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  1. Sorry mate any link to how to do this? Pretty sure I saw one somewhere on xrpchat. This would cover all airdrops, right?
  2. Sorry for the noobish question but how exactly do you claim rewards. One of the places I'm delegating to is FTSO AU and it has a rewards page but I can't see where I can actually claim them? Edit: just found out. It says to come back in 2 days to claim the rewards. Need to read up about this stuff.
  3. Another shameless plug for Vulcan Verse. If any of you want to play MMORPG or whatever the hell the acronym is games like World of Warcraft, play this game and earn me some money lol:- https://auth.vulcanforged.com/Account/Login?referrallink=NakzyBjTAr0l8myfbTxJUxqywo3xSLylSH5VFyEa6C4%3D This Cedallion programme will allow players to play the game without having to expensively buy land. Coming this month.
  4. He was like the opposite of Elizabeth Warren. Nice to see.
  5. Thanks. Still don’t know what happened but I got it all working using brave browser instead of google chrome.
  6. I've seen a youtube video where it clearly shows a tab to ''mint CAND' on the your nest page of the website. I don't see it on mine.
  7. OK I wanted to try this but when I go to the xfl.flr.finance website I can't see any tab to click on to mint CAND. Why is this? I have over 4k SGB in my metamask wallet.
  8. When it actually happens no one will believe it! Tbh it's something easy to do, for trolling purposes.
  9. Yeah concensus seems to be it's fake.
  10. I could see my SGB balance on my ledger, could connect to metamask, but wasn't able to send SGB tokens anywhere. However yesterday it magically worked when I used Brave Browser instead of google chrome. No idea why.
  11. Sounds like a nice degen farm. Shame I won’t have an opportunity to look into it until late night.
  12. It's good to mentally keep your guard up, and I've asked Jeremy Hogan to do a 'doomsday scenario' video speculating on what it may take for the SEC to win from here. Hopefully he makes one. But it would be a massive turnaround and shock if the SEC won this. Good that media have jumped on the bandwagon too.
  13. SEC had a document called ‘legal analysis of XRP’ on the day before the Hinman speech in 2018. Lol
  14. That’s part of my problem I think. I can’t even send SGB from MetaMask (connected to ledger) to a bifrost wallet. I can sign off on the transaction on MetaMask but then I just get a spinning wheel or the transaction never goes through. The ledger doesn’t ask me to verify the transaction. So I think I’m doing something basic and fundamentally wrong or have missed a step. But I can’t figure out what it is. Can’t see any YouTube videos specifically focused on using the ledger with songbird where it actually takes you though step by step. ive tried other FTSO providers but can’t connect to any. And even when I can the process hangs at the wrapping SGB stage.
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