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  1. Do you have a link to this interview or a transcript?
  2. Are you dollar cost averaged at around $1? For me, about 70 cents.
  3. How big a pump would make you celebrate? I can't remember whether it was you or someone else who said in a TA thread I started about a possible pump coming, that they weren't excited about a pump of 3 or 4 cents. 10 cents is also not a big deal to you. What is? Do you have a particular price target in mind when you get excited too?
  4. A pump is anything that goes up. Like I said in one of my first posts, I've no idea how long it'll last and what happens after the pump. I don't think it's retraced 100% yet. Normally, after a '9', you get a 1-4 candle correction to the opposite direction. So this dip today could be a dip that buyers buy up, and we continue on our next wave up after this retracement. On a positive note, bitcoin ended the month very bullishly, so there's no reason for traders not to buy dips in May. On the other hand, the bitcoin market is due some cooling off and retracing to the 4000 range. Fact is, the TD indicator called the timing of yesterday's up move pretty perfectly. But sure, I'd be disappointed if there wasn't more significant follow through in upcoming days. Edit: you’re right about the retracement. Was looking at the usd chart. Doh!
  5. Cool. I'm actually not an experienced trader or chartist. I'm learning the game now. I've spent a lot of time staring at XRP and bitcoin charts in the last couple of years. I started trading commodities and forex just a few weeks ago. I'm not a good trader. As an aside, I'm currently shorting gold! I'm in a litecoin position since yesterday when it formed a falling wedge, and I bought it at 69.5 on bitfinex. I'm in a couple of other commodity positions (natural gas, platinum, silver) now too. In my few weeks of trading commodities and forex, I've learned that that market is way more prone to manipulation than bitcoin. However all I was taking issue with was the premise that when a support or resistance is tested several times, it becomes stronger. Everything I've been taught is that it becomes weaker. I've heard multiple experienced traders state this and seen it bear out in the charts. I know bitcoin fell through the floor during the bitcoin cash debacle, but the traders I was following had literally been calling that move down for months. You don't wanna consolidate above support. You wanna consolidate below resistance. I like to think that the bottom is in for bitcoin, and I'm more than 50% sure in my own mind that it is. I agree, a retest of lower prices (hopefully not lower than 4k) is due. I also hope that XRPUSD bottom is in, and was in just before the September bull run. All I was saying is that the longer we spend in the 25-28c region, the likelier we are to fall through the floor. However, if you look back specifically at the XRPUSD chart, you'll see that the pumps occur mainly after an extended period of falling price. It's when our price goes down then compresses into a range that I get most excited about a breakout. Conversely, bitcoin behaves differently and forms classical ascending triangles, then breaks out. Otherwise, I agree with everything you've said.
  6. Boom! Right on cue on the TD9, straight after the S13.
  7. My one negative is that he's always quick to say 'don't worry, this doesn't use crypto assets'. But I guess the plan has always been to gain a customer base and then get XRP involved insidiously.
  8. I’ve never looked at them and don’t know how exactly to interpret this data other than, if shorts are at record levels at a bottom, expect a squeeze. Same with a top.
  9. Great speech. To the guys sitting in the front row chattering non stop...shut up!
  10. I fundamentally disagree with the highlighted bits. The XRP chart is a little tricky because technically you're right about the higher lows. However the concept of a support zone being tested more and more times making it stronger is what I totally and utterly disagree with. With every touch on a support, it becomes weaker, not stronger. The 6k support at bitcoin died an entirely natural death. It was a classical descending triangle which broke down after several touches of the floor, with each bounce become progressively weaker. Traders had been calling it literally for months. Think about things the other way round. If you consolidate under resistance, and keep trying to break through, eventually the odds are that you break through. It was exactly because so many people thought that more and more touches on a support made it stronger than they got rekt. Whilst I agree that bitcoin dominance is pretty high now, XRPUSD is also chartable in its own right. However it's a bit weird compared to bitcoin. It behaves differently to bitcoin because it tends to break out of descending price compression, whereas a lot of assets will break down in those situations. That's why I'm always hopeful that we will break out. However I was just pointing out that if someone wanted to make a case for the price breaking down, repeated touches on support, as is the case with XRPUSD, would be a very valid case for a breakdown. I bet, if bitcoin breaks down from here, and so does XRP down through 25c, you will argue that we only broke down because of bitcoin. However what I would argue is that if we break down through 25c, we will go down a lot harder than the other major alts because that major support would have eventually been weakened.
  11. Ignoring the FA in your post, the main argument for a big drop (not sure to 5 cents but more in the 15-25 cent range) from a purely TA point of view is that the more times support is tested, the weaker it gets. People still don't seem to realise this despite the 6k bitcoin floor falling through after several touches on 6k, whilst lots of people kept talking about how strong the support there was. The more time we spend in the 25-28 cent range, the weaker that floor gets. What you want to do if you're bullish is consolidate below resistance, not consolidate above support.
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