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  1. “We need to be aware of not over regulating digital assets as we must guard against stifling innovation” is about as much as you’re gonna get I imagine. Sorry I’m immediately cynical when it comes to these things lol.
  2. More probable that we get some old people talking about funding terrorists and bigging up the US dollar.
  3. I guess if a lawsuit brought against you is riddled with stupid easy to deal with flaws, why would you bother even going down the whole securities argument in the first place? Seems a bit stupid to. I guess it’s a bit like if you’re a tennis player whose best weapon is an amazing drop shot and you’re up against someone who cannot hit a backhand for love nor money. You’d just keep hitting the ball to their backhand and wouldn’t even need to pull out your main weapon which is harder to execute than just hitting the ball one way. ok might be a bit of a $hit example but you know what I mean. It’d be frustrating for everyone who’d paid money to come see you play that dropshot but ultimately you’d win and they’d go home happy enough.
  4. I'm not sure whether this will have any impact whatsoever on price. I think it's been factored in a long time ago.
  5. Ok so they are separate firms employed by exchanges but do you know any examples ie names of firms like these, for crypto? I’m guessing some could even be individual whales providing a big stash of their own coins for a fee?
  6. Can anyone give an example of a market maker other than an exchange? What does the term actually mean?
  7. Well bitcoin price went up to almost 20k, then retraced slightly, then went up again just past it a couple of days later. So it spent a few days at that top. So the theory that people who wanted desperately to buy in at that point but couldn't doesn't seem logical in any way to me. On the other hand, you have a crazy parabolic move up, starting off from 1k and lasting several months, which was unsustainable due to simple market dynamics. That's more logical to me. XRP did something very similar a few days after that, only it was an even crazier move up. Do people think XRP price fell because transactions or whatever were not happening smoothly enough? Nah.
  8. Genuinely this is the first time I've heard this theory. That because people couldn't buy bitcoin properly, the price crashed. I just don't buy it. It'll be interesting to see what happens if bitcoin nears 20k again. Sure, there'll be selling. But i'm more excited about another massive short squeeze occurring similar to when it blew past 6k on the way up a few months ago when everyone and their mum decided to short it there.
  9. I'm not sold on that theory and would need to read up and find out more detail about the actual mechanics of this system overload. It makes much more sense to me that a parabolic move ended due to sellers outnumbering buyers, which is what every single other parabolic chart in the history of markets do when they top out eventually. What you're talking about is something unique to bitcoin/ crypto, possibly something related to on chain dynamics, for which yer man Willy Woo is the expert and I've never heard him talk about 20k in the way you have. Meh. Gonna stick to basic chart analysis because what you're talking about is actually more speculative than what I'm talking about (which is funny if you think about it because you're not a believer in TA whereas what you're describing here seems more speculative and tea leaf reading than TA does).
  10. So looking at this from a different viewpoint, do you believe the reason bitcoin's price topped out at 20k was because 'the system could not handle it' rather than traditional market factors such as exhaustion of the bull trend after a parabolic run up in price from 1k, where sellers outnumbered buyers? How many of the previous tops in bitcoin price were due to system overload, in your opinion?
  11. Of course. Assume though that that isn’t the case until it actually happens (no more cycles) The evidence is that it’s happening again though.
  12. What do you mean ‘couldn’t be stable at 20k?’. That was the previous all time high. The way these cycles work is that a high is made, then a retracement, then another uptrend starts and the previous high gets taken and then a new high is made. Rinse and repeat.
  13. Absolutely. Freaky and I have access to this joker's last few annual appraisals and they've been deteriorating for years now. He consistently has failed to complete various projects on time, has been turning up to work late, and someone even smelt some alcohol on his breath when he was standing next to him by the photocopier machine a few weeks ago. It's such a shame because 10 years ago, this guy was the dog's b*llocks. First one in, last one out of the office. Spitting out ideas a mile a minute during brainstorming sessions, Employee of the month for 7 months in a row (still a record) and he was so down to earth and never let anything get to his head that he'd even make conversation with the cleaner now and again. Sad to see how the mighty have fallen.
  14. I only found out who Mark Cuban was a few mins ago. I don’t think it’s a joke. I just didn’t know what you were talking about because I didn’t know what those acronyms stood for.
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