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  1. Hi folks, me and a close friend want to provide some form a service to crypto investors. I can quite divulge the idea but the reason I'm most interested in XRPL is because our strategy revolves around instant and fast transactions. My questions are as follows: 1. Supposing I create Token X to run on the XRP Ledger. Am I correct in understanding that Token X inherently shares the same "DNA" or characteristics of XRP? 2. If I want Token X to interact with an exchange via XRP is this possible? E.g. Token X > Xrp > exchange A > BTC 3. Can Token X store/record price information back and forth from step 2? Can it "record" price information and transaction costs if that data is made available? Thank you.
  2. PBOC trying to manipulate the market to pay for the evergrande bailout.
  3. Cmon XRP stop ranging. Atleast range much higher. Please?
  4. These small sovereign nations have INCREDIBLE currency reserves. Can you imagine...
  5. https://ripple.com/ripple-press/royal-monetary-authority-of-bhutan-ripple-partner-to-pilot-cbdc-using-private-blockchain/
  6. Ripple aren't going to settle unless they get everything they want. I.e. XRP is not a security. I'm not sure the SEC would agree to that?
  7. Nothing to do with evergrande but many will speak it I to existence...
  8. This downward price on XRP seems calculated. It looks like a shake out before a maddening move.
  9. I'm not. I'm a bull. I expect XRP to hit 5USD with ease by year end. But as of right now I don't see it unless there's movement on the legal side of things. That doesn't make me bearish.
  10. The SEC's response is akin to high school where there is a word count and you put in jibberish words to reach the word count.
  11. XRP isn't going to break out of the 1.10 channel unless bitcoin moves significantly higher or positive news from the lawsuit. I'm thinking the price action is going to be dull but the news that should come out from lawsuit should literally lead to a 50% pump I.e. judge Netburn would favour Ripple's view that the SEC have been redacting and abusing the DPP.
  12. Too much is being played up by evergrande. It's debt is concentrated within China. Given it is a China mess, the Chinese will not want to lose face and stomach such losses. Too many people are trying to connect dots that shouldn't even be connected. It's like people are talking this into existence.
  13. Zzz the waiting game. Hurry the **** up SEC and just admit defeat.
  14. Bit surprised. Have you added significantly to your portfolio on above 46k prices??
  15. Bloody hell - has everyone forgotten how BTC climbed over the past few weeks? It's like everyone has goldfish memory. Get a grip. I mean, some of you have really been waiting for this big red candle- shame none of you actually shorted.
  16. That's extremely harsh. I'm going to remember you posting this LOL.
  17. It hurts whenever XRP gets flipped. Really looking forward to when the lawsuit comes to a close and the upward price action of XRP is restored.
  18. We've had quite a week. A breather is fine.
  19. We welcome all bears to the bull club. We don't judge
  20. Everything the SEC is asking for is to increase the settlement fine. This case is over.
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