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  1. https://ripple.com/insights/q1-2017-xrp-markets-report/
  2. This problem is back @enej. Anyone else getting a similar error when clicking the "forgot password" link? "There was a network error. Please try again later."
  3. I'm not sure if the mechanics of a 51% are widely known. I've understood it to be one miner who suddenly has 51% of the network hash rate, who mines several blocks ahead without broadcasting the block resolution, spending on the main chain, then invalidating that transaction by broadcasting a longer chain for which they mined. So when Poloniex requires six blocks, the probability of this event goes to zero. Did I get that right? In any case, it's subtle, and certainly not a risk with Ripple's consensus algorithm. When one block is validated in about 3.5 seconds (https://charts.ripple.com/#/metrics), it is final, permanent, and cannot be changed.
  4. Try support@ripple.com @Yorkie. This is something of a common request, and they should be able to give you guidance.
  5. I don't see it as any one single thing that was done right. Tacking on a billion USD market cap came from several different perspectives of the company, asset, and current price. Tulip mania, perhaps. As others have pointed out however, maybe XRP was significantly undervalued all this time, and the market finally corrected. I'm comfortable with that, because I think we've been putting a tremendous effort toward XRP over the past four years. I say we, to include Ripple, this community, and maybe the polo troll box too. It goes without saying, that we want the best coin for international settlement, and we're just getting started.
  6. I wish we still had the team website displayed. You'd see 160 faces that work every day trying to make this thing happen.
  7. I recently bought a non-anonymous alt coin, which was somewhere between 10 and 20 on the highest Polo volume list. I created a offline cold wallet, and had the coins sent there, but ventured to look at the Polo wallet they came from. I was completely floored to find such a high concentration of this coin at Polo. Certainly, it was a function of how hard it was to create an offline, local cold wallet. In one very real sense, this is the service that Polo is currently offering.
  8. I'm more concern with how centralized the alt-coin space is becoming, with a few large, lightly regulated exchanges holding a mass amount of the alt-coin reserves. Poloniex is now the counter party risk, since generating securely local storage of most these coins proves to be a non-trivial exercise with limited user friendly tools. ... and no insurance, of course. Our internal goals are far more ambitious.
  9. @warpaul and @miguel : I voted. Ledger wallets are awesome. I use them for Bitcoin.
  10. New hires that work on the XRP integration side of our business, which is most folks on my team to some extent, are subjected to a trading competition on RCL when they start at Ripple. It gives us a chance to teach new hires about the APIs, the markets, and consensus. And while it's almost no money at stake, it always turns rather competitive.
  11. Ripple employees typically get private equity packages in Ripple. The teams that work on XRP related projects, are interested in creating a compliant use cases that solves real world, non-speculative problems. We would celebrate a remittance that was done cheaper and faster, with greater visibility, using XRP as an intermediary currency in a compliant corridor, for example.
  12. Validator operators have historically published ripple.txt files, like so : https://www.bitstamp.net/ripple.txt They could also use our domain verification : https://ripple.com/build/rippled-setup/#domain-verification
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