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  1. Nice rise through the FLD, but volume is low. I'm still looking for a push to 11,400 area before rising to around 13,800.
  2. This is not a good moment to trade, need to see which direction the price moves next. Volumes are above average, but if I were to bet I'd say we're done retracing and will start to push higher from here. Need to see if we climb through the yellow FLD first.
  3. So btc has closed above the FLD which is good news. Now have to wait to see if the price oscillates around the FLD for a few days or immediately pushes higher. I see a possible move up to around 13,800 if the 3 CMA's cross in the near-term (blue, green, purple lines).
  4. btc has broken above the recent downtrend and has another opportunity over the next day or so to cross back above the FLD too. Difficult to call currently whether it will be a big move thereafter or just oscillating in a consolidation pattern. Price also approached the long-term mean recently (light blue line) which can be a good place to see a reversal. It also bounced off the other envelopes (green and purple).
  5. 26th/27th is when I am looking for any upswing to become significant (ie. when it closes above the FLD).
  6. So what happened between 2014 and 2018...isn't that long term too ? No comment on the volume ?
  7. I think some of this dialogue on price increases of stocks and commodities is very dangerous and misleading. A major part of the reason why these investment vehicles have increased in price is because they are valued in USD and the 'benevolent' Fed has increased the money supply by trillions. Assuming that these stocks etc maintain their prior value then their prices MUST increase to maintain parity of value with the money supply. Of course value can change independent of the money supply and this is the scenario we are interested in most (when it increases !) Now where success can be cel
  8. Looks to me like we are going to have a big climb very soon. The VTL's are getting steeper suggesting a possible parabolic move. Price has also closed above the FLD since the current up-trend began around July 22nd. If btc closes above $12,600 the next resistance level is just below $14,000.
  9. It's all very boring, tightly oscillating around the mean, though this may change soon...
  10. Hadn't heard about Toast's demise, thanks for the heads-up !
  11. Sadly, the price did not cross the yellow FLD as hoped and the triple cma cross did not occur either We are still in the uptrend though !
  12. You'll need to create a new script within Trading View (a free account works just fine), copy-paste the code and then apply it to your chart. Click the settings icon on the script and make sure the tf on the script matches the chart, then select whatever features you want... // This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at https://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/ // © jmusic //@version=4 study("FLD2", overlay=true) timeFrame = input(title="Chart TF", defval="1H", options=["15m", "30m", "1H", "4H", "1D", "1W"]) show1 = input(false, "FLD 1") fld1_length = input(6, title=
  13. Of course, though I'm no expert (is anyone ). It's based on Hurst cycles, ie. price is the sum of waves of various frequencies and amplitudes, which utilizes displaced simple moving averages. The cma (blue, green and fuchsia centered MA's) are displaced backwards half a cycle and envelopes calculated around them. The FLD's are the price displaced forward by half a cycle (and others). The triple cma cross is significant because it usually occurs half-way during a move, so you can estimate where/when the move will end. The uptrend is the dotted white line (called a VTL by Hurst with very s
  14. There were also stories at the time regarding the liquidation of equity margin collateral which included significant crypto positions.
  15. Interesting time approaching (circled in white)... Price already crossed the first FLD (red) which is the early warning signal. Now if it can continue and cross the second (yellow FLD) we should see a push up to around $10,000 again. If we break through there, +/- $10,200 and $10,600 are likely resistance. In addition, there is a triple cma cross looming and as such the price is close to the mean. We are also still in an uptrend.
  16. Btc price has moved back to the longer time-frame mean (light blue line). The bottom chart shows the last 12 months to illustrate how the price has moved in relation to the envelopes historically. Any significant move crossing below the blue mean could continue to $8,000, however the earlier attempt was rejected so hopefully the support holds and we continue higher ($10,200 - 10,500).
  17. This is from 2017/2018 - why are you re-posting it ? I don't see anything new here...you don't even present your own thoughts or conclusions. Did I miss something ?
  18. If we drop through the red FLD we could reach $8,800, if we stay above I'm looking for consolidation around $10,200 before continuing upwards.
  19. Price is starting to oscillate beautifully (think sine wave) and typically the amplitude gradually decreases until eventually triggering a significant move. Something is brewing and as I said a few days back I think it is a move back up to the $9,800-$9,900 area.
  20. I agree with @Eric123 that we are heading higher, I suspect back to the $9,800-$9,900 region...
  21. Not to venture too far off-topic, but if you're looking for alts then I would recommend rdd, dgb, etn, pcl, vet, hydro, hot (holo), troy and cdt . The majority are small/micro-caps under 1c price ! DYOR (obviously), but these are some of my top performers YTD.
  22. I'm seeing a good chance of the price going to $10,500 - $10,600 in the next day or two, though with the anaemic volume anything is possible !
  23. Not insane at all... An example...If you had $20,000 just 20 years ago in 2000, you would require $29,470 to have the same buying power today. Which equates to losing almost 50% of the $ value. If you had $20,000 in 1973, you would require $110,991 for equivalent buying power (-455%).
  24. I think we are heading back up to the $10,000 area... 1. The price is in an uptrend after bouncing off the bottom channel. 2. Longer-term uptrend is still valid. 3. Displaced MA's are projected to cross soon which typically occurs at mid-point of trend. Price has gained approx 11% to estimated mid-point. Add a further 11% = around $10,000. This system has been decent with regard to price, but less so on timing. 4. If you zoom in to the chart you can see that lately the FLD fits the half-cycle displacement quite nicely, ie. when Price is high, FLD is low, think sine-wa
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