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  1. If you're having a go at me, then I'm distressed. I have received the 0.000088 xrp from the fraudsters and am happy to attempt to disrupt their activity by giving them false wallets, but no crime has yet been committed against me and I feel no obligation to contact the internet police. I certainly don't think I've spammed these forums. Should I speak to Al Gore or Tim Berners Lee? - I'm not sure who is "in charge". I'll desist from posting further on this matter.
  2. I'm assuming that that's been done already. Unfortunately, I have no idea who they are or what the procedure is for this kind of thing - or how to track/find them. Their scam is a bit clever too, they did a very good job of cloning the ripple website, and modifying bithomp - and they can't be traced via wallets until someone falls for the scam and they transfer some tokens to their own wallet - or on to an exchange that ignores and law enforcement requests anyway. The wallets they used to seed the drops will be useless too unless the exchange (it was coin-something) that activated the addresses cooperates and they'll have used fake id (possibly even one stolen from another hack like gatehub!). This whole crypto scene is full of dubious activity ... makes you appreciate banks a bit more sometimes - at least they return your funds when your account is drained (at least my bank did last year).
  3. https://justpaste.it/7mce0 I generated a few secret keys. If someone wants to write a script to paste them into the scammy bithomp tool they created so that they get flooded with false wallets, it will at least annoy them a bit (until they block the IP address sending them). If someone has time to write such a script, please send it to me and I'll set some machines running to generate secret keys for unactivated wallets and send the keys to them constantly. I had a quick look at their fake bithomp web site but I couldn't see where the secrets are being sent, otherwise I'd have done it myself ... It's probably a waste of time because they'll easily filter out the unactivated wallets. How else can we annoy them?
  4. Buys and sells of XRP are made with a spread of some basis points. When $1Billion per day is being transferred around the globe using ODL even at 10basis points spread, someone is earning $365million per year just off the fees. This gives xrp an intrinsic value. Even if cars were free (but limited in number), taxi drivers would pay to own them because they can earn money from giving people rides. Market makers will compete for this income and this gives xrp its value. The more xrp that is locked away and not being used for liquidity, the less is available for cross border transfers and the higher the 'price'. As price rises, investors will lock more up, this will in turn drive up the price via competition for the remaining xrp. ODL provides a floor price below which XRP should not fall and the floor price is directly proportional to ODL volume (and circulating tokens).
  5. My own estimate of ODL activity summed for all corridors looks like this: A quite significant peak a couple of days ago around the $4m mark. The noticeable dip is the Xmas holidays. The overall direction is still heading upwards. I won't be happy until I see more than $100m per day at the very least. I see quite a lot of traffic from binance to other exchanges that looks similar in pattern to ODL corridors, but I'm not including it as binance is not 'on the list' of approved exchanges (It's probably just money laundering from the many scams going on out there).
  6. Is it anything to do with SBI wanting to setup a planet destroying 300MW mining farm in Texas and Craig Wright being best mates with Yoshitaka Kitao?
  7. There is an element of truth in that. Crypto miners are using cheap energy in China. However, solar and wind energy are intermittent and there is no evidence that miners in China are powering down their rigs at night or other periods when renewable energy isn't available. Energy production in china is approx 70% provided by Coal fired powered stations and so in reality the majority of energy being burned by crypto miners is in fact not clean. There is also no evidence that the producers of the energy who are receiving income from crypto mining are using that revenue to improve distribution of that clean energy to urban conurbations where it is needed and could be sold at a higher price, or storage of that energy for later use. Government subsidies have been used to create large renewable energy farms, but the income from selling cheap energy to miners does not raise enough to fund redevelopment of the energy grid. Overall, crypto mining is not improving the planet, the future lies with other consensus algorithms.
  8. On environmental grounds alone I could not hold BTC (or any POW coin). It is a shame on humanity that it is allowed to continue to exist at all. The Chinese government should make it illegal to mine any coin (or at least use more than a government/WTO/UN approved amount of power to do so) and western governments should follow suit.
  9. Just FYI: December is starting to look interesting from the ODL traffic point of view. These numbers should not be taken too seriously as some might not be ODL directly, but the trend is very positive and what I'm interested in. The graph to look at here is the $10K to $100K (4th from top, 2nd from bottom) channel where most of the transfers are taking place. The gradual rise from Sep-Nov has been replaced with a much more significant ramp-up during december. NB. these graphs include coins.ph, bitstamp, bitso data in one large set of plots broken down by payment sizes (in $ value not xrp amount). The graphs represent $10-$100, $100-$1000 and so on, MA = moving average (15 days) to smooth out the plots. I like what I'm seeing.
