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  1. @Hodor are we confident XRP’s scale is truly limitless? Do numbers like “trillions” of TPS make sense with XRPL and payment channels? I know it’s been tested at thousands of TPS but is it theoretically unbounded, or does it have an upper bound that can be measured in the millions/trillions? You’d think layer 1 would restrict things somehow but maybe I’m not thinking about this correctly.
  2. Hmm the content doesn’t render in Safari ive noticed. Couldn’t read the last @Hodor article either. I had to use a web scraping tool to get at it. I wonder is it a Coil issue or something else. I do run an ad blocker. Tried on iOS and macOS.
  3. This massively ambitious project wants to disrupt sensitive and complex existing monetary and financial infrastructure across national borders and do so via a privately controlled currency from the most publicly reviled and controversial company in big tech. They may have money but I’d be surprised if it buys them this. Seems like hubris and risk of absolute failure is enormous. I would not be surprised if the token/cryptocurrency side of this disappears completely and they wind up doing regular payments.
  4. He is actually a bot. In real life too. Why do you think he does not blink?
  5. I'm guessing that was Cory Johnson responding as I've seen him push that market cap calc. I prefer Brad's take on this: don't worry about the charts day to day, focus on utility. If XRP was 10 places lower on CMC I wouldn't give a crap. Although it would be nice if the price didn't go down, heheh.
  6. Just don't look over here please.
  7. From my knowledge of the history of this, I think it's mostly innocent. But innocent or not, it's important to distinguish between what's actually being built vs vague technical spitballing, especially if you're non-technical. I'm amazed at how fast this crap spreads. It's not long before it's picked up by the so-called "journalists" either. With that in mind: NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS, NO HIDDEN LEDGER FOR XRP AND WON'T EVER BE. XRP EXISTS ON THE PUBLIC LEDGER AND THAT IS THAT.
  8. ^^^ there is more to DS' comments than the above. You should go back through his responses on the matter on Twitter. The "hidden ledger" is a BS rumour, nothing more. XRP folks on Twitter have tried to dispel it, as it's misleading, but somehow it pops up every so often.
  9. Is this old or new, annoying how they don't put the date on Insights articles... or at least I can't see it.
  10. It's quite possible he's just misinformed and putting slides together with bad data. More than likely in fact.
  11. Nah, he didn't. Monica tried to suggest that, but I didn't think he committed to it? I got the impression he conceded to being wrong on the bank, if not straightforwardly.
  12. I don’t know if this exists but it would be cool to have a world map of exchanges which are providing XRP and some slider to show the growth of the network over time, highlight official partners etc. Don’t know how many new zerp pairings have been introduced this year but it’s surely a lot.
  13. Thanks for the clarification on terms. So generally what I meant is that XRP needs more pairings and “official” partner exchanges for the network effect to spread. I guess that contributes to liquidity and thus lowers volatility. As has been said a zillion times, the price just needs to be less volatile than fiat over the same corridor, which apparently it already is in certain instances. I think @Hodor has raised legitimate and considered questions in his past blogs, the stuff about volatility etc. seems to be a tired old red herring at this point.
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