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  1. **** the zerpening I got banned for asking for fewer gratuitous gifs of scantily clad women and more legit discussion
  2. i'm actually not sure anybody here follows rule 2, most people trying to figure out wtf to do have been holding these bags since not selling the top in 2018 and adding to their position along the way
  3. yeah, but everybody who is involved in crypto knows about high leverage available on the various exchanges, and that americans aren't supposed to access them if you don't...are you even paying attention? I think this guy wants to buy back in to btc again at a lower price
  4. that article is hilarious the anonymous author learns that his american friend is using a VPN to access one of the scammiest offshore exchanges, concludes tether must be a scam too if someone got this far in crypto and didn't know how offshore exchanges operate - i'm not sure I want to hear their opinion on the overall viability of the ecosystem
  5. i've been coming here for years, surprised each time at how many people are still holding on. especially now, there are so many coins that have outperformed xrp in the last few weeks. just trying to help people not lose their money. a lot of people talking about red positions on here lately I just don't see any problems with tether. it's a stablecoin. there are other stablecoins now too. if it goes away people will use USDC. tether isn't going to crash the market, again it's backed by at a minimum 7x more assets than your bank account is at this point.
  6. tether is backed by a greater % of assets than your actual bank is, y'all. fud about tether all you want and hold your xrp bags to zero. this place is unreal.
  7. xrp outrose the rest of the market at that time by a significant percentage. part o that was the promised flare airdrop, which even at the time just seemed like a scheme for them to mint a coin jed can't dump on their heads
  8. 100% I bet plenty of ripple employees emptied their bags during the run up. called up the market maker for one last job
  9. retep you're a parody account right? hard to tell.
  10. if they sued the SEC because XRP lost money they're admitting to XRP being their security...which they never registered they were using market makers to manipulate the price. you all should not be happy you're holding their bags.
  11. i thought that dude regal chicken telling everyone to keep buying the 2018 top was gonna be the worst advice i saw on these forums but here we are, 2020 full of surprises
  12. y'all. you should gtfo of xrp already you can't be serious
  13. ha, well you also haven't been in here posting anecdotes and fear mongering about small historically super liberal colleges as if they're representative of the state of US higher education. reading back a few pages this thread seems like it has been a US politics thread for a while, despite tar living in germany. back to the charts myself!
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