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  1. Seems like BTC volume is double where it was last year at $11k just before it shot to $20k and it's in a slow rise at the moment. Could they be making ready for the next spike? XRP on the other hand seems to be very low?
  2. I’m with you on that one... if we had to drop to 0.50 every time someone said they wish it would crash so they can buy more we’ll never get above $2 again. If you didn’t buy the last dip though cookies... buy now or you’ll kick youself when it doesn’t crash.
  3. Could this be the same as what happened on 16 and 22 Dec? Green candles got smaller and then... Boom!
  4. My gut says there will be more countries that pull these Korean and Indian and keep the price low. But only time will tell.
  5. In what to me frame was the dip and ATH? I’m thinking with this major dip there might be a long time between now and an ATH. Just my feeling as people will now be hesitant to invest in crypto until the dust settles and people forget.
  6. I think because quite a few people like myself only got into crypto a bit late. I can probably see myself lucky that I got in slightly earlier than some but still down 10% at this price of $1,20. When you look at people getting in much later than that you might understand the stress and impatience... especially seeing your investment drop by 50% almost immediately after buying in. I know it’s not a get rich quick scheme and that’s maybe why I’m happy to continue hodling and ride out the red zone. Also maybe some people invested too much and never listen to the wise words spoken of invest only as much as you can afford to lose. I’m happy if we continue sideways for some time because I believe Ripple will see this through and have a real promising future. How long it will take I don’t know, but I have made myself ready for at least a year before seeing any good profits on my investment.
  7. I wouldn’t care reading news 10 times saying “XRP hit record highs today at $5 when it was only $1,30 a week ago!”
  8. I just adjust the scale and it looks nice sideways... At 2 inches = $0,01 it’s going to look like a freefall.
  9. Exactly that. Then we owned 10% of the market and now it's still basically 10%... at $800b we would be well over $3. Government's FUD is keeping people's money away... so until that settles I doubt we'll see $800b soon.
  10. Something is brewing... I hope it's because they're refueling...
  11. Is there another part to this forum? I didn’t know it was even active
  12. If you had to pay for the full list there wouldn't be a link to the PDF
  13. Quite different reactions to the Weiss report. XRP down... BTC sideways and ETH up
  14. This Weiss site is like trying to watch a football game online with bad internet... once you get it working the game is over...
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