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  1. Jesus Christ stop with those silly numbers guys. 5$ with today supply is possible, 10$ is possible. 20$ is maaaaaybe possible in few years. But 100$? 1000$? What are you smoking guys? Same with BTC, some people are talking about 10 000 000 $ per coin, WTF? 400k is possible maximum. There are loads of other cryprocompanies which want their piece of cake aswell. Be relevant guys and use basic economic logic pls
  2. Well, the world is changing my friend, if you believe that the world we know will be controlled by the same people in becoming digital era..... well then believe in it.
  3. OK guys, let me asnwer yours questions wit a question. XRP is solving problem with very slow and expensive international money transfers. This is the main problem XRP want to solve, am I right? But the question is. What actually do you need a bank for? Interest? Hahahaha, don't make me laugh. Negative interest rates are coming. Hold our savings? Tell that to the Cypriots who had their money stolen by the government. Financial products? We already have an open market for this. I think (and I am not alone) there will be no banks in few decades, I am fan of decentralization, freedom and privacy. There are thousands of BTC ATMs all over the world, people who dont know nothing about cryptoworld always know only BTC, BTC has big support of mass media, BTC has potential to be first decentralized worldwide currency. Dont get me wrong guys, I am not one of the ultimate XRP haters, I am big fan of this product, because I use international transfers daily, but I want to see a future without centralized institutions and only Bitcoin can achieve that for now. There is no other product with such a big potential.
  4. It will never happen. BTC will be numero uno in crypto for decades. Sorry guys.
  5. NPXS - great project, good team, real use case, 7% airdrops until the end of the year. And BTC for trading.
  6. It is perfectly fine if u earned some BTC. I lost yeasterday about 5k XRP, but earned about 0,35 BTC (not only XRP trading btw). This is head and shoulder chart AF, I know I will buy more XRPs with my yesterday profit, all what I (and 90% of us) need is patience.
  7. I am starting to be negative aswell. The fact is almost all other coins grew up 100% and more since 5th of April when market started growing up again. XRP is climbing very, very slowly. XRP is the 3rd largest altcoin right now, but 24h volumes are pretty low if you compare XRP with ETH, BTC, BCH even fu..ng TRX or EOS. Even useless ETC has half of the XRP volume last days, how is this possible? There is a simple answer, investors do not trust XRP and they dont want to put their money in. And without volume we are f--ed, it is a simple rule of the market. Same is the NEO, again great project, but low volume, why? Sorry for my English, but I think you get it. What we are waiting for, when the XRP will start its way to moon?
  8. It is the start of the bull run mate! See you on the moon.
  9. Hi guys, my name is Thomas...and I need to admit... I am a HODLholic.
  10. I dont think so. If market cap will fall down again, Ripple with fall down aswell. Regulations can hurt Ripple in short term time scale. Hey guys, why u so butthurt? It is just a topic. And....even Apple almost failed and look on the Apple stocks now. Just calm down, we are talking about hypothetical situation.
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