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  1. any hopes the SEC will discuss / announce that XRP is not a security tomorrow ? Fintech Forum: Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Assets - May 31st, 2019 Agenda linked below https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2019-59 Pic Related: me waiting for moon launch
  2. here, here it's exciting watching the price being driven down by manipulation.... it's like a storm rolling in, as I have laddered buying orders at every half cent as it falls... come to poppa ! I just keep building my stack, hopefully I'm rewarded for my faith... or I will take it quite deep in the pooper i might have to knock the moths off the tux and get ready for the $10 Vegas party ! over $12 million in last 24 hours of trading volume on kraken, they're fighting hard, to drive the price down
  3. see highlight below, perhaps the spring is being loaded... prepare for launch ?
  4. Samsung has already 'voted' that XRP is NOT a security... https://cryptoglobalist.com/2018/07/22/ripple-samsung-baltic-move-invalidates-the-fud-that-xrp-is-a-security/
  5. After Good SEC announcement on 8/8/18 <--- looks like a vega$ slot line to me ! Vegas around the corner
  6. ^ same amount and same price.... MAYBE they weren't sure if their order was submitted ? i often get error notice that my order may not have been submitted, please refresh & try again... and sometimes 2 or 3 will appear simultaneously, when a single one did NOT appear before it... so I keep submitting it until I can confirm it went through, or insufficient funds - ha dunno, just sayin' maybe... also, zerp to the moon, and all that
  7. Long time lurker here, 6+ months... joined yesterday to RSVP to Las Vegas $10 party ! Count me in, even if Cryptoah doesn't pay for it ! $1,000 party in ibiza sounds good too Where is the $ 100 party ? cheers y'all, oh, and for those keeping score, I bought in early, but thought I was clever and traded (poorly)... in hindsigt, the best thing I could have done was NOTHING... and just hodl ! ! ! from now on, I intend to take 'Regal Chickens' advice of fixed purchase per pay day and keep accumulating Cheers to all y'all
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