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  1. Damn charities! Selling their XRP! Put them out of business I say!
  2. He's not talking about bitcoin, but it's interesting the parallels to where we may be now with bitcoin. Interesting video.
  3. djdhrubs

    Fast Payment messaging vs Settlement

    In no way am I an expert but as far as I understand it, xRapid is a software package used by FI's to enable them to get the fiat money out of the exchange within seconds, rather than anything that you or I have access to as individuals. If you somehow installed xRapid on your home computer, you'd be able to get the money out in seconds too.
  4. Well played! Lol.
  5. djdhrubs

    Transfergo and ripple in action

    I haven't seen this in any detail. Is there any mention of XRP in this presentation?
  6. djdhrubs

    Sold My XRP Today - Here is why

    I'm guessing you're probably annoyed that you didn't do the same thing as the OP. I'm annoyed I didn't sell then but at the time I was riding a FOMO bubble like everyone else with absolutely no knowledge of XRP/ Ripple and also no knowledge of TA. It's incredibly difficult to know when to sell, in some ways more difficult with extra knowledge because TA may be screaming to me to sell after a parabolic move up, but the fundamentals may be telling me to hold for a longer time. Hopefully I'll end up doing increments of both. Making no excuses, I'm heavily invested and like you it would make no sense to sell now and take a 50% (for me) loss. It is laughable the abuse the OP got. He was right to sell then, if not for all the right reasons. He should have stopped at the bit about the price rising on just speculation (pretty much true at the time) and left all the other bits out, which had nothing to do with the subsequent fall in price.
  7. Is Ryan gonna make everyone else on the panel his biatches?
  8. Any theory as to why Ripple didn’t announce this themselves?
  9. Thought crypto was banned in India.
  10. Do you have inside info on Ripple?
  11. If we all move to Bahrain, keep our other halves where they are, and send them our earnings every week via Sadad, wen moon?
  12. Kraken has tether too though right? Heard on a telegram chat that bitfinex just moved 3000 BTC from their cold wallet to their hot wallet. Not sure what that means!
  13. Watch from 25.56 for a few minutes. They discuss tether. Quite interesting. And later, obviously Tone Vays's really good TA.
  14. I suppose I didn’t really mean perpetuate fud. I kinda meant would it suit their interests in any way to not appear to be transparent about tether or their own solvency.