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  1. Yes totally agree with the need to have newbie information more accessible for the common noob that's not used to digging in forums. It's really hard to find good solid info on XRP as it is it should not be "hard" here. It should be fool proof
  2. I am in still in somewhat of a shock by this tweet and utterly speechless that XRP didn't explode or at least the forum. I know that XRP have been really non-reactive on good news before but as you say @rippledigital this is not just good news this is... i don't even have words... Is there something i'm missing that's the reason for this not being more discussed?
  3. Now we just pop the champagne and celebrate the incredible year for us, then relax content with the knowledge that next year will be even more exciting! Relax and enjoy the new year!
  4. I think it would be awesome to have a wiki where people from the community can sort FUD and the counter arguments in to categories and then it is possible to link to the wiki when trying to counter the FUD. I often see new investor asking about scary articles they have read online and then looking for help on the forum and a lot of the time people tell them to get lost or just to search the forum, would be better with a resource that we could refer to.
  5. Thank you Hodor! As always i feel invigorated and my belief in XRP only grows after readin your blog. I think you have help stop many panic sells from weak hands that has not yet fully comprehended XRP and Ripple!
  6. Hahha yeah same here, gave my best friend 100 dollars worth of XRP and its now about 2000 dollar. They gonna have a hard time to top that wedding present when i'm getting married
  7. Haha yeah same here, is starting to be kind of akward sometimes when talking to people about it
  8. Ini can you maybe clarify your question? XRP is divisible like you asked about so i don't really see what you are asking about?
  9. Hey @PaulyS! welcome to the forum, please disregard xilobytes comment... I believe as many others in XRP and especially Ripples leadership and plan. A big reason for the rise we have seen the last weeks is due to the fact that everything that people have worried about in the article you linked has been disproven in the latest months by Ripple. Read for example the FAQ here on XRPchat, it doesn't answer everything but it is a good start. Otherwise study up on the company and the tech so you dont have to worry about hodling.
  10. Thanks to @dreventures for a great video about the FAQ where the most common FUD gets handled! Added it to the video list.
  11. Omg @ScottChamberlain, this gave me chills... the good kind! I hope you are right!
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