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  1. If the thread that @Benchmark referenced (thanks) is the source of the panic, then I am deeply distressed - There is nothing worth reading there, certainly nothing I/we didn't already know. Please continue the TA on on this one. Even though I don't use it, I still find the speculation here interesting. I am not convinced that pattern matching is sufficient basis for prediction of prices, but combined with some ML and other data inputs, it would make an interesting project to code up a bot that trades based on the recommendations of @Eric123 and @dr_ed et al
  2. Apologies to the thread owners for an off-topic post... I have been away for a bit and am reading a number of post likes this that make reference to Chris Larsen selling large amounts of xrp, but I cannot find any news items or references that detail what is going on. Can you tell me where you are getting this information from? (if it's on one of the xrpChat private clubs, then it's no use to me as I cannot view them). I have done a fair amount of ledger analysis tracking xRapid activity and seen many wallets that make daily sales, but I am not aware of who owns them etc etc, I'd be interested in seeing the source of the allegations about large sales. Thanks.
  3. June's escrow return appears to be 700m again. Here are the last couple of months' worth of transactions and the monthly summary, returned xrp this month will be released in sep/oct 2023. Nothing interesting to report. I was worried that the drop in programmatic sales from ripple might lead to a rise in the escrow return, but things seem to be largely unchanged. I had a quick look at the quarterly sales and will post an update soon, seems like the pattern of sales from wallets making daily sales has changed slightly. based on a quick estimate, programmatic sales might have dropped from $107m in Q1, to about $87m in Q2. Not sure of those figures yet. Will look again when I get time. 2023-07-01 rp6aTJmW3nq1aKt3Jmuz4DPRxksT5PBjpH 2019-02-01 100.0 2019-03-01 400.0 rsjFB8mPWqiZgPUaVh8XYqdfa59PE2d5LG 2019-03-01 300.0 2019-04-01 200.0 2023-08-01 rp6aTJmW3nq1aKt3Jmuz4DPRxksT5PBjpH 2019-04-01 400.0 2019-05-01 100.0 rsjFB8mPWqiZgPUaVh8XYqdfa59PE2d5LG 2019-04-01 100.0 2019-05-01 400.0 2023-09-01 rp6aTJmW3nq1aKt3Jmuz4DPRxksT5PBjpH 2019-05-01 200.0 2019-06-01 300.0 rsjFB8mPWqiZgPUaVh8XYqdfa59PE2d5LG 2019-06-01 400.0 2019-07-01 100.0 2023-10-01 rp6aTJmW3nq1aKt3Jmuz4DPRxksT5PBjpH 2019-07-01 500.0 rsjFB8mPWqiZgPUaVh8XYqdfa59PE2d5LG 2019-07-01 100.0 +----------+---------------+ | Month | Re-escrowed | |----------+---------------| | 2018-Feb | 900 | | 2018-Mar | 900 | | 2018-Apr | 900 | | 2018-May | 900 | | 2018-Jun | 900 | | 2018-Jul | 900 | | 2018-Aug | 900 | | 2018-Sep | 800 | | 2018-Oct | 800 | | 2018-Nov | 800 | | 2018-Dec | 800 | | 2019-Jan | 800 | | 2019-Feb | 800 | | 2019-Mar | 700 | | 2019-Apr | 700 | | 2019-May | 700 | | 2019-Jun | 700 | | 2019-Jul | 700 | +----------+---------------+
  4. In order to do that, coil would need to track all the sites you are visiting and then at the end of the month, do the sums. The idea behind coil is to not track, do away with the monetization of your data/history/habits and instead donate as you watch/read/view. By making micropayments whilst you have pages open, coil can donate directly to that site without needing to store anything and as soon as you leave, the stream is cut off (also the content author rather than the website itself is remunerated). I signed up, because I want to support the payment model, but so far I'm greatly disappointed. The coil website itself is so poor that I gave up considering it as a place to post my xRapid analysis and sadly the xrpCommunity blog didn't consider me worthy of them, so although I'm not interested in getting paid for content, I can't post anything to a coil enabled website to help publicise/promote the system. I very much hope that one of the big name newspapers or content providers signs up for coil and triggers a more widespread adoption of their model. Fingers crossed that developments are underway to improve the experience too so that video's, podcasts, and downloads can be funded using a variable payment stream (meaning a download might incur a one off larger payment rather than many small ones so that listening to a podcast online costs the same as downloading it and listening later).
