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  1. Thats easy: working with Ripple would mean to become compliant with all the AML rules which the Russian banks are not intented to be. Many powerfull people (including government) would not like that...
  2. Ja, aber erzielst du Einkünfte aus der Kryptowährung? Ich müsste mal in die Kommentierung reinschauen, was genau dieser Satz meint. Ich würde vermuten, dass es eher eine Gleichstellung zu Nr. 1 ist. Aus Immobilien erzielt man ja Einkünfte....laufende V+V Einkünfte. die Kryptowährung wirft weder Zinsen noch Dividenden noch andere Einkünfte ab. Vielmehr kann mit bisher mit Kryptowährung nur durch Verkauf Einkünfte erzielen....also sollte es bei S. 1. bleiben.
  3. I intended to acquire a house last year and did include my cryptos under "other assets" without any detailed description. I just explained over the phone the background of "other assets" and thats it. The bank (a German one) did not request for more details and provided me a financing offer (I did not buy the house due to other reasons).
  4. Über eine PM hätte ich es dir auch gesagt ?. Die Regelung mit den 10 Jahren kann ich aus den bisherigen Verlautbarungen der Finanzverwaltung sowie dem Gesetz nicht entnehmen. Nach einem Jahr Haltefrist sollten etwaige Veräußerungsgewinne steuerfrei sein.
  5. I give you a high qualitative answer for 1,000 XRP plus 10% of your XRP holdings after my answer became reality. Deal?
  6. Tonight, when the sun goes down. Tomorrow, when the sun goes down. The day after tomorrow, when the sun goes down. etc etc etc... When my Island (no need for a further lambo )?!
  7. Generally, first in first our principle should apply. Yes, correct.
  8. I had the same idea when he mentioned it first. Totally agree.
  9. How can you go to Europe without visiting Germany (-->Hamburg, Berlin, Munich)?!?
  10. Some people are still thinking.....some have already invested. Just take a decision and live with it. No matter what comes. If you believe that XRP will achieve $10 than it doesn't matter whether you bought at $0.70 or $0.80.
  11. I had to google. Your profile picture does not match with those I found on google....
  12. That's sad. However, I'm pretty sure we will see this times again very soon....
  13. Maybe it is just the date.... Before you kill me: I know, bad joke.
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