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  1. Judging by what's happened in this case, if exchanges had acted on the transcript of that exchange in court, and re-listed XRP on all major exchanges, then the SEC would have turned around and said "Woah, hold your horses ffs. That was just the personal opinion of a lawyer in court, not the SEC's official view. Stay tuned for that...! Oh, and he was speaking in 'general terms' anyway, so not specific to this case. Confused? Learn to speak lawyer muthafuka!''
  2. Can't resist asking @Pablo's opinion about this now. Does this not change your views significantly, in terms of a successful resolution in every way for Ripple and XRP? You bought back in?!
  3. I've said this before, only half joking. It's so shambolic that it's almost as if it's staged. If it's not staged, you'd genuinely worry about the competence of the SEC. It almost makes more sense that it's all elaborately staged. A court case introduced on the last day of office of the SEC chairman, in order to rush through regulatory clarity, knowing full well that they'd lose. I'm not sure why they'd have to do it that way, but part of me is starting to believe some bizarre kamikaze court case conspiracy theory lol. I suppose the other explanation is that it's not staged but there are huge rifts inside the SEC. The last chairman decided to screw over everyone opposed to him by dumping the case on everyone's lap at the last minute. And now internal tensions at the SEC are coming out, perhaps orchestrated by Gensler. So this is all an expression of internal politics at the SEC, with Ripple as the unlucky recipients. Anyway, I think Pierce and Roisman just came off a lot of people's xmas card list.
  4. Er, that seems like a very childish reply, or is it just me? That's not what Ripple said. They made a clear distinction between 1. Digital asset companies dealing in stock and 2. All the other cases relating to ICO's. So there are these two fundamental differences between Ripple's case and the other 75 cited in that document.
  5. As a complete aside, anyone know why some sentences (a)re (w)ritten (l)like (t)his in these legal letters? I always wonder wtf is going on lol.
  6. Lol. When you read something like this, it makes you think that this whole case is a publicity stunt in which the SEC and Ripple are colluding to both demonstrate that XRP isn't a security and thus bring in an era of regulatory clarity. Key takeaways for me are that:- 1. Cornerstone report isn't public in the first fecking place. 2. 37 of the 75 cases didn't even involve digital assets, they involved stock. 3. The remaining cases related to digital assets in the context of ICO's ffs! To a lay person like me, the SEC seems grossly incompetent, which is why I'm jokingly talking about this all being a stunt that the SEC are in on. They can't really be this incompetent, right? Are they gonna turn around and say they consider XRP sales to be like an extended ICO over a multi year period? I thought I read that in their first official document when this whole case broke.
  7. I don't have time to read the whole document, but does it say when Ripple eventually went to see the SEC? They didn't in 2012-2013. Did they in 2014 onwards? You'd imagine they did, because otherwise it would be extremely weird for the SEC to bring a case against Ripple in late 2020 for their actions 8 years ago. I agree with the opinion that Ripple are in a legal grey area and chose not to go talk to the SEC as they didn't wanna risk XRP being deemed a security even if they thought it wasn't. Not returning the SEC's call was likely nothing illegal. Dodgy? Sure. But does it lend any actual weight to XRP being a security? Nah. On a more general note, I'll admit I haven't followed the court case that closely but the main purpose/ outcome of the court case is gonna be a decision about whether Ripple had fair notice or not, right? If they are proven not to have had fair notice, then Ripple win the case. Is that correct? Or is the case actually going to conclude as to whether XRP is a security or not? I was under the impression that it wasn't going to come to an actual conclusion about that. Please tell me if I'm wrong.
  8. The link for the claim page provided on page 1 of this thread isn't working for me. Can we actually claim our Spark yet? Edit: by 'claim' do you mean physically getting hold of FLR, or just being eligible to get hold of FLR based on last year's snapshot? Cos I've already done the latter one months ago.
  9. @PabloDo you have any views on the most recent updates in the lawsuit against Ripple? Have your views changed at all, and how long do you see things dragging out? I remember your being quite pessimistic with the overall outcome of this case, comparing it to the KIK/KIN case. Are you any more optimistic now? As lay people, everything we are reading is very bullish for Ripple. Would love a more balanced view.
  10. I don't think he's going to have much lasting impact on bitcoin tbh. I think each time he tweets from now on, it'll have progressively less impact. Also, even if people new to crypto are seeing him trash bitcoin, they're likely to think again when they also see him pumping a meme coin. But I must admit, I find it difficult to imagine what these crypto noobs think as I've been in since 2017. Put it another way, all it takes is another cool billionaire to praise bitcoin and we'll see the situation reverse. I wouldn't be surprised if big money was accumulating these last few days (even though the bottom may not be in yet). Right now, bitcoin is suffering in comparison to ETH, SOL, defi etc more than anything. Dinosaur chain vs productive assets, that's the main narrative I see now on Twitter. I think once alts have had their fun, ETH has flipped bitcoin in market cap for a little while, everyone has dismissed bitcoin as boring, energy consumptive, inefficient etc, it'll put in a huge green candle, wreck alts in satoshi value and then a new narrative will start again: 'the only sound money', 'the original, the king', 'the best hedge against fiat', 'digital gold', 'store of value', 'you all got shaken out didn't you while whales were accumulating?!' I'm actually in Sovryn and Badger which involves defi for bitcoin and that may also play a part in a bitcoin resurgence, dunno. I know what you mean but I think the ETH threat to bitcoin is a bigger deal that Elon's tweets tbh.
  11. I'm going to ask something incredibly naive, but I can't help thinking it. How easy would it be for the SEC to amend or bury documents being requested of them? Or just to produce some of them, and conveniently lose others?
  12. I'm short bitcoin from 9173.5. Added a bit more this morning. Let's see how things play out. Am targeting the low 8k range, for starters. I've put stops into profit within 150-200 bucks north of where we are now.
  13. Going by twitter? No he’s not a permabear but he’s of the opinion that the low of the year isn’t in yet. He’s very bullish long term. However he will change his mind of the chart tells him to.
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