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  1. Don't mess around, go all-in and you could be two trades away from being a BILLIONAIRE...or bankrupt, living in a cardboard box, under a bridge !!
  2. I'm still hopeful that btc pushes through the downtrend resistance (thicker dotted line) and continues the climb to the 7,800 - 8,000 area.
  3. I'm still happy with this forecast and hope it will continue to play out to at least 7,800. Also nice to see @Baka now agreeing
  4. Binance non-US only requires an email address with an unverified account, ie. < 2BTC per day withdrawal.
  5. Historically the pump starts prior to the halving, however the ATH has been 6 and18 months post-halving. This is one of the most thorough analyses of the halvings that I have read... Bitcoin halving
  6. I still see the higher probability being a push up to 7,800 to 8,000. Price just crossed the green FLD at the mid-point which usually indicates the price will climb a similar amount higher.
  7. You may be right, but my charts show a good probability of going up to $8000+.
  8. It's possible that it goes down to ca. $4,900 too ! On the flip side, with some decent buying support before the 31st we could be propelled up to 7,000+ Who knows how this crazy market will react.
  9. There is still a great risk that the stock markets will drop drastically, some are suggesting from around 2,500 (S&P500) to below 1,000 !!! If this were to happen btc (and all crypto) would likely follow and crater, so exercise extreme caution.
  10. Would not be surprised to see btc @ $3,400 again soon.
  11. You could be right, but then that also applies to gold, silver, oil, etc which obviously have intrinsic value too. I think things will eventually reset and our financial systems may look very different, but 'post-apocalypse' prices will hopefully once again reflect perceived value and the safe-haven asset classes should be the first to rebound.
  12. I bought more this morning too, but am also keeping some powder dry as there is a high risk that the price could go down further. I read an interesting article this morning suggesting that all supposed safe-haven asset classes collapsed because they were used as collateral against leveraged trading in the stock markets which obviously unwound and everything was liquidated.
  13. Oh dear. Please stop before you embarrass yourself any further.
  14. [still off-topic, sorry] When healthy I take 4,000 to 6,000mg per day of L-ascorbic acid and L-lysine and around 2,000mg magnesium (gluconate or citrate), all of which are soluble powders, over the course of a few hours. That way you can avoid the fillers that are used in tablets. When I am sick I can take 10x the amounts of ascorbate and lysine comfortably to fight the disease. The only other thing I might add is a few drops of dmso which is a miracle molecule in itself (and a whole other story !). It is very (VERY) important to spread the doses through the day as ascorbate has a half-life in the blood of only 30mins, eg. if you take it all in one go in the morning, your plasma levels will peak soon after then drop very quickly to almost nothing (like xrp in a bear market) . In addition, if you are sick your body will utilize it much faster. Grab a copy of "How to Live Longer and Feel Better" by Linus Pauling for more details, or go to orthomolecular medicine website and Vitamin C Foundation .
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