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  1. I am sorry but I still do not understand this enough myself to be able to think of what value it will give for XRP - any help would be appreciated.
  2. I definitely am not knowledgeable enough about XRP or banks to be able to see how it will all work or what it will mean for the price of XRP, or for any other uses, but it serves as a good exercise to just imagine one aspect of its use. If I am wrong in my thinking then that is fair enough - just needed some input from some people who had more of an idea than myself. Thanks guys.
  3. This is a good additional bit of information. Thank you. What would you forecast the price to be in 12 months?
  4. Yes I assumed for now that all XRP were released just to make sense of it all.. Any help in why the original post may be incorrect is welcomed. Thanks.
  5. Of course, thanks for the input. Does that mean the original post is inflating the price or not inflating enough?
  6. Yes correct - that did cross my mind but thought I better leave it out in case I complicate things lol. What do you think of the original post?
  7. I have taken the liberty of assuming that Ripple release all the XRP in escrow........ but if they DO NOT and everything else I have said holds at all close to being true, the price of XRP would be even higher. :-O
  8. Lol. I know I am talking in IF this and IF that.... but I am trying to apply simple reasoning by comparing the current situation with banks.
  9. Hey guys, I am just trying to get my head around something. Is this at all correct? I have heard that SWIFT sends $5 Trillion worth of money transfers PER DAY and that the banks and financial institutions actually have about $27 Trillion locked away in accounts in order to facilitate these money transactions; to be able to have the money there in order to send it. I hold my hands up that these are just things I have heard and I am not sure about the figures - a lot of you guys out there are more knowledgeable than me and can either confirm these amounts or not. In order to get my head around this I am going to assume for a moment that XRP is a success with banks and gets mass adopted by them to settle payments worldwide. Just play along for a moment and assume this. If there are $27 Trillion sitting in accounts to facilitate payments, and they suddenly start using XRP then I am guessing the whole value of XRP that they will need to hold is going to have to be at least 27 Trillion? if there are only 100Billion XRP units well a figure of $3 per XRP is not going to be enough is it? So banks are going to have to purchase and HOLD massive amounts of XRP in order to have them available to use to make money transfers, and therefore the circulating supply basically will be shrunk right down for investors like you and me. In turn this in itself will mean a price increase due to low supply and possibly more demand (good thing for banks as the value of XRP they hold will go up and they will hold the $27Trillion total that they require, and also if they buy them sooner rather than later it will cost than the $27Trillion that they are locking away right now, making it possible to use some of this money - I am just thinking out loud, I may be wrong). So in effect 27 Trillion/100 Billion = $270. XRP standing at a value of $270 per XRP is what it would take to cover the value of the USD$ currently being held by banks in accounts to facilitate these cross border payments or money transfers. And this is IF the banks hold ALL the XRP that will ever exist. So am I correct in assuming then that if XRP is adopted fully by banks that the price of XRP could in theory climb to at least $270 per XRP.? This is without any use by other big worldwide-known companies which may start accepting XRP as payment etc. Obviously this may bring up the question of "well if banks use/hold all or most of the XRP how will there be enough left for other businesses to make use of and accept as payments?". The only answer from the top of my head is that the per XRP price actually far exceeds $270 and banks will not need to have so much of it to cover the $270 Trillion needed. For example if we double the $270 to $540 then the banks would only need half of the total supply of XRP for their own purpose and the remaining 50 Billion XRP units could be free to be used in other ways, e.g investor purchases and acceptance by big companies as payments. As I said I may be wrong here and I am not at all giving investment advice, but if I am wrong I would love to hear why exactly. Thanks.
  10. Hahahahahaaaaaaa.... or maybe an animal lover. Ace Ventura may be the founder of this coin!
  11. Sorry if it is posted in the wrong section. Yes I have heard about Bytecoin - a secrecy or anonymous coin ? Being promoted as the original before Monero..... the promotion of it on Twitter alone tells me that at least it is getting loads of exposure and price may go up just because of that alone, regardless of if it does anything - LOL
  12. Hi guys, XRP was once I guess on the border of being classed as a MICROCoin. It was close to 1cent in value a long long time ago if I am correct? In the news surrounding cryptocurrencies lately a lot has been made of these MicroCoins which have values of 0.00001 or less. The latest example is PACCoin? I know it got a lot of exposure when JR Business posted a youtube video having bought 100million of them for $200 and a week later that holding was worth $20,000. Insane! Was it just a pump scenario or is Paccoin going to be a success and actually be used for something? I have been looking at MicroCoins and would love some feedback from you about them if you would be so kind. Who knows... one of them might be the next XRP in 12 months time? (but obviously not as much utility as XRP and won't move XRP from number 1 spot in our hearts for affection! lol) The coins I have seen and been interested in are ... Paccoin, DimeCoin, Cypherfunks, Fedoracoin and Bunnycoin. Thanks.
  13. Thanks to all of you for replying. I am sorry i took so long to reply - but work gets in teh way of 24hour-crypto, stupid work!! lol Thanks guys. P.S. .. I don't know if you all follow JR BUSINESS on Twitter and look at the videos they post on Youtube? Few days or weeks back they bought PacCoin at $200 for 100Million coins. The exposure they may have generated may have pushed the price up OR they did some seriously good homework on it but the other day their $200 investment was worth $20,000. What do you guys think of that sort of thing and are there any super cheap coins out there that have some potential? Thanks. Owen
  14. Love this! Thanks. I can honestly see XRP getting to $100 and beyond if the banks adopt it worldwide and use it and if some other BIG company start using it or accepting it e.g. Amazon, Paypal etc.
