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  1. well ripple did settle that lawsuit about a year ago about that billion XRP so if they bought r3 they would gain control of those back i suppose.
  2. everyone watching the price if the price didn't jump when moneygram investment was made no one expects a price appreciation even if this happen. buy ,sell
  3. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-23/unprecedented-shocking-proposal-boes-mark-carney-urges-replacing-dollar-libra "This is where, if Carney indeed speaks for his central banking peers, one can say "game over" for the fiat system, which now even establishment members admit will need to devalue against something outside of the fiat system, such as Gold (as Pimco's Harley Bassman suggested back in 2016), or cryptocurrency/stable coins, like Libra." "Which means that the only practical alternative is a central bank endorsed cryptocurrency, or - wait for it - gold".
  4. this reminds me of feb 2017, lets c some of the numbers go down in these chats and more hostility, wheres the calling on the government to do something
  5. when this forum has hardly any post and most of it is negative ripple and xrp, when the youtube xrp army posters have little to no views and when people stop commenting and caring about ripple reddit posts, this is the time to buy
  6. @BPG_XAU no worries i see where to do it u have to go to ure wallet and press send payments> gold> then you fill out ure details Mad ting
  7. @BPG_XAU Hi once i hav bought some Xau how do i redeem i see under gateway faq section on gatehub it says How to Redeem / Withdraw XAU Choose our withdrawal option and we will Fedex you your gold bars. Minimum redemption amount is 10 XAU = 10 g in its multiples (e.g. 10 g, 20 g, 30 g, etc.). We will Fedex you a Good Delivery bar. but im not seeing a withdrawal option.
  8. @speku8 thanks for coming back to post i love reading posts from the veterans here very informative and the reason i got interested in xrp and ripple couple years back, great community to all hodlers crypto is a market like any other when emerging, people take for granted spectacular returns as normal, this year crypto is maturing and i believe the next run up might not be so volatile as in the past, that being said i think xrp still has a way to go the next run up will have to be based on solid use by one of the partners announced sbi western unioin etc, no matter the investmen
  9. Hodl guys XRP is jus getting started chk out this link basically playing live EDM music but you contribute to keep it goin using bitcoin right now.
  10. Your right this is how there goin to control BTC, this is how they control the gold and silver price. https://www.reuters.com/article/deutsche-bank-lawsuit-metals/deutsche-bank-settles-u-s-gold-silver-price-fixing-litigation-idUSL2N17H1IA
  11. http://www.coindesk.com/initial-coin-offering-ico-where-sec-might-stand/
  12. Hi all jus wanna understand something here why would a group or company doing an ICO collect its funds in a digital currency that wasn't meant to handle the type of volumes expected and thereby causing problems/delays on the network, wouldn't it make more sense to transact with a currency meant for this purpose and then convert to another currency when needed. http://www.coindesk.com/150-million-tim-draper-backed-bancor-completes-largest-ever-ico/ Issues with the sale As with past sales of this kind, the ICO was accompanied by reports that the ethereum network faced signi
  13. ok thank you love how everything is pulling together.
  14. @ graine ok so if i use coinpayments on my website as a payment option a customer who has an account at bitstamp can pay via usd bitstamp iou balance directly into my ripple account tht has a usd bitstamp iou ?
  15. Hi can someone explain this to me https://www.coinpayments.net/supported-coins-ripple Does this mean tht a merchant can accept xrp as payment and instead of getting cyrpto they can get fiat delivered into there account thru XRP ?
  16. @ripplerm this is great steem users will soon stop converting to btc and change to xrp so much faster.
  17. This is a great topic nice break from all the XRP price speculation talk @pftq love https://www.theworldexchange.net - basic wallet with most API functionalities. Great way to show exactly what ripple is about but i think you should make some youtube videos to demonstrate exactly what can be done ordinary people still dont quite get it ,videos may get peoples creative juices flowing instead of just waiting on XRP price movements. Also alot of novice to professional traders use Metatrader which has endless bots ,indicators, expert advisors etc some one should look into getting xrp on
  18. Any one have links to videos of recently concluded interledger workshop in Berlin
  19. Anyone attending June 1 to 2 Berlin, Gatehub will be presenting there interledger APIs
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