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  1. So here goes... 1. XRP is in uptrend (white dotted line and price broke above fuchsia FLD). 2. Last few peaks have been right-offset indicating an uptrend. 3. Red displaced MA and associated envelopes (fastest) have turned up supporting uptrend. 4. Price has bounced from outside of outer envelopes supporting reversal (to upside). 5. Green and Blue MA's and envelopes have not turned up yet (not yet supporting uptrend). 6. Cycle structure would suggest that we are heading back up towards the previous peak, probably higher, before closing the cycle with a downward movement. I still need to fine tune this system for xrp so treat this analysis with caution and as always DYOR.
  2. TA skills, lol...I'm barely coherent, but thank you Seriously though, I have used the Hurst cycles analysis on xrp before and it looked a carbon-copy of btc at the time so I just focused on btc. Moving forward I would be happy to revisit xrp and let you know what I find. Thanks for the invitation.
  3. I wish I could understand human nature better. Can someone sensible explain why (a few) posters come onto what is clearly a TA thread to bash and be negative towards Molten when it's very clearly stated in the title and the subsequent content what the thread would address. It's like dealing with 3 year old children. Assuming these snowflakes are not toddlers with advanced computing or smart phone skills, why do they behave like this...what do they gain from pissing on someone else's chips ? Constructive criticism is one thing, this is something entirely different. Clearly there are psychological deficiencies that are being over-compensated for resulting in the trolling behaviors we have to tediously endure. It's really very simple, if TA is not your thing - don't read a TA thread. If you really feel so inadequate that you must post your 'enlightened' opinions then start your own anti-TA threads away from here and stop diluting this excellent thread.
  4. A week ago I posted this and was thinking that the last cycle peak was in @10,200. Now that btc has dropped to the exact area I originally forecast I am revisiting to see if I may have got the peak wrong. If you take the 10,400 as the last cycle peak instead of the first peak of a new cycle, the model would be intact and this scenario would now have us starting a new cycle with a nice movement upwards after the dip to 9,452, still in an uptrend. This would be the optimistic scenario ! We'll see...
  5. One of the previous occasions when this pattern has occurred at the start of the cycle was when btc went from 7,400 to 13,750. Not saying that will happen again, but it's interesting to observe... Major up-trends are still intact, though some of the local ones have failed.
  6. This was my analysis from Oct/Nov 2019...we are pretty close on our post-halving peak estimates - let's hope we are right
  7. Sorry, I don't know anything about C++. Perhaps you can try an Arduino or C++ programming forum and find help there. You may also find code snippets around the web that you can piece together.
  8. Btc dropped from the last cycle peak of 10,200, but did not hit 9,400 as I had expected (I had also highlighted the area where it did turn but thought that was less likely). Now we look to have started climbing the first peak of a new cycle : 1. All up-trends still intact 2. Price crossed above FLD (fuchsia) 3. Displaced MA's are up 4. Previous cycle peaks are right-shifted (up-trend)
  9. CryptoCompare also has an api you can tap into and their free data limits are more generous than CMC.
  10. There is a good chance that the cycle top is now in around 10,200. If that is the case we enter the last downward impulse of this cycle which could finish around 9,400. Need to watch that area to see if a major uptrend line holds.
  11. and 2 days later, off we go. Just crossed the octave at 10007, onwards and upwards...
  12. Were you an Enron senior executive by any chance ?
  13. Hard to say as I am finding that my interpretation of Hurst cycles is more accurate on pricing than timing. That said, I estimate the consolidation to be short term, ie. a couple of days +/-.
  14. I believe btc will rest/correct for a short time now then continue the upward movement.
  15. It will be interesting to see if current price action (1) plays out like the last cycle (2) or prior cycles (3,4).
  16. I had expected to see around 9800 for the last top and we reached 9618. I believe the top of the first impulse is now in and we retrace a little (at best we stay flat), before starting the second impulse up. The uptrend continues... and I would add that the first impulse top of the current cycle appears to be shifted to the right which also indicates an uptrend.
  17. There are some games going on with btc right now...jumped up over 100 points to almost 9500, then was instantly slapped back down to 9200.
  18. I think an IPO is consistent with Ripple's message of late of not wanting to dump xrp into the market. Clearly they are acquisition hungry and for that you need big capital $. They will raise the money through an IPO instead of selling massive quantities of xrp into the market and further diluting the price or taking on debt. Seems pretty smart if you ask me.
  19. Let's see if 9,800 plays out first We should correct after, but it is way too soon to identify the magnitude. We will then be at the top of the 2nd blue peak - keep in mind this image represents a simplified, perfect cycle which rarely plays out exactly like this.
  20. Still some way off getting the confirmations on my price projection, but early indications suggest we will top out around $9800.
  21. Back above the fuchsia FLD, it may bounce around some more, but we're definitely still in an uptrend...
  22. After the consolidation I am expecting price to continue to the upside to complete the first major cycle top (there are usually two majors per cycle). Also of interest : 1. All MA's are pointing up. 2. Red and green envelopes are pointing up (blue is flat, close to turning up). 3. Price is above both upward trend lines. 4. Price is below FLD which if significant suggests a downtrend. On this occasion, I think it will return above the FLD and confirm the uptrend. 5. Price-sma delta Indicator shows a relatively strong impulse.
  23. I expect either flat consolidation or a small correction, then on with the next impulse higher. But I need multiple confirmations first and those are not in yet.
  24. Reached my projected target zone Waiting for next signal to trigger. We remain in an uptrend for now.
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