  5. Actually, the number of people who've picked holes in the climate change data is very countable and small and their counterarguments are both weak and ill-founded based on cherry picking of results that suit their needs - the facts are that the planet is warming and that the warming is human induced. Al Gore is not relevant as he is simply a concerned citizen who wishes to try to do his bit to save the planet. As are many others of us, including myself. Since the title of this thread is "POW systems and Climate Change !" I considered this an acceptable place for discussion. I'm sure the OP would agree. I have (and still do) work with climate scientists, but I am not one of them and I am happy to bow out of this discussion and devote my attention elsewhere.
  6. This is incorrect. 'Climate change' was adopted in preference to 'global warming' because not all parts of the planet will warm at the same rate and 'climate change' is simply a better way of describing localized effects. Global warming indicates a rise in average temperature overall. Global warming is both happening now and was in 1986 and the greenhouse effect is very real. Quoting one model that might have got it wrong in 1986 doesn't make all the other ones done since invalid. A very nice illustration of the 'reality' that the rest of us are living in, that perhaps has passed you by was made recently using measurement data from around the world (source https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-48678196) This is based on measured data and not models. If it doesn't scare you, then you are fortunate indeed - and if you truly do not believe that global warming, climate change or the greenhouse effect are real, then it is highly unlikely that anything I say here is going to change your mind. Look hard at that plot. Some of the models do account for population changes and emission changes, though I'm not aware of any that consider the effects of massive and catastrophic death to everyone - not even if caused by a dolphin uprising or anything that radical It is indeed extremely arrogant. Particularly the case of the USA that abandoned the Paris climate agreement and pushes unclean energy policies. Well surprise, we do have the ability to change the carbon (dioxide) content of the atmosphere, not by 20%, but by over 30% Mind you, that's a plot from NASA and they managed to fake the moon landing, so why should we trust them eh! And yes, before you ask, some models do include the effects of increased uptake of CO2 by plants and the corresponding changes in atmospheric constituents, this is why having faster and faster computers and more complex models makes the predictions more accurate - since 1986 quite a lot has changed. I'm not going to check the figures to see how many volcanic eruptions are needed to equate to a year of bitcoin mining. It doesn't matter how many of them it is, it still doesn't make mining necessary or desirable. At least not to the people who share the reality I'm in (reaches over to pat dolphin gently, and toss him another algae covered herring).
  7. There is plenty of science behind it. As someone who has worked with climate modellers for years, I can assure you that the maths and physics that makes the models work is the same as that that makes your mobile phone send and receive messages, your batteries recharge, the weather forecast come out accurately, the semiconductors that drive all your gadgets and the entire internet as well as all your crypto exchanges and all the bitcoin miners everywhere. A true statement, but not a valid defense for wasting energy that is exacerbating current climate change at a very rapid rate. Also a true statement, but I'd rather keep the polar bears and have a decent quality of life - and I'm happy to ban wasteful energy uses as a way of prolonging the existence of the bears and delaying further climate change.
  8. I read through the whitepaper from coinshares where they derive this figure and they do a reasonably honest job of justifying their numbers (despite the obvious fact that they derive part their income from bitcoin investment making it highly impartial) - however the conclusion that bitcoin is actually helping green development by absorbing the unused energy is misguided. There is a problem in efficiently delivering green energy to where it is needed most - as a result, bitcoin farms crop up where cheaper energy is available - however the proper solution for the planet is to invest more in the energy redistribution problem (which China is working on) - if the money 'invested' in bitcoin were used for this purpose, it would be a better use. Securing the network is unnecessary and a waste of energy, because it is not being used for global payments in any significant way. Money invested in bitcoin (and bitcoin mining rigs) is done for only one reason; financial gain - when it was first created, miners wanted to secure the network, but those days are long gone. Disclaimer: I am invested in xrp for financial gain too, but the energy consumption of the xrpl is a tiny percentage of BTC, so I do not feel hypocritical. Ripple are truly changing the world's financial plumbing system with ILP and hopefully xRapid. Bitcoin started it all, but it's time to move on.
