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  1. I predict that I'll wake up and XRP will be down 6%. Oh, well would you look at that.
  2. Agreed. Just put the d head on block and it makes it a bit more peaceful around here.
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/75-banks-joined-jpmorgan-apos-092040990.html Found the article a bit curious. Of course, I claim to know NOTHING when it comes to the tech side of this stuff, but I'm wondering if this is any of Ripples tech, just white labeled. They had mentioned Santander. I thought Santander was already partnered with Ripple to use their tech? Anyhow, could be much to do about nothing. If I'm way off, just tell me that I'm stupid. haha.
  4. Tis true. Not complaining. This go around I'm in at .28, .31, .38, .43, and .50 so. I think that avg's to be what? Around .40? But, i did buy most of my bulk at the .28 and .31 levels. So, i'm prob more around the .35 mark on avg so. Would love to see a good $1 run up to Swell and $3 run up to Xrapid going live or being introduced as going live. Last year I got in at .71 and sold at $3, but that was different. That was a straight moon shot and easy dump. Now, times are different. I've traded so much, I got my 3 horses I'm holding for 5 years, then I'm just gonna bounce. So, hopefully 1 or 2 of them get me to the promised land.
  5. $4.5B 24 hr volume and its retracted back to .57? Yea, can't figure that one out. Anyhow, I'm no pro so. I'm in it this time for the long so. It's all good. It was cool to see the run up tho.
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand just like that, we lose 20% within a hour. haha. Got to love it. Went from .78 to .55 in a blink.
  7. Well, I bought Tron and Verge and lost $30k in Jan so. I was day flipping. Lost alot. I'm still in the plus tho.
  8. Not me. Unfortunately, like an idiot i sold last year at $3. Had about 25k XRP's. Sold em all. Just started buying again a few weeks ago when it was .24. I'm on the brakes now and just gonna ride with what I have. If I see $15, I wont be a millionaire, but I'll be damn close. If It ever gets to $100, I'm out. Off grid. Never to see me again. So, I'll miss you guys.
  9. WTF. I have been playing this game for a year now. I have never seen a 100% gain in 24 hours from any of the top 10 tokens. Absolutely mad.
  10. Agreed. This is nuts. Every time I refresh, XRP is going up 1%. We might see $1 by end of day today.
  11. Something is going on. Don't know what it is, but good lord. I'm at a loss for words honestly. But, we shall see how long this last. Just think, if it does this daily for the next 11 days, we'll hit $15. haha.
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