) - rather than having to ping every N seconds to get an update. Am I misunderstanding how the system works - or is there a way to simply listen for updates without sending repeated requests? (which is why I initially assumed that I might need to run some subset of the rippled server to have constant access)
  7. A better way would be for world governments to push for energy agreements (a la Paris agreement) that make mining for POW tokens illegal and then to have individual governments force exchanges to delist POW tokens. We've seen how quickly the US exchanges dropped xrp trading due to securities issues, it could happen. And in my own view, it is inevitable that POW tokens will have to be made illegal eventually. The energy consumption of the bitcoin network is ridiculous and it will have to be stopped at some point (the sooner the better in my view).
  8. Aha. The page I needed is here https://xrpl.org/book_offers.html. That's a great help - not sure how I didn't find that previously - I will use the websocket interface and should be able to get what I need. Many thanks indeed.
  9. Hello, I'd like to access the order book on the ledger for XRP/USD.bitstamp in as close to real time as possible. The server here https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/markets/XRP/USD:rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B?interval=15m&range=3d&type=line provides a view of the order book for a given currency pair. I can't find any REST API call that delivers this info on the ripple API pages and I wonder if there is a way of running a rippled server with validation disabled, but monitoring the state of transactions (or querying the order book via some call) to produce something similar.
  10. The entire USA has dumped xrp and switched to btc by the looks of things, meanwhile btc/xrp shorts are high, xrp has been under moderate selling pressure all day, but keeps holding above 0.20 - 0.21 - it seems to me like there has to be a break up of xrp soon. I am useless at this day trading, but I am watching the price movements with great interest. I really don't understand how people can really believe that btc will just keep going up. Such madness!
  11. Previously, there may have been (let's say) 50 wallets with more than 20million xrp, and let's say that 30 of them are exchanges who have stopped trading xrp and users have pulled their xrp out and sold it. Now assume that a couple of large players (you can call them whales) have bought most of the retail sales. Then a small number of accounts have accumulated a lot of xrp. The percentage of wallets with huge amounts has fallen (many exchanges->fewer whales), but all the retail holders have also sold lots, so their amounts are falling too. What these plots show you is that a small number of
  12. It is without doubt one of the most astonishing pieces of absolute tosh I've seen in a while. Their twitter handle handle proudly states "Institutional-Grade Decentralized Finance Built On The Flare Network." but it would appear that the institutions they are targeting are more like the International Clown School or perhaps the Umbrella Academy. (I wonder if the picture of Brad G photoshopped onto an astronaut was done before or after this whole SEC debacle. Not a great person to use for advertising in the current climate, I couldn't tell if they were poking fun, or not). Their use of cre
  13. Please excuse the off topic discussion, but ... https://bithomp.com/explorer/rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B Bitstamp do have an IOU for EUR, but it has only €971.34 of obligations, compared to $10m of USD. There's very little trade in eur on the DEX. Usually Jed has around 10m USD from bitstamp just on his own, but on 24th he redeemed his outstanding USD IOU. (They also have CHF which is interesting to me as I'm based in Switzerland - I noticed recently that he option to transfer fund out of bitstamp had currencies like CHF in the dropdown, but so far no trading pairs using it).
  14. You can. All you have to do is help create a revolutionary new technology that could change the worlds financial system, spend 8 years cultivating an ecosystem around it, building partnerships and customer bases and then you're set. It's that easy.
  15. Of course you're right - but can ripple really afford to let this drag on for 18 months or more? Their new LoC offering and existing ODL are significantly (if not completely) hobbled whilst this case goes on - they can't tread water for a year+ and risk the chance that no new customers will sign up with them, no new ODL corridors will open (SBI need to step up and save us by opening corridors in the far east) - and most significantly, market makers and liquidity providers sit by and xrp slowly drops in value, market volume drops and volatility rises. It just makes the transition 'post SEC' tha
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