  15. I saw this somewhere actually..... the FUD shout loudest when compared to the supporters I guess and drown their voices out.... but we just resort to standing there smirking... knowing what is coming and that the FUD squad will soon be buying last minute tickets for the spaceship!
  16. That is what I have believed in as well and continue to do so - I just find it slow to get to the day where banks widespread are using it ... patience! lol.
  17. totally agree with this - by the end of 2018 there may be only a top 100 crptos actually having any real respect.
  18. Yes I have heard that many trials are going on but no real actual adoption for proper usage as of yet? What the FUD squad seem to be saying though is that they are testing other Ripple networks and not XRP. Is this correct? Also they state that they may use Ripple but have no intention of using XRP? That banks would never need a cryptocurrency for their uses? Is this correct. ...... I wish Banks would make a statement officially regarding this - lol.
  19. Thanks for replying. The FUD squad say that banks have no interest in XRP only in the Ripple networks... is this correct?
  20. Thanks for your reply. My concern now is the FUD squad spreading the story that the banks want the ripple network but not XRP. Is this correct?
  21. The FUD squad assert that banks all agree that ripple networks are desirable but XRP is not something they are interested in. Is this true?
  22. Thank you for this - very informative! I can definitely see it reaching $10 this year... and probably in a few months, if ONE of the many events that could happen actually does happen - e.g. Coinbase adding XRP. I can also see it reaching $100 sometime IF it gets mass adoption and usage by banks and/or if big players like Amazon make some sort of announcement. The goal of reaching $1,000 though at the moment seems slightly beyond "the moon" - lol. It would be a massive market cap. but to be honest nobody really knows. Bitcoin reaching $19,000 seemed crazy. So if XRP gets adopted by banks and institutions and Exchanges add it and players like Amazon accept it as payment then of course it would probably add insane value to it and would reach the thousands in value. Glad to have your answer to read this morning. Thanks. ...... .......... what is on my mind now is all these FUD reports that the Ripple networks are desired by banks etc but that XRP is NOT desired by them or necessary for them to make use of Ripple net? Is this true? I have had some technical answers to this on social media but they are too technical for me to understand seeing as I have not seen Ripple networks and XRP in action. The arguments I have received sound basically like "the banks will use ripple net and XRP as both go hand in hand and simplify processes for the banks". That doesn't really answer me why. There is a video on social media from Youtube used by the FUD squad from October or November last year (it may even be an official Ripple video) which has bankers discussing Ripple but they agree that they have no interest in XRP. So is there any merit to the FUD or is XRP really GOING to be used by the banks? Thanks guys Owen
  23. Ok guys, in the world of Ripple and cryptocurrency in general I guess I am a novice or a newbie. However, I'd like to just make this post as a general, easy to understand chat about its projected value over the coming 12 months of 2018. Please correct me in my outline to tell me if i am correct or not. This is basically a summing up of what I have heard people say and argue on the internet and social media as to why XRP will boost upwards, I am merely trying to set this all out in one place so that you guys can tell me if it is at all correct as to how 2018 is suppose to develop for XRP. My simple way of looking at it is thus..... Let us assume firstly that Ripple keeps growing and that XRP also keeps growing in its usage, actual practical uses in real world, real-time transactions. Let us assume therefore that investors investing in XRP grows and the price keeps going up. I know this is a lot of assuming but my discussion really centers around the market cap argument. Many people say that XRP cannot possibly go up to $1000 in price and that even $100 would be a massive step. This argument is based on the maths that if you use a circulating supple of 39billion XRP, a price of $100 would give $3.9Trillion. As I am typing this the whole market cap of all cryptocurrency is around $600Billion? So we can see that XRP reaching $100 actually DOES sound a bit crazy in the current climate. However, the history of Bitcoin tells us that a price of almost $20,000 achieved a few weeks ago would have seemed absolutely crazy 12 months ago, and the market cap 12 months ago was tiny compared to now. So where does this all leave us? Firstly, people in general say that there are many many billions of dollars yet to enter the cryptocurrency market, due to it being fairly new. Analysts all over the web are saying that this could even reach trillions of dollars if financial institutions and pension providers and banks actually start investing in cryptocurrency. Secondly, Bitcoin is seen as many as impractical for real time, real-world uses in its current form unless it innovates. This leaves a gap which XRP seems to have been trying to position itself to fill and could theoretically have a head start almost in this respect come the start of 2018. Thirdly, XRP has so far been difficult to purchase and a boost in price will happen as it is added to more exchanges, especially Coinbase. Fourth, IF (maybe a big IF?) XRP actually starts to be deployed by banks to facilitate cross border transfers of money in real-time then many many banks will stock up on XRP and HOLD it to ensure they have a large supply. This in turn will actually REDUCE the circulating supply and by the forces of supply and demand this will increase the price to those investors wanting to put money into XRP. Because of this reduced circulation caused by banks etc stocking up on XRP in order to use it the price of XRP may well shoot up to $100 or more? Does this make sense at all to you good people who understand XRP better than me? Thanks guys and Happy New Year. Regards OWEN
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