  9. You are a fool if you believe this. Current BTC mining is of the order of 60 ExaHashes per day (10^18) and consumes as much power as a small country. Whilst a fraction of this comes from renewable and potentially otherwise unused sources, using this as a justification is wrong. It is not insignificant, it harms the environment and it serves no purpose - better consensus algorithms exist, as ripple/etc have demonstrated (and libra will too). BTC mining exists for only one purpose now, satisfying greed and turning electricity into $$$ and vice versa. If I stand on a ladder and urinate over you, you'll be dry by tomorrow, but that doesn't make it acceptable. Forward thinking countries are taking measures to protect the environment, phasing out combustion engines, coal fired power stations, energy inefficient boilers and engines, consumer devices and single use plastics, they will no doubt ban POW mining in the future - this will erode any store of value arguments in favour of bitcoin et al and make POW coins obsolete - it's not if, but when.
  10. Well I really hope something happens regarding compensation/restoration. I shouldn't laugh at your comment - this is a train wreck of epic scale. I'm very glad I only had a small amount on gatehub (I moved them out as soon as I heard the news).
  11. Looks like 700m has gone in for End of May, June re-escrow, I'll check again in a few days to make sure no extra is added. Not including all the previous transactions individually here, just the last couple of months - and then the monthly totals. This month's re-escrow will be released in Sep 2023. Amount FinishAfter Account Date 2023-08-01 rp6aTJmW3nq1aKt3Jmuz4DPRxksT5PBjpH 2019-04-01 400.0 2019-05-01 100.0 rsjFB8mPWqiZgPUaVh8XYqdfa59PE2d5LG 2019-04-01 100.0 2019-05-01 400.0 2023-09-01 rp6aTJmW3nq1aKt3Jmuz4DPRxksT5PBjpH 2019-05-01 200.0 2019-06-01 300.0 rsjFB8mPWqiZgPUaVh8XYqdfa59PE2d5LG 2019-06-01 400.0 +----------+---------------+ | Month | Re-escrowed | |----------+---------------| | 2018-Feb | 900 | | 2018-Mar | 900 | | 2018-Apr | 900 | | 2018-May | 900 | | 2018-Jun | 900 | | 2018-Jul | 900 | | 2018-Aug | 900 | | 2018-Sep | 800 | | 2018-Oct | 800 | | 2018-Nov | 800 | | 2018-Dec | 800 | | 2019-Jan | 800 | | 2019-Feb | 800 | | 2019-Mar | 700 | | 2019-Apr | 700 | | 2019-May | 700 | | 2019-Jun | 700 | +----------+---------------+
  12. I think you can now relax and go back to your happy place. It is clear that ripple had already made their strategy change before I posted this analysis (since that's what I was observing) and the fact that they have responded with their ripple insights article speaks volumes about how they regard their duty "At Ripple, we believe in proactive transparency. We hope others in the crypto ecosystem will follow our lead, and ultimately, that our joint efforts will fuel a growing level of trust, among institutions and consumers alike, and the entire digital asset market will thrive. Until we do this, we cannot expect to see wide-spread adoption of digital assets or blockchain technology." They want your trust! Your belief can be unshaken again
  13. I seem to recall that there was a possible hack based on bad random seed generation that could be used to exploit old wallets that were created using some of the early versions of ripple. The hack allows an attacker to regenerate wallets and keys and search for any that match known wallet addresses on the ledger and then drain them because they've generated the same wallet address and now have the key. Early wallets on gatehub might be susceptible to this? My memory of this is a bit vague, perhaps @Sukrim or @nikb would know better. (If this were the case, then it would not be necessary for an insider at gatehub to be responsible, just a long brute force operation on wallet generation).
  14. I did not know about this podcast before so I'm very grateful for having it drawn to my attention - great interviews. I have been listening to a lot of them and this morning I heard "Investors Mark Cuban and Steve Case and talent agent Scooter Braun (Live)" https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/vox/recode-decode/e/61371259 Scooter Braun doesn't start talking until about 45 mins in and then just after 1h he mentions monetizing streaming music. He doesn't mention ripple or xpring or anything that would interest us directly, but I found it very interesting anyway. (I did not know who scooter braun was until the xpring involvement, so it's nice to be educated on stuff outside my usual field of interest and it's clear that he knows what he's doing).
  15. Very sorry to hear this news. Please pass condolences on to all family and friends.
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