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  1. He says the Ripple secret sauce is XRP. Secret sauce = something that can't be duplicated exactly and offers a clear-cut advantage over other known solutions. JMO
  2. I got the message and they are also going to match BTC with BCH for those that had Bitcoins on their exchange when the fork occured. They did the right thing, albeit a late announcement. Now if we can get XRP on the exchange it will be a great day in the neighborhood. Edit: Sorry, I forgot to say welcome to the club.
  3. By the way - I would be moving my Bitcoins if I were you to a Ledger Nano or some very secure offline wallet. Coinbase is not the place to be when the bitcoin fork (hard or soft) happens.
  4. Use the coinbase GDAX and send the Bicoins to Gatehub Bitcoin wallet and use the Gatehub exchange to swap it. Or, use GDAX to send it to Kraken and swap it there. This is how I would do it. Very low fees using this route.
  5. https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=18261 Sorry if this has already been covered.
  6. So, I was looking over some coins on CoinMarketCap and I saw a Ripple trade executed on TheRockTrading. I googled it and it looks like a fairly new exchange. What was interesting was they were offering an option to pay on the Ripple Network. I clicked on that option and was redirected to the following page. https://ripple.com/trust?to=rLEsXccBGNR3UPuPu2hUXPjziKC3qKSBun&name=therock I am not sure what I am seeing here. Anybody, other than the really, really obvious person know what this is? Thanks.
  7. If one should choose to use Coinbase then it might be prudent to use their live exchange GDAX.com that charges no fees and buy Litecoin (the most stable right now - JMO) and then transfer it to Kraken right from the exchange. I did it yesterday without fees. GDAX recognizes your Coinbase account login and 2FA as well as all your Coinbase accounts. I have been trading Litecoin on the GDAX and making a couple of hundred bucks a day on average and transferring my profits to my bank within 24 hours of selling.
  8. Yes, which is the case with me. When you can't get in you can do neither. There are some detailed essays on what happened with Coinbase when the ETH flash-crash occurred out in various blogs. They should have been prepared if what I have read is the actual cause of this mess.
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