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  1. Well his chart just shows price action, with an arrow showing the trend down and a sharp arrow pointing even more down. So it's not that he's been accurate, it's just that he's posted a chart of price action after it's happened. Lol. It will be accurate if we drop very sharply down further, which of course we might. Will you be buying if it goes sharply down?
  2. Nice. Thanks so much for posting that. So yeah, he never once mentions One Pay FX or Pago FX. He only briefly touches on cross border payments in this entire presentation. He seems more interested in smart contracts and he spends a while next to the screen talking about them during which I couldn't hear much on my desktop at work. 1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at 11.00 mins he talks about how they weren't that interested in public blockchains until recently since technology and regulatory clarity have kicked on, and he says something like 'we do some of those ourselves' but he mumbles a bit as he says it so I'm not 100% sure. 2. At about 10.00 mins he talks about why he thinks bitcoin, ether, XRP and litecoin have value. He says maybe we can get into that more during Q and A but that section is not in this video (Q and A I mean). 3. The thing he uses in his job most is ethereum, because it's programmable, and he talks about smart contracts for a bit. So yeah, I'd agree it's probably nothing to do with ODL yet, just xCurrent. Although there are some pretty bullish hints there about crypto.
  3. Maybe you're right here. Well, not wholly correct. Just a brief bit of googling produced this. https://www.santander.com/csgs/Satellite/CFWCSancomQP01/en_GB/Corporate/Press-room/Santander-News/2018/04/12/Santander-launches-the-first-blockchain-based-international-money-transfer-service-across-four-countries-.html In that, released in April 2018 (!) it says it was live from that day to retail customers in UK, Poland, Spain and Brazil. “From today, customers in the UK can use One Pay to transfer money across Europe and to the US. In Spain, customers can transfer to UK and US, while customers in Brazil and Poland can transfer to the UK. “Transfers to Europe can be made on the same day and we are aiming to deliver instant transfers across several markets by the summer." So that was a year and a half ago. The way he was talking about things on this video, it was a bit like something recently released. However you're right I could well be reading into it a bit and making assumptions.
  4. Ok. But was he talking about one pay fx? I didn’t think he was? Happy to be wrong. In that clip he didn’t mention One Pay FX. He also mentioned 4 corridors. Isn’t One Pay FX involving more than 4 corridors?
  5. Glad you logged back in! Do you think my original post was a shitpost? I was actually just asking a question to the forum about whether the Santander chap in the video clip may be talking about XRP use, because I didn't really know the answer myself and was wondering out loud what he may have been talking about. I kinda got an out of proportion angry response from you though, and I'm still not sure why. I humbly apologise that I can't post to the high level that you expect. I didn't realise that asking questions of the good people on the general forum on a topic I don't fully understand could ruffle someone's feathers so much.
  6. Ah cool that makes sense. Yeah I definitely felt that the person talking in the brief video clip I posted wasn’t talking about one pay fx.
  7. Post count doesn't mean anything dude. Most of my posts are shitposts and TA. You have no idea how thick I am.
  8. You're quoting two different people there though. The 50% stuff was an earlier quote about One Pay FX, right? The earlier stuff in your paragraph was this guy's quote just the other day about those 4 corridors. And how do you explain 'tight spreads'? Is that just in relation to fiat to fiat spreads, or could it be about XRP liquidity? I'm asking because I'm not sure myself.
  9. Listen to the language used: ‘really tight spreads’. Note the corridors mentioned. What say you?
  10. Just to be clear...this is for people who want to buy stuff with crypto?
  11. Yeah this is exactly what I'm expecting. @MQB I'd obviously be delighted if bitcoin and alts pumped (in their sat value) but I don't think that's gonna happen. I don't really fully understand this but it helps me vaguely time alt/btc plays. https://www.turtlebc.com/tools/bull_percentage/btc?from_date=2017-06-24&to_date=2019-11-15&exchange=all Whenever this goes to zero, buy alt/btc. After it's pumped up a bit like it has done recently, exit alt/btc.
  12. In my opinion, and it may just be my opinion, the smartest thing all round thing to do would be to short an alt against bitcoin. I think bitcoin is gonna make an explosive move in one direction or other and that'll likely rekt the sat value of alts.
  13. This is a convincing falling wedge IMO. First drive down stongest, followed by 2nd, followed by what will hopefully be a weakest 3rd. A lot of traders in Bitcoin Trade Group which I'm part of are eyeing up 8300-8400 as a bottom for the bounce, and for that to happen it would have ti wick out of this wedge, hopefully just briefly. Hopefully we then get a reversal, if we don't go up from here.
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