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  1. Hello, how can I add my website to the list? It is XRPMerchandise.com. Will be going live in a couple of days. Thanks
  2. Hey, so they finally arrived. Drop me a message if your interested in ordering some. Final price depends on where I'm posting and how many, so just drop me a line. Cheers! Hope you like the look of them!
  3. Sure, I will send you a message
  4. PayPal works. You could put them on eBay or Amazon, and do it that way. Or Etsy? You may even find more buyers. Cool, I am setting up an etsy account. A mixture of XRP and USD payments would be handy.
  5. @pucksterpete @giddygoat @Artificer Good question! I normally just make pins for myself and friends so this is new territory. Obviously I would post but the payment process? Possibly paypal. I would consider accepting XRP but I'm not too familiar with receiving XRP. I do own XRP on Kraken but I have just bought and never traded since. Can you receive XRP to a wallet through kraken?
  6. Hi, the pins arrived yesterday. Here's a pic
  7. Cool! I received the pins yesterday. I'm really happy with them.
  8. Hi Sorry, didn't see this. Where would I be sending the pins to work out the postage cost? Per pin would be around 4-4.5 gbp so around $6-6.5 . I ordered them on friday so should be here within the week.
  9. Cool, I will be in touch
  10. Cool, sounds good. I will get an order started and then I'll be in touch. Of course I will be chucking a few Ripple pins your way as a thank you! Cheers.
  11. Hi @divingman10 Obviously the more I can make the cheaper the single pin would be. Prices are in £ pounds. postage cost would be minimal I'd say approx £1. Per pin would be approx £4-4.50. How it would be paid for?! I'm not sure. Paypal or if someone could advise a better option. I would of course accept XRP!
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