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  1. xRapid is a payment system that can involve dollars, e.g. US dollars to mexican pesos. He also specifically mentioned Moneygram and talked about crypto being innovative for financial and payment systems. Pretty blatant stuff if you ask me (without actually saying XRP).
  2. Yes though I don't really think 10k is strong technical support. It's obviously a psychological support. BTC is bouncing nicely at the moment but I don't see proper technical support til 8.8-9.2k.
  3. A week or two ago, things were looking bullish in terms of price. Now, we're back at support levels that have held us for many months, or separate macro occasions if you know what I mean. If we treat XRPUSD as any other trading instrument (which may be a mistake in itself) then logic says that when a support is tested more and more times, it's likely to break. The support becomes weaker every time it's tested. This is a concept that a lot of people don't understand or appreciate, and if anything, they think the exact opposite...that the longer support is held, the stronger it gets. This in my opinion is rubbish. What you want, when you're bullish, is to consolidate under resistance, not at support. However I'm ready with a plan if the 25-28c range gets broken. If that happens, we'll likely see a sharp drop to 20c. That's where I'll next buy (having bought a decent amount already at current price levels). If 20c breaks down, it doesn't really bear thinking about and we are in relative price discovery terms (in that we haven't been in those areas for quite some time). I don't yet have a plan for that, but I think it's premature to consider that right now. If it breaks down to 20c, what happens? Ideally, it'll end up being a wick on a high time frame candle, and we get a strong bounce back above 25c. If we're unlucky, we consolidate there for months like bitcoin in the 3-4k range. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I'll be a big buyer at 20c ish. Obviously, I hope none of this happens, and we go up if bitcoin bounces from 8.8-9.2k and never look back. Or we get some amazing fundamental news that actually drives price north. But it pays to have a plan should stuff hit the fan.
  4. As an investment or a trade? If as a trade, I'm not sure it's bottomed yet. Not far off last week's low either, where there'll be lots of liquidity waiting.
  5. I totally understand your views, and sympathise with them. You sound like you're not gonna sell even if the price goes much lower, which is also my attitude. However, you wanna make sure that if it does go up, you won't sell too early! Because it sounds like you've lost a lot of faith in your investment now, and if it came back to break even or, say, a 25% profit, you'd think about selling it all off in a rush to be done with it. All I'm saying is, have a long term plan and stick with it, and please don't let short term emotions get the better of you.
  6. Don't you know that the main purpose of Polysign is to help look after Chris Larsen's XRP holdings? Just trolling btw!
  7. At the moment price is between the monthly open above and a really important SR level below. Here's the whole thing zoomed out. You can see how important that lower line is. I entered a small long position earlier this evening. Stop at 10532 on bitfinex. A perfectly reasonable thing to do would be to short it off the monthly open. No idea which way thing'll go but those are the two closest relevant levels.
  8. I'm in a long position but not doing well from it. Probably can expect lots of volatility. If I'm wrong the best is already over. That'd be a big shame for my trade!
  9. I've gone long a few mins ago on a trade. I'm not sure we go much lower. Don't get me wrong, I have a plan in place should things go t*ts up but I'm hoping we slowly go up from here.
  10. Just yesterday (or maybe the day before can't remember), I scalped a short on ETH off the weekly open. Like I say, a few days ago, bitcoin bounced down off the 2018 yearly open. A few days ago, there was a beautiful short for bitcoin off the daily open:- It's very valid for crypto. Perhaps you're right, even better for other stuff. But still great for crypto.
  11. Not 1k but I am, for fun. First thing tomorrow, I'm going on all my crypto charts, and forex and commodities charts and marking the quarterly open. Because I know that in the next few days/ weeks, whenever price comes back to that point, there'll be a big reaction, more often than not. It's a very important time.
  12. Do you mean that the opening/closing price of an important time period has no importance in crypto trading? You might wanna check where bitcoin topped out at a few days ago.... Yearly open 2018. Any crypto trader, or anything trader, should always mark out important opens/ closes: yearly, quarterly, monthly, then going down into weekly and daily depending on your trading timeframes. It's absolutely crucial info.
  13. This is reverse psychology, right? Let's keep hoping for a delay because we don't want it too soon unless it's done right! What? It's opening tomorrow? No, too soon! There's a teeny tiny bug in the software. OK let's wait a week. No! Still too soon! We want July 2020!
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