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  1. The economies of scale truly benefit Ripple too.
  2. Less profits to have to distribute. Usually extremely bullish behaviour.
  3. Yep, at everything stage SEC has had an excuse to delay. Netburn is pretty much front running everything to prevent additional delays.
  4. I want to believe that Netburn is being mote cautious as her decisions are pretty much going to set precedence for the entire crypto market. I'm frustrated as hell, but as a professional, if your name is associated with potentially decimating an industry if you get it wrong then its your entire reputation down the drain. I'm still convinced that she is smart enough to know what game is being played and it just seeing how it pans out. Basically, she knows its game over but wanting the SEC use all its quarters.
  5. Not really. Depends on your investment horizon.
  6. I put some orders to pick up flash crash/leverage wipe out orders. 0.3799GBP (0.51USD) and 0.261GBP (0.31USD)
  7. The reason for XRPs massive supply is because they want to engage in the FX market. You cannot have a small supply of a currency.
  8. Who said I don't take opportunities now? I've done so on a few alts. Take profit and reinvest into XRP.
  9. Pretty much. There are people like XRP Nuke that state the previous but unlikely have the balls to the turn the obvious into reality and make more money. Or he just might be content with what he has, who knows. As for me. I'm not interesting in making pocket change, I don't have the time for that. As of now, XRP is the best risk reward play. A lot of it is contingent on the end price Target I.e. would be 3USD or 5 or more? Who knows. I've got a set price target in mind as a speculative investor and I'm making my purchase decisions on those targets. This intermediary noise or XRP being 50c, 80c, 1.20c etc I couldn't care too much as it'll be gains in the end of the price target I expect in the coming month and future months. Most people chatting shit in this thread have sold out or XRP, either lost faith or just significantly down on their portfolio lol. Tough shame. Just to add, I've added to my XRP bag at so many levels largely because I assess the price at the time I'm making the purchase given what the market is doing. Some bags I'm up some bags are down. But overall I expect to be depths of space lol. In all seriousness, I just add and add. If it works out, it works, if it doesn't then my overall portfolio is still making me money. The worst decision I've seen is just sitting on the sideline and doing nothing.
  10. XRP isn't going to wait on "settlement" that isn't how efficient markets work but rather the probability of settlement happening. Originally (back in Oct) we were meant to have expert discovery end and really find out how the judge thought of things by February. I did mention XRP will follow btc, but the sell off in XRP isn't helped by a lack of progress in the case. The problem you have is you solely believe XRP and BTC are inseparable. I believe in this case they no longer will be
  11. Still expecting this to happen. XRP price still lagging behind given the various postponements in the case!
  12. Doesn't mean you can't make money each time.
  13. This looks like the last opportunity at discount XRP. I can't help but want to scoop up at these prices. Personally gonna set some aggressive order at 44c.
  14. Charting is nonsense any way. Happens to the best or us.
  15. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but btc to 400k is not happening at all under any circumstances. Hash rates don't mean anything.
  16. The crypto market is more liquid in terms of entry and exiting positions for large players compared to equity markets. Less red tape and limit breakers etc. Basically, it's a win win to dump crypto enter equities and then re-enter crypto. Crypto has quite a lag compared to equity market rebounds etc. The smart and big traders think in a very different way.
  17. The whole stock market narrative is non-sense - it has its own reasons why it is dipping but fundamentally it is different to the crypto market. Majority of the crypto market is filled with In-experienced redditors/4-channers/discorders etc trying to find some reason why their portfolio is going down.
  18. We've already been in a bear market for a month and half. Some people need 6 months worth of data to confirm but by then it is way too late. Bear markets are where utility based coins out perform compared to outright speculative holdings.
  19. @Eric123doesn't this BTC price invalidate your targets?
  20. *yawn* is the announcement of the lawsuit didn't do it. Nothing well.
  21. More near end Feb beginning March based on the rulings yesterday...
  22. Exactly this! The judge confirming Hinmans speech is his opinion is a very bitter blow for the entire crypto! Especially ETH maxis.
  23. Much of Ripple's legal know the inner workings of the SEC and what would and would not be provided. It is exactly that, if you don't ask you don't get. I am strongly confident that the materials Ripple were really after for their FND have been largely granted. I actually think the judge has already made her verdict to favour Ripple but she is tactically giving the SEC minor victories that are least damaging to Ripple to prevent any future appeal.
  24. Everyone should be bearish btc unless it convincingly breaks 57k. It can't even pull together for 45k or 50k. It's range trading downwards.
  25. Don't mind this at all - means i can scoop up my XRP when my bonus hits at lower price levels.
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