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  1. You can also save funds up a few weeks in a row and perhaps get in at a lower price. Weekly is safest though, the bottom really has to be around here somewhere or else things are going to get ugly.
  2. I hope for our sake this is another Vinny situation but I doubt it, either way I hope selling at 0.5 was still greatfor you. Even just 1 year ago .5 was a dream. Best of luck.
  3. True! I'll be sticking around till the magical internet money that lives on my computer goes up enough to retire!
  4. Unfortunately you are not a millionaire until you cash out, learned that lesson holding the last 6 months.
  5. Tether prints 200 million tether and buys BTC, then immediatly sells BTC in USD. Walla, 200 million tether backed by 200 million dollars. They also charge 25$ per transfer so I'm sure they are making bank there.
  6. Easiest way I found is to sell on Kraken and wire to your bank account. My tier grants me 250k a month but you can get higher.
  7. It was not XRP given, it was money. The ellen show just used XRP to move the money.
  8. Well looking just at Ripple in 1 month we went from like .22cents to 3.50...many coins did the same. Profits were taken and the new investors were spooked bringing the market down more. This last corrected yesterday seemed normal. BTC went from a low 6000 on the 5th and then cruised from there to nearly 12,000. A pullback was expected
  9. How are you going to day trade? Sell your XRP high and try to buy back low? What country are you in? Make sure you know the tax law, in the US every trade is taxable. The whole market is moving together so even if you trade into something else you may lose value. Also the last handful of xrp pumps literally came out of nowhere. You don;t want to be holding something else when it happens. All it takes in one big announcement. Your better off picking up some extra work to pay for the additional XRP
  10. XrayRomeoPapa


    yeah...this category is where my crypto riches were supposed to make up!
  11. It's not only people that spent more than they can lose. It's losing large sums of money in general. If your life sucked and then you made a killing in cryptos, felt you finally have an opportunity to live your life and not have to deal with the day to day grind and then had your dream ripped away in 30 days it's painful to cope with. Most people I've talked to saw cryptos as an escape and a chance out of the rat race for once.
  12. unfortunately there is a ton of people that don't have orders up and won't hesitate to just sell to the market. There goes our glorious stairway.
  13. depends on where your'e at but in the US every trade is a taxable situation if your a law abiding citizen. No longer an option for tax management purposes
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