  10. just for reference. I use a slightly modified version of the generator here https://github.com/segrax/xrp-vanity and using 8 threads on my laptop, I get about 2.8Kkeys/s so 100000 takes about 35seconds. I would never consider using a scripted or interpreted language for something like this. (I had planned on adding GPU support, but never got around to it, I believe one of the old timers on the forum has done this, but I don't recall who)
  11. Does anyone know anything about account rModuA9GBakB1hUKZxXYF3sQP7a9qbpooR I've started seeing significant traffic on bitso->rModuA9GBa but I do not know what exchange (or bot trader) it is. It might be a rebalancing of the MXN via some other corridor. Any info welcome thanks. -------------------- Smaller corridors (46) -------------------- +---------------+---------------+------------+---------+----------+----------+----------+----------+------------+---------+-----------+ | source | destination | tag | trans | tr/day | active | unique | recent | day-bias | mean | std-dev | |---------------+---------------+------------+---------+----------+----------+----------+----------+------------+---------+-----------| | bitstamp | coins.ph | 160728 | 15750 | 61.8 | 267 | 255 | 14 | 1.7 | 50.0 | 100.7 | | bitstamp | bitso | 25490962 | 5424 | 31.0 | 337 | 175 | 8 | 6.4 | 18.7 | 19.2 | | bitso | rModuA9GBa | 2769899242 | 252 | 25.2 | 9 | 10 | 10 | 5.5 | 25350.7 | 18661.3 | | bitstamp | bitso | 22794384 | 3870 | 19.4 | 282 | 200 | 14 | 6.0 | 502.8 | 240.8 | | rModuA9GBa | bitstamp | 36427656 | 191 | 19.1 | 9 | 10 | 10 | 25.1 | 34848.4 | 33202.0 | edit: NB traffic over the last few days has been rising quite steeply
  12. Dear Mr Freaky Sir, You've been the best Fudster on this board for a very long time. Always negative, but with a politeness and charm that makes us all love you dearly. So with that in mind, if you have news from your organization that the formerly cold shoulder of antipathy towards ripple might now become a warm and tender embrace then I think we all deserve to know a little more. In the spirit of sharing, here's a graph from my latest daily plot of USD/MXN corridor payments that shows a slow (but steadyish) climb up the stairway to (buckethead approved) heaven, and like Barry Allen confiding his secrets to Dr Wells, we hope you will in turn divulge to us some of the festive cheer that gives you bullish hope. By this, I mean only to say, 'Spill the beans you miserable xxxxxxx'.
  13. We have a new record - the entire 1 billion was re-escrowed this/last month. That means that OTC sales have reduced to the point where the scraps left over from previous months are still enough (or they just stopped making them altogether). If only this translated into a rising xrp value. Interesting times indeed. 2024-01-01 rp6aTJmW3nq1aKt3Jmuz4DPRxksT5PBjpH 2019-11-01 500.0 rsjFB8mPWqiZgPUaVh8XYqdfa59PE2d5LG 2019-11-01 400.0 2019-12-01 100.0 2024-02-01 rp6aTJmW3nq1aKt3Jmuz4DPRxksT5PBjpH 2019-12-01 500.0 rsjFB8mPWqiZgPUaVh8XYqdfa59PE2d5LG 2019-12-01 400.0 [58 rows x 1 columns] +----------+---------------+ | Month | Re-escrowed | |----------+---------------| | 2018-Feb | 900 | | 2018-Mar | 900 | | 2018-Apr | 900 | | 2018-May | 900 | | 2018-Jun | 900 | | 2018-Jul | 900 | | 2018-Aug | 900 | | 2018-Sep | 800 | | 2018-Oct | 800 | | 2018-Nov | 800 | | 2018-Dec | 800 | | 2019-Jan | 800 | | 2019-Feb | 800 | | 2019-Mar | 700 | | 2019-Apr | 700 | | 2019-May | 700 | | 2019-Jun | 700 | | 2019-Jul | 700 | | 2019-Aug | 800 | | 2019-Sep | 800 | | 2019-Oct | 800 | | 2019-Nov | 900 | | 2019-Dec | 1000 | +----------+---------------+
  14. Still haven't written it up and am about to go away for a couple of weeks, so it isn't going to happen any time soon - apologies.
  15. Recently an xrp backed stablecoin was proposed on this forum by Joel Katz. This would be IMHO a great solution to the problem of institutions wanting to hold xrp. It wouldn't in and of itself solve the price stability problems, but it would protect holders from those variations. Other who know the markets better will no doubt be able to testify that derivatives would help stabilize the market. Other stablecoins will be used for sure and the game is affoot to see which technology wins out. It may be that ODL doesn't end up being cheaper than the existing system and xrp will fail. Trading USD.jpmorgan or MXN.bankofmexico or GBP.bankofengland and others might end up working well enough. What ripplenet appears to do is bring everyone on the system into a global currency/payments trading platform in a way that has never been done before and someone might offer liquidity via these kind of tokens on the network. The best technology will win.
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