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  1. That seems like a reasonable interpretation, I also suspect this is what is happening, however, it's the (frequent) straightness of the lines forming these triangles that bothers me. One might expect traders to fit a normal distribution in terms of how much they will put in on a short term trade, the time they will hold for, what profit to expect (%), and also the amount they must pay in fees (which often drops to lower rates for frequent traders). The combination of these parameters would lead me to think that there should be non-linear movements in trading around these points. However, as I
  2. On the subject of corrections and charting... When XRP was running upwards last week or so, it would climb, form a flag/pennant and then climb again. Each of the pennant formations was striking in that the price would fall, bounce, rise up, bounce down and then repeat, after a couple of bounces on each side, support and resistance lines would form, and then it would bounce between these lines - gradually decreasing in amplitude forming the pennant and then as the price reached the narrowest point, would break up (last week it was up, but it could just as welll have been down). The tr
  3. You didn't mention that New Zealand passed a banking regulation for environment that means all investments must have their green credentials vetted and investments into non green enterprises like bitcoin will be banned (or taxed heavily). USA and China have just agreed to more cooperation on climate and just this month, The Chinese themselves produced a report https://www.bbc.com/news/business-56671488 that bitcoin would be a blocker for environmental targets. (Mongolia announced a ban last month). I'm sure the EU will also introduce regulation against PoW crypto too, there have been
  4. Indeed. Everyone moans about Jed and Chris and Brad "Dumping" their tokens, but next week, Jed will sell ~150m at a price of over a dollar (we hope much more), and whoever buys them isn't going to want to sell them right away at $0.2. I did a back of the envelope check on Brads sales listed in the SEC docs and he sold $150m worth at an average price of $0.45 ( I think that's what I remember) - people who think this somehow caused the price to sink to $0.2 are somewhat deluded. R3, SBI, coil and anyone else with billions of them might be dumping hard and trashing the price, but these cont
  5. Very good point. (We will all be watching, waiting and hoping that the drop back to $0.4 never happens).
  6. Except that the article that this thread was based on was actually written on "By Decrypt Media January 13, 2021 2 minute read", a full 3 months ago when he resigned (see the SEC press release from then https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2021-5). It is typical that xrpchat readers don't actually bother to fact check anything they read or hear.
  7. Well, I must confess, that last year, I used to monitor his sales and when he started selling on a given day when his sales were high, I would sell a chunk when he started, wait an hour or so until the sales completed and then buy back. The days with high sales would sometimes cause a temporary drop that I would benefit from and gain a thousand or so xrp each day. the price usually recovers quite quickly. Now I have a trading bot that can monitor the order books on bitstamp and the DEX and trade the arbitrage between the two, (but I have not allowed it to go live - lots of other bots are doing
  8. Apologies for taking so long to get around to this. I modified my scripts, but for reasons I could not explain, my graphs just didn't look right. Last night I played some more and found the root of the problem - so I am now posting my latest findings, which are still not perfect, but look reasonably good. I'm getting sales volume data from Cryptocompare (CC from now on) using their "top tier" volume, which filters out some of the exchanges suspected to be inflating their volume. The data looks like this for the last few months. I plot the CC data alongside the bitstamp volume - just beca
  9. I guess what I really mean is that, although there will be panic selling, corrections, dips and all of that - investors will be seeing value in xrp at higher levels than in 2018 and if the price tanked back under $1, then it ought to bounce back faster than the 3 years it took last time. There are probably still 20-30billion tokens out there that were bought at (sub?) cent levels, but whoever has been holding them all these years, probably doesn't want to let them go at $0.20 when they know that traffic at $1 can handle it. I suspect I was not answering your question - you asked about co
  10. I'd like to have a go at this ... 1) Ripple have signed deals with 300+ FIs/banks etc 2) Ripple have tested ODL with MGI for a year and ironed out any obvious problems. Clearly it wasn't a massive success, but this is stage #1 in the major experiment to rewire the finance industry, we expect it to take some time (8 years and counting!). They transferred several billion's worth of $$$ during the trial, which is something no other blockchain network has come even remotely close to (and most remarkably, until a few days ago, other networks that are not even live yet had higher valuatio
  11. This forum is not intended to be a soapbox that is all about you. Feel free to create a thread called "The Annoying Hopium thread where I talk about myself and me and my friends congratulate ourselves on our great success", then we can all skim through it and have a laugh once in a while, but this thread is about xrp TA and I (speaking for myself) don't want to see your pointless comments here. My soul has been lightened by enormous gains recently that leave me slightly lightheaded and frankly shellshocked, but despite that, I am still not interested in reading your posts on this thread
  12. These threads are being derailed by childish banter, could you please keep things on topic and move your chit chat elsewhere. The forum is becoming less interesting for many of us.
  13. They always notify when there is going to be scheduled maintenance, they posted this on 8th april So really it's not their fault. The market dumped when they were offline, when it came back online, a ton of stop losses must have been triggered, the xrp/eur orderbook is quite thin and I'd guess that it led to a cascade of sells that were only filled when the orders went alll the way down to 1eur where a ton of cheap buy orders were sitting. The drop on the xrp/usd chart isn't nearly so deep because that's a far more liquid pair with a deep orderbook. I wonder if the market manipula
  14. It's worth pointing out the difference between ripple's sales and Jed's. I did some extensive research on it in this thread https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/28981-analysis-of-ripples-xrp-sales/ and this one https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/29985-q4-analysisprediction/ and found the alarming rate of 3% of daily volume, which was revised downwards when I changed data source and Ripple (to their credit) reduced their sales sometime later when they decided that the volume figures they were using were inflated by wash trading from dodgy exchanges and they now use only cryptocompare "top tier" data I beli
  15. Not yet. I started upgrading my scripts last night, but didn't get them finished. I have to download the volume data from CryptoCompare top tier in hourly form instead of daily, then do the time adjustment and resample to daily amounts. then rerun the main calculation. Volume recently has been high, so we can expect some serious sales in the coming weeks. I should finish the scripts tonight (got to work now). Will post when done. (Hard to concentrate on work when price is going crazy - 1st world problems).
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