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  1. 1Y performance ≈ up 31260% 6m performance ≈ up 803% 1m performance ≈ up 727% 1w performance ≈ down 38% (Hint: It's not going down)
  2. I see a lot of people asking why the market is plummeting. I strongly encourage not to do so. You will never fully understand WHY the market is going down. Lots of you could be annoyed by this statement. I'm sorry, but thats my opinion. You can't and will never fully understand why a market is going down. It could be a simple correction after we are up 10000% from the beginning of the year, people buying Xmas gifts, manipulation or Santa Claus selling his Bitcoin (beacuse indeed, he will hodl XRP).. whatever reason. We don't know. The good news is: you don't even have to. What you really have to do is to chose few (not many, but few) really really good digital-assets/crypto-something you understand very well, with a great team, clear purpose and stunning technological advantage over the others, secure storage them and hodl until u think they're undervalued. That's all. I bought a lot of XRP at the beginning of this year and try to sell the high/buy the low multiple times to end up with more. I ended up having less. You could say I'm a bad trader, and this could be certainly the case. But don't believe me, just believe the best advice, given by the greatest investor of all time, on what to do when the market is plummeting: You are welcome. See you at 10$.
  3. They had trouble with Wells Fargo and didn't allow fiat withdraws for a long time. Now they're trying to partner with a small Polish bank. I think that if USDT aren't backed by real USD it's a huge problem for us all, because they can "print" how much USDT they want and buy real crypto out there (look at their supply increase in the last month). 10% of Bitcoin Volume comes from Bitfinex as well as 60% of Iota volume; if it is pumped with free-printed USDT they could crash anytime with serious repercussion on the entire crypto sphere. Don't want to go OT or spread FUD here. Just my 2 XRP.
  4. Coinbase announced they will implement SegWit. This should reduce the transactions' fees. ( https://blog.coinbase.com/bitcoin-segwit-update-3ab0484e4526). I'm more concerned about Bitfinex/Tether/Bitconnect scams as a prime cause of crash.
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