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  1. djdhrubs

    Think I witnessed xRapid in the wild...

    Exactly. This wasn't XRP. And if it took 2 hours, it's about 1 hour, 59 mins and a few seconds too slow for XRP.
  2. The way Sagar speaks inspires a shed load of confidence. The way he's talking, it's like it's already in the bag that the SEC won't deem XRP a security. It's a bit like, just before an important football match, the manager or players of one of the teams breaks standard protocol and says 'I think we're gonna win'. Anyone watching it thinks this is a done deal.
  3. djdhrubs

    XRapid in use within a month

    He's a pretty confident speaker!
  4. Well I remember Alession Rastani made the point in a video recently that Bitcoin pumped just as one of the record searches on google was 'how to short bitcoin'.
  5. djdhrubs

    The Truth

    Will this be going on behind the scenes or formally announced? You probably don't know the answer to that!
  6. djdhrubs

    Bear Market

    Agreed particularly if BTC retraces to the 4000-5000 range. I suspect most here, myself included, will grit their teeth, HODL, and maybe buy more. I still don't think, long term (talking few months) that it will stay that low. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. Well spoken, intelligent, and has a posh first name. OK you got me, I have a man-crush. Oh, and Amazon and Uber mentioned again.
  8. I don't much like the bit where he's seriously considering he possibility of XRP being deemed a security. Other than that, all good!
  9. Like others have said, 15c is a definite possibility if BTC goes to 3k or so. IMHO people should mentally prepare themselves for that in case it happens. Because we all know it's possible for it to go from 15c to a few dollars within a matter of weeks.
  10. I'm assuming it'll overwhelmingly be a man thing but I'm sure I read somewhere that XRP is popular with women. Why the hell that should be, I have no idea. I'm male.
  11. I love how we all wanna get filthy rich off the back of being linked with a digital asset possibly being used in a payment system for the poor. Teehee.
  12. Applications still being sent out by raven.
  13. Agree with all of this. Yeah my problem is I quite enjoy TA and day trading, despite the losses I've made in recent days. I also am fully aware that despite being quite keen on it, I'm not particularly good at it! Like you say, I have a methodical logical approach to most things and that's why I want to learn from traders I respect. There are no stop losses on my HODL's. I'm always going to put stop losses on my day trades even though I'm fully aware that volatility may hit my stop losses, only to see it rebound the other way within minutes. Incredibly frustrating when that happens but I'd rather that than a horrific flash crash which liquidates me (which also happens occasionally).
  14. Absolutely. The irony is I have a full time job where I actually can work at my own pace and keep a close eye on the charts. It’s when I get home that I start being busy, with two young kids. And I definitely don’t wanna be trading overnight. For instance I’m 70/30 sure that this rally needs a decent correction. It might go up to 8500ish but might not make it that far. So if I left my trade running and even added to it if it goes up and showed some patience I’d probably profit from the trade. But my personality is such that I wouldn’t feel comfortable waiting a night or two to make that happen. I suppose logic dictates I should be a swing trader (ie trades lasting a few days). However I’d still have that overnight issue to deal with. So im getting used to the fact that on the one hand I’ll HODL most of my stash, and on the other hand I’ll scalp some trades. im going to work my way through Philakone’s trading course online. See where that gets me. Then if I can combine it with that I’ve learnt from Tone Vays I might actually have a successful trade one day!
  15. I got stopped out of my short trade today at the loss of 200-300 dollars. I made the mistake of getting in too early, by about half an hour or so. If I’d had the patience to wait a bit I’d have shorted from 8250-8300 for a quick scalp and taken profits in the 8100 range. Instead I got in at 8161. The funny thing is that if I wait a few more hours I probably might have a successful trade. Unfortunately I’m too busy at home to manage the trade properly and keep checking TA. I think my circumstance are that when it comes to trading I’m going to be a scalper, with trades lasting minutes to hours. I don’t want to go to sleep with a trade open as it distracts me from other stuff. I also have to compulsively keep checking charts which isn’t very healthy! Meanwhile I’ll continue to HODL BTC and XRP and a few other bits and pieces cos that’s much easier to do! Trading is extremely hard.