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  1. Thanks, but how do I get that price into the excel query.
  2. Is there a way to access ALV last price using an api excel query ?
  3. Plus you now have a tax liability. You'd be lucky to end up with half that gain net at best (assuming you timed the top and bottom perfectly).
  4. Maybe I am not understanding your point correctly with regard to Celsius, but Celsius effectively pays you to HODL- albeit in your opinion a "fairly paltry return". It is a better rate than just HODLing. Your xrp can be withdrawn at any time if you wish to sell, or for any other reason. In other words your Celsius-held xrp is not insulated from market price, you are merely earning interest whilst they are there.
  5. TA is far and away the best tool I know of for accurately predicting the past.
  6. That Infowars article is pretty poor in my opinion and shows that the author doesn't understand the current system in the US. It is completely wrong to say that there are no US notes about today, there are and they are hidden in plain sight. Take a look at a $10 FRN... You can see that it represents both a FRN (on the left) and a US Treasury note (on the right). Both are legal tender and the decision on which to use is entirely yours. Should you elect to use the FRN, you are obliged to file with the IRS and pay their usage fee (income tax). Should you demand redemption of the US note as lawful money (per 12USC411) you do not pay tax to the IRS and will actually reduce the national debt as the Fed has to 'buy' US notes from the US Government, thereby reversing some of the FRN debt. If large quantities of people went and opened lawful money back accounts and used them the Fed would die a quick death.
  7. An xrp price of $10,000 is theoretically achievable if you include the time value effects of money, eg. inflation. Project enough years forward and the dollar could be worth a small fraction of today's value. That is before you consider any potential increases from speculation and utilization.
  8. Ask her why she's being so irrational and be sure to point out that she's wasting valuable time that could be put to better use cleaning or cooking*. Sorted. *You may want to put on a hard hat and running shoes in advance of this conversation.
  9. Killing two birds with one stone... SWIFT and R3 ? WB and IMF ? BTC and ETH ? Who knows ?
  10. News broke on Monday that David Malpass is expected to be nominated by Trump to take over at the World Bank !! He is strongly critical of the institution and is currently serving as the Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs. Wonder if this is linked ?
  11. This community would be so much better without all the hopium and fud extremes. One of the main reasons why I'm not so active here anymore. Had you bothered to offer your opinion on this piece you would have perhaps received a more positive response, but to just post a link (and a title with the same name) is very suspicious. Not to mention the accuracy of the anonymous content in the link - did you even read it ? Judging by this and your last thread : flanman = Trolly McTrollface.
  12. It's OK, you just came back too soon,. Go back to sleep for another 12 months and everything will be fine.
  13. You may also want to check out celsius network. I have been earning 5.1% apr interest on some xrp for a while now. The interest is paid like-for-like, ie, I receive the interest as xrp. LTC just got increased to 6.15% apr. They use BitGo for cold storage. Of course, there has been no third-party audit yet so this could all be bs. DYOR.
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