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  1. I'm short bitcoin from 9173.5. Added a bit more this morning. Let's see how things play out. Am targeting the low 8k range, for starters. I've put stops into profit within 150-200 bucks north of where we are now.
  2. Going by twitter? No he’s not a permabear but he’s of the opinion that the low of the year isn’t in yet. He’s very bullish long term. However he will change his mind of the chart tells him to.
  3. Yeah. I don't use moving averages in my trading as yet but I worry we won't hold those prices for that long. That 9k-9,2k level seems very important. A lot of people will be shorting there I think, which could fuel a further move up but I may be one of the people shorting depending on how we get there.
  4. If you have a few minutes have a look at this video by Trader SZ. He's good mates with the main traders on Bitcoin Trade Group which I'm a member of, and uses the same price action concepts that the others use. I wish there were more publicly available videos by one of the main traders on BTG, who goes by the twitter handle Tyler Durden, previously called himself Trader $carface. He is incredible, and virtually every one of the videos he does on BTG is gold dust. Anyway enjoy this one if you have time.
  5. On a positive note let’s hope bitcoin puts in the low of the year in January or early February, which is something that often happens. If it doesn’t do that then it may put in the high of the year early. As long as it makes its mind up soon, I’m good with trading it both ways and if you’re a long term believer in it appreciating significantly in price then accumulating satoshis is the name of the game.
  6. That Peruvian bank is using XRP, and there is reliable word of mouth that at least one other bank, probably Siam Commercial, is already using XRP. There's probably enough market share to go round here, I'm thinking, including any competitors.
  7. The time to ask this question is when prices are booming. Trolol.
  8. Well his chart just shows price action, with an arrow showing the trend down and a sharp arrow pointing even more down. So it's not that he's been accurate, it's just that he's posted a chart of price action after it's happened. Lol. It will be accurate if we drop very sharply down further, which of course we might. Will you be buying if it goes sharply down?
  9. Nice. Thanks so much for posting that. So yeah, he never once mentions One Pay FX or Pago FX. He only briefly touches on cross border payments in this entire presentation. He seems more interested in smart contracts and he spends a while next to the screen talking about them during which I couldn't hear much on my desktop at work. 1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at 11.00 mins he talks about how they weren't that interested in public blockchains until recently since technology and regulatory clarity have kicked on, and he says something like 'we do some of those ourselves' but he mumb
  10. Maybe you're right here. Well, not wholly correct. Just a brief bit of googling produced this. https://www.santander.com/csgs/Satellite/CFWCSancomQP01/en_GB/Corporate/Press-room/Santander-News/2018/04/12/Santander-launches-the-first-blockchain-based-international-money-transfer-service-across-four-countries-.html In that, released in April 2018 (!) it says it was live from that day to retail customers in UK, Poland, Spain and Brazil. “From today, customers in the UK can use One Pay to transfer money across Europe and to the US. In Spain, customers can transfer to UK and US, whil
  11. Ok. But was he talking about one pay fx? I didn’t think he was? Happy to be wrong. In that clip he didn’t mention One Pay FX. He also mentioned 4 corridors. Isn’t One Pay FX involving more than 4 corridors?
  12. Glad you logged back in! Do you think my original post was a shitpost? I was actually just asking a question to the forum about whether the Santander chap in the video clip may be talking about XRP use, because I didn't really know the answer myself and was wondering out loud what he may have been talking about. I kinda got an out of proportion angry response from you though, and I'm still not sure why. I humbly apologise that I can't post to the high level that you expect. I didn't realise that asking questions of the good people on the general forum on a topic I don't fully unders
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