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  1. Doesn't mean anything. Pretty sure the Judge already outlined the telegram case has no direct link to this case.
  2. Don't be silly. I'm not complaining XRP isn't pumping. My XRP bag is plenty healthy and full of gains lol. Just making a point that when I saw XRP down to 1.58 I thought it be a good additional buy in! I still think it is over the long term I.e. in this cycle I expect XRP to out perform majority alts.
  3. This hasn't worked so well given algo is pumping haha.
  4. I think we'll be battle the 1.6 to 1.8 range for a few days/week.
  5. I came across documentation at my work place that was seeking risk model development for bitcoin futures being cleared by CME on behalf of our client business. I doubt my employer would ever publicly say they're doing it. But if they did, it would be pretty massive given their one of the largest U.S. banks.
  6. Just sold my algo to buy more xrp at 1.58USD.
  7. Personally I think ETH has already lost most of lure. Its performance in this bull run is a bit telling where you're seeing more promising "eth killers" essentially taking its market share. Only time will tell. I'm hopeful XRP will reach 2USD in the coming days. I really can't envisage seeing xrp dropping down back to 1.5 and consolidating before another massive jump that just seems too drastic.
  8. Stop with this tribalism of XRP vs ETH. Both can and will coexist.
  9. I don't think it's that bad. We've become so spoilt!
  10. 5am London. Time for bed. What will XRP do when I wake up, who knows. But the entire market right now is going nuts. The next bloodbath aint gonna be pretty that's for sure lol.
  11. Ripple are not going to settle unless the settlement includes clarity of XRP being deemed not a security and a currency. As of now, Ripple are winning quite comfortably on how XRP is perceived. Ripple are extremely well seasoned. If someone is to blow up it'll be something that would shake up the entire market and just like Jeremy Hogan eluded to, it much better being the first to feel wrath of something than much later on e.g. financial crisis and penalties. The first list of Bank holding their hands up had quite miniscule penalties compared to the rest. Personally, the SEC are so
  12. Yes whilst this is true, new money is also coming in.
  13. Personally I think coins are starting to slowly decouple from btc. Obvioudly BTC impacts the entire market but as each day goes by the impacts become less and less.
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