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  1. I'm not an expert, but you can apparently redeem FRN into lawful money per 12USC411 and legally avoid income and capital gains tax completely. This is not a tax scam as people have been doing this successfully for years with the IRS' full knowledge. But this is a process that requires deep knowledge of the law and how to correctly navigate the process - the IRS will crush you if you get it wrong for obvious reasons. Another good aspect is all redeemed money reduces the US national debt.
  2. The key for me right now is the utilization of btc (and crypto) to make direct purchases or interfacing with fiat. Governments control fiat and can hinder or promote that exchange. There are too few mechanisms for paying directly for goods and services with crypto currently, but actions like those taken by El Salvador, Uruguay, Argentina, etc to (try and) make btc legal tender are encouraging and possibly inevitable for the world. The issue then becomes btc price volatility.
  3. ...to add to the debate, I see the next major resistance as the mean Gann octave at $50,000. You can also see that we recently bounced off the previous octave at $37,500 once it flipped to support.
  4. You wish ! No gas involved...hours of research and analysis invested. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  5. I know you're not asking me directly but...6 months ago I diverted most new investment $ into AMC and GME because I believed the profit potential to be greater than crypto...and this has proved to be correct. I still hold all of my crypto and I believe that things will again turn positive in the near future. I still think btc can reach $100k this year (with a possible overshoot to $140k).
  6. Now beginning the parabolic S2F phase, still expect some volatility but we will see if the model holds...
  7. There is a high probability that we will begin to move upwards over the next few days (with an FLD \ angle = green area) The wavelength and amplitude of the price oscillation are increasing and I think btc moves up to around $42,000 with resistance around $37,000. Volume is also increasing.
  8. Because this is a btc problem. Similar charts for almost all non-stablecoins...
  9. I saw that @xrp-nuke had recently posted...imagine my disappointment when I realized he hadn't posted about how accurate my 7 day forecast was. Oh well, I'll just go back to my terrible TA and the intuitive naysayers can continue to intuit and nay-say
  10. One of my chickens just came up to my back door and kept knocking excitedly until I answered. Apparently, she wanted to tell me that she normally lays her eggs in the middle nesting box but today felt compelled to lay in the right-hand box. She thinks its a sign that btc is going higher. She's very intuitive
  11. That brings back memories...my Dad loves steam trains (used to build his own in our shed) and as a kid I went with him numerous times to Talyllyn and Welshpool-Llanfair. I didn't share his obsession but it was fun nonetheless.
  12. I don't want to dilute the topic much more so will limit myself to this final comment on the subject... Hopium is just as bad as FUD, especially when based on nothing. Your opinion is equally as valid as mine, except you are constantly posting against TA in a topic specifically created to discuss the TA of bitcoin. I guess I don't understand why you want to be our savior in this topic, why not just start your own "TA sucks" topic and give us your hypothesis in detail so it can be discussed by those so inclined ?
  13. xrp-nuke 0.52 The problem is not whether your TA is positive or negative, its that the doomsayers typically don't post any TA. They complain repeatedly about everybody else's TA then offer nothing to support their own arguments. Personally, I love to read it, but its usually "I've got a feeling in my stomach...". I get feelings too sometimes, it's usually gas.
  14. I'll give you a clue on who is more trusted/respected on xrpchat, it's a simple test, you figure out the ratio of reputation to posts, then you quickly see who people like to read posts from. A few examples... Eric123 3.46 Julian W 2.76 Elysium 1.99 Me 1.63 Xrpdude 1.06 I wish you would start your own topic so we could focus on bitcoin TA here.
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