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  1. Shameless plug for anyone who may be considering buying PYR and getting involved in the game. My referral link:- https://auth.vulcanforged.com/Account/Login?referrallink=NakzyBjTAr0l8myfbTxJUxqywo3xSLylSH5VFyEa6C4%3D More info about this here:- A couple of additional points. I haven't played the game itself yet, but I've bought a few plots of land. Land in this particular metaverse is scare compared to Decentraland and Sand. There are only 9918 plots of land available. You need to buy land to get the most out of the game, but you can also use it to stake PYR, the core token of Vulcan Verse. The world is divided into 4 quadrants: one a green and pleasant land, one a desert, one mountains, and one Hell. In the centre is Vulcan City which is neutral territory. You can also use your PYR to buy NFT's, and some NFT's are used in the game itself, for example, buying Vulcanites, which can be all sorts of creatures living in that land that help you achieve your goals. You get different Vulcanites in the different quadrants. Other NFT's are weapons, scrolls for spells, Gods, etc etc. I think this could be lucrative, as long as we don't get a silly little global economic downturn. PYR as we speak is contemplating breaking through all time highs. If the metaverse is a key part of the future of crypto, this could be a great play.
  2. Most of these videos are gold. Got to applaud this guy.
  3. That did not inspire confidence did it? Stablecoins are securities in his opinion, is pretty much what I got from that. And he denied there wasn't clarity.
  4. Link here:- https://www.banking.senate.gov/hearings/09/10/2021/oversight-of-the-us-securities-and-exchange-commission Looks like 10am in america.
  5. Seems to be the only one reporting this in mainstream media too.
  6. Them being in the clear is helping Ripple’s lawyers a lot in the case lol. You’re right , I’m convinced GG views eth as a security and would be all over it like a rabid dog if that pesky Hinman and Clayton hadn’t given it their blessing in 2018. It’s kinda a hilarious position to be in cos he thinks everything is a security but he can’t go after everything after comments made by his predecessors on ETH. He can’t express any opinion on ETH because that ruins the case against Ripple. But at the same time he really wants to be the bad cop but can’t really let fly like he wants to. It’s an impossible situation. If Ripple wins the case I’m going to troll the shit out of him on Twitter.
  7. So many different reasons why people invest in a coin. In your case, you’re looking for Ripple making it more valuable. In Brian Walden’s case, it’s partly for the tech. In my case it’s purely because of the chart (back when I bought in in 2017) and have stubbornly held since then. What Ripple does is kinda meaningless to me as I’ve seen so much good fundamental Ripple news with no effect on token price.
  8. Or put Hester Pierce in charge. That would fix everything.
  9. I genuinely think Gensler believes everything from ethereum down is a security. So offering lending on securities is a no no. The hilarious thing is that the SEC confused everyone in 2018 by making everyone believe they thought Eth wasn’t a security any more. They are now having to backtrack on that opinion, dismissing it as the ramblings of one man’s personal opinion. This is a key component of the Ripple case right now. Good thing they screwed up there because that’s what I think is preventing Gensler from going after ETH and everything else.
  10. Watching Lubin talk shit makes the blood boil doesn't it?
  11. Neither do I but if that's what they say, I believe them! Hogan says the same too. Doesn't make sense to me cos you'd think at a later date the SEC would come back at them with the 'XRP is a security' case but I guess by then 10 years would have passed since XRP was created lol. And Ripple would probably have the ammo to win that case too.
  12. You'd think so. Unless there is a mountain of dodgy stuff found in those Slack messages and Ripple meetings, which there might be. But all of this shit should trump anything the SEC finds. This is dodgy as hell. The only thing I can think of, literally, that might be more dodgy from a Ripple point of view is a conversation amongst senior Ripple execs saying 'We all know what we're doing is dodgy, XRP is a security, let's pump and dump this shit ASAP'. If they found that conversation, we're screwed. But I'd like to think that conversation doesn't exist lol.
  13. Apologies if posted here before.
  14. Realistically, what's the worst thing that could be on Slack that overrides all these SEC screw ups and contradictions? I might ask Hogan.
  15. Lol Gary Gensler must be constantly thinking 'What is that biatch gonna say next?! Shut uppppp!!!!' She is literally on the side of XRP investors.
  16. Very interesting and extremely clear that Ripple had no Fair Notice.
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