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  1. ... Over the last 30 days it processed two billion dollars (as of this writing) worth of interbank and interpersonal transactions — about 40 seconds’ worth of volume on the SWIFT interbank network — after three years of being available to banks to trade 90% of the world’s high-volume currencies. — Utility matters. In 2018, estimated XRP payment volumes already exceeded Bitcoin payment volumes: $BTC: $3,526,212,015 $XRP: $4,130,574,227 (+17%) (USD, 2 January 2018) https://mobile.twitter.com/XRPedia/status/949819429377990657
  2. Release 3.0.4 : (Security update) * Fix a vulnerability caused by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) in the JSONRPC interface. Previous versions of Electrum are vulnerable to port scanning and deanonimization attacks from malicious websites. Wallets that are not password-protected are vulnerable to theft.
  3. The only software that can ever see your key using a hardware wallet is the firmware on the device itself, which is protected with a secure chip. Transactions are passed from your computer and signed on the device then passed back to your computer for posting to the network. This is why you can even use them on a compromised system without risk. The keys are NEVER accessible outside of the secure element of your wallet device. If you choose to backup your seed locally or online, even with encryption, you defeat the purpose of a hardware wallet and your security is no better than saving yo
  4. The downside of simply encrypting your private key and putting in on a USB key is that you have to clean up the unencrypted files securely anytime you decrypt the key to use or import it. Deleting files doesn’t do this and operating systems and applications often use temporary files that can leave your key exposed. And what about the system you access it from. If there’s any malware on the system your key can be compromised. It also means you’re probably using a software wallet. You then have to trust that wallet will properly protect your key when not in use. Regardless at some poin
  5. You’ll find a list of compatible wallets in the following link: https://ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005297709-On-which-wallet-can-I-restore-my-wallet-if-I-lose-my-Ledger-device-
  6. He’s limited in how much he can sell for a a few years. The article I read from Aug 2014 said $10,000 a week for the first year and then went on to say: The deal sets firm limitations on the amount of XRP McCaleb can sell over a seven-year period, with the timeline allowing McCaleb more freedom to sell his XRP holdings over time. The remainder of the schedule prevents McCaleb from selling more than: $20,000 per week during the second, third and fourth years 750m XRP per year for the fifth and sixth years 1bn XRP per year for the seventh year 2bn XRP per year afte
  7. Not really sure what they might be referring to aside from the initial setup of the Ledger Nano S which can be accomplished offline. Other than that, the device itself is considered an offline hardware wallet and it doesn’t need to be connected when receiving funds into your Ledger wallet but you do connect it to an online system when sending funds from your Ledger wallet. The way it works is that the private key which secures your account is stored on the ledger device and never exposed to your computer or the internet, even when the ledger is connected to an online computer. In ord
  8. What people are trying to determine here is if you’re trying to withdraw all your XRP from the wallet. You must leave at least 20 XRP in the wallet. If you try and send any amount that leaves you wallet balance below 20 XRP you’ll get an insufficient funds error.
  9. ohsomofo

    XRPL Monitor

    Here’s a neat little feed on Twitter that posts major transactions on the Ripple ledger. I think the minimum transaction it monitors is 5 million XRP. https://mobile.twitter.com/XRPL_Monitor
  10. It doesn’t matter if a computer used with the Ledger Nano S is compromised when conducting transactions. The actual confirmation and signing of the transaction takes place on the device itself before being sent to the network. Therefore the private keys which manage your wallet are never exposed to a compromised machine. As long as the transaction amount and destination address shown on the ledger device’s screen match what you intended in your transaction, then everything is good. Here’s a good review which may answer more questions. https://wikicrypto.com/ledger-nano-s-review
  11. Check out this post; https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@debugger/hidden-options-in-ledger-nano-s-secret-multiple-wallets
  12. @Badger You do not need a special USB cable when connecting a Ledger Nano S to a computer so long as it provides both power and data (which is pretty much everything nowadays). If you’re connecting it to a phone, however, you will need a USB OTG adapter: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/products/4-ledger-otg Here are 2 reviews that provide more information about your other questions, but basically you can recover your funds with only the seed using compatible wallet software that you’ll find listed in the second link below. Mycelium is one such software wallet that’s compatible. htt
  13. Yes. The Ledger Nano S can only hold so many wallet apps at a time. You can uninstall and reinstall them to access the ones you need. https://ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005438185-Delete-uninstall-an-application-Nano-S-and-Blue
  14. If your crystal ball allows you to time the market for an asset whose price is influenced by articles from BuzzFeed more than it’s underlying technological implementation then all power to you. Just remember to buy low and sell high. And when you make big bank, don’t forget where you got that advice. ? As for the difference in price on various exchanges. You’ll lose money on fees and conversion costs trying to capture any profit if you hope to buy on one exchange and sell on another. Prices change too quickly to bet on that strategy. Or you’re constrained by the currency pairs avail
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