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  1. i saw the report, it showed a bunch of ******, shady exchanges faking volume while all the majors dont. the headlines were a bit sensational.
  2. i take it you only read the part someone posted here that said "$1200"
  3. not to mention, there were plenty of people here saying that the price would continue falling throughout 2018. they got boo'ed out of the forum as fudsters. it's not exactly a popular sentiment to bring up, especially around here.
  4. yeah but making on the dot price predictions isn't really the point of TA. it's more like playing blackjack and being aware of what cards are where and what cards are left. some are better at it than others but at the end of the day it's all still gambling.
  5. there were tons - don alt and bitcoin schmitcoin come to mind
  6. that being said, i'm not getting my hopes up until we break out of the upper bounds of the prevailing downward trend, which would mean a break above ~$.45 and staying there
  7. many consider it bullish - large upward price action on low volume indicates that not many are left who are willing to sell at these prices, hence the rapid increase in price despite the low volume. it's a trademark of a wyckoff spring.
  8. making higher lows (on high time frames) would be one major sign, this jump above .30 is a nice indicator to me that we're tracking that way
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