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  1. Hoping BTC convincingly takes out 34k over this weekend and into Monday. If this holds I expect steady upwards trajectory throughout summer.
  2. Thrashing would be an extreme word. You can clearly see that XLM overtakes XRP during the end of 2020 which is whe. The lawsuit occurred. I expect this to change significantly once the lawsuit is over.
  3. I'm still adamant flare is a scam of some kind trying to piggy back of XRP's base. I do believe settlement of the xrp case will fully decouple xrp from btc.
  4. Ripple had Hinman in their crosshairs from the very beginning. I'm quite certain there is something they are particularly after that might even catch the SEC off guard. I wonder how much the public will get to know in terms of the questions and answers of the deposition.
  5. Generally we're seeing higher lows after clear dumping manipulation. Personally I think we're seeing incremental uprise in 2K ranges e.g. 28 to 31, 31 to 33, 33 to 35 and so on. I'm hoping this pattern continues so let's see.
  6. The raw hash rate has been going up in recent days though.
  7. This is quite a high profile case I think. It is a complete changer.
  8. I would prefer less wallets with large btc holdings. Short term loss yes. But I think this is healthy for the long term.
  9. I saw someone dump 29 bitcoin on the order book probably explains the red candle 15 mins ago.
  10. MACD has bottomed out and is now moving upwards General volume has been green - sell volume is diminishing i.e. sell volume is increasing at a decreasing rate Shorts have significantly reduced FUD has been exhausted Less geographic concentration risk in mining You can find any point to provide some justification to your narrative. At the end of the day, TA is just bullocks in Crypto. It doesn't work especially with BTC because it's just so heavily manipulated. There's nothing wrong in being in a "bear" market. Basically, has the knife fallen? Yes. Is it safe to pick up the knife? Yes. Picking up the knife doesn't mean you're in "bull" mode. The scenario we are in now makes you less vulnerable to sudden downward price movements. That I believe is over. However, that doesn't make you invulnerable to say more long-term downward price movements - i don't personally believe this will happen i.e. the rate of downward price moves are diminishing.
  11. You don't "moon" immediately after a retest. Personally, the fact we bounced to 36k and now back to 33k is just sideways trading. If empirical signs were so obvious, I would've thought you would be well off enough to not even care lol. We're now in earnings season, things are definitely going to be interesting...
  12. There isn't a problem if tether isn't backed entirely by USD as long as the liabilities are matched. The problem is that they aren't proven to be. I believe 50% of Tethers reserves are commercial paper...if you do the maths you'll find out that TETHER are increasingly and significantly short to match their liabilities.
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