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  1. Very smart life choice...short term intensity for long term financial freedom. One way to gain exposure to BTC is to buy GBTC in your ira, as I have done. That way you don't even need new capital and can just re-allocate within your existing portfolio.
  2. I'm all for @Freaky posting his thoughts, though the name calling is childish (projection ?). Unfortunately due to its content having zero value I will be ignoring it from now on. I'd rather read Dostoevsky-like tomes of @Tinyaccount 's madness* than one sentence of trolling garbage. *and naturally TA's posts and demeanor are far from mad.
  3. Of course you are trolling, if you weren't you would have rebutted @QWE 's fact-driven post.
  4. Have you looked at Uphold ? I have used Uphold, CB Pro and XRParrot successfully with fiat ($ and €).
  5. Bittrex sucks big time...they sent me this recently...
  6. Put the money in a suitcase and jump on a plane from Heathrow to San Francisco...sorry, couldn't resist Can you use your debit card with Uphold ? It will be more expensive (about 3% fees iirc) but should be almost instantaneous.
  7. Please stop with the cult of anthropogenic climate change propaganda. Countless experts have picked massive holes in the 'consensus' that Al Gore promotes (in his own self-interest) and this is not the place for such a debate to take place. If you must, open a separate thread in off-topic.
  8. What's wrong with climate change ? When it's raining outside, it's all I wish for.
  9. Trading View...Technicals tab, eg. https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/XRPUSD/technicals/
  10. I think David Schwartz's answer from Dec 2017 in the same Quora thread answers it a whole lot better.
  11. TA is always right ! Just go and read Trading View and you will see that someone always correctly predicts what will happen in crypto-land using TA...the problem is the other 99.9999% of predictions that get it wrong
  12. What is really odd is that I just checked on xrp charts and it shows the correct ALV balance. So I just deleted and re-established the trustline on Toast and the ALV reappeared. Not sure why this happened because when I tried it twice previously it stayed at 0 ALV.
  13. I checked bithomp right after my ALV disappeared on Toast. XRPL stated trustline removed, 0 ALV. It remained that way after I set up the trustline again, hence why I tried to contact Allvor for assistance. At this point if the ALV are lost through my own ignorance, then so be it, I'm not really that bothered. However the fact that Allvor don't respond on any of their support channels is alarming to me, which is why I posted what I did.
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