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  1. I make us breaking out of a falling wedge. Who knows if we will see any follow through.
  2. Never mind 9 months ago. The candles that formed almost 2 years ago building a base around 20-25 c are still hugely relevant now and will become even more relevant should the price of XRP drop further. But im not gonna convince you because you’re always going to conclude that anything TA related that works out was due to random chance. I honestly don’t mind that. I’ve given up trying to convince people about the merits of TA.
  3. A random aside. I've been shorting AUDJPY.
  4. I haven’t yet developed a good trading strategy involving MA’s because I don’t know which to use reliably. 50 and 100, or 50 and 128, or 50 and 200? Do you know if that particular combination of 50 and 100 has historic significance? The market is hard to read now from my POV. If even litecoin had made a proper higher high and sustained above that blue rectangle I’d be surer it had bottomed. Bitcoin didn’t even get convincingly above 4250 on bitstamp so I’m assuming that the bottom isn’t in yet as the over market structure of a downtrend has not been reversed.
  5. I bet ‘someone’ was butt hurt after that! Chin up, we’ve all been there!
  6. I thought it said Hodor on the door for a minute there.
  7. Depends how we get there but if you ask me now, I’ll probably sell 80-85% at 50 bucks.
  8. So they’ve moved onto their 11th transaction with XRP? Sorry I know I’ve made that gag before but I make myself laugh at least.
  9. When Brad was on stage sitting next to the SWIFT CEO the other day and he mentioned capital tied up in nostro vostro accounts for the umpteenth time in the last year or two, why didn't the SWIFT CEO point out the error in his thinking and instead nod along? Why hasn't anyone ever picked up on this fundamental error, on any occasion when he's mentioned this in a live setting?
  10. The reliable source is a poster on here who works for Bank of America. Sorry I can't remember his username at the moment. He's started threads here on the general forum. From memory, it lasts til a certain date not too far in the future (again, can't remember exactly). I don't think he was trolling or bull$hitting. Also, we know no details about the exclusivity clause and who exactly it's limited to.
  11. I’m sure the majority don’t succeed at it. That’s not saying much. It’s difficult, and the main challenge is controlling your own emotions and disciplining yourself. Ive seen it done successfully by people over a long period of time. I’m sure they’re in the minority. I have a full time job and am learning trading just for fun and to make some money on the side. In all likelihood I’ll fail at it. But I feel your statements are a bit too definitive for my liking. Holders will win in the end. You’ll make money for a while but it will backfire. These are blanket statements which may sum up the majority of people but it’s not so black and white. For instance you haven’t addressed the fact that most holders won’t have a clue when to sell. If their stock or coin goes parabolic, many will keep holding until and through the retracement. See the last year or so for example! If you look at the history of bitcoin you can say that if you bought bitcoin at 1k and just held and held through the 2014-15 bear market and the dip to the 100 dollar range you’d make money eventually because it went to 20k. However many holders would have sold at break even, and/ or sold once doubling their money, and missed out on the 20x gains. Ultimately a bit of trading knowledge is very valuable.
  12. Sounds like even if a small percentage of the volume contained in their consortium of banks is involved with XRP, it will dwarf current levels of volume.
  13. Not if you're disciplined with taking on risk and choosing leverage and position sizing appropriately.
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