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  1. Cycle analysis point of interest regarding my chart... You will notice that the pivots form triangles (dotted yellow lines). When there is no trend, ie price is flat, the high-point of the triangle is roughly mid-way between the lows. When the trend is down, the mid-point skews to the left and when it is up the high pivot skews to the right. This can be used as confirmation of the underlying trend and also indicative of it's strength. Another point of confirmation is the direction of the envelopes, ie. red, green and blue.
  2. Short-term (next day or two) I see a rise up to $9150. My uptrend VTL has not yet been broken, so the underlying trend is still up.
  3. With my analysis I get a possible high of $315,000, but may only be $140,000 (if only !!). Timing for the high is Aug 2021 at the earliest, maybe closer to year-end. Of equal importance post-ATH could also lead to a low of around $47,000 in 2023. In addition, my model predicted $7,000 as the pre-halving low which in reality was about $6400 but certainly in the ballpark. Exciting times for sure.
  4. There is an almighty battle going on between bulls and bears at the FLD crossover...very interesting to see who wins.
  5. We broke the FLD (fuchia) which can signal the start of a retracement. Envelopes are not pointing down yet which would act as confirmation once they do. Unless the dotted yellow trend line is breached we remain in the uptrend despite any lowering of price.
  6. Well we are still above the trend line so no retracement just yet. The price is currently bouncing around the center of gravity, ie. the middle of the current octave (the mean) which is the blue horizontal line. I'm still learning how to use this system so take my posts for entertainment only !
  7. From my cycles perspective we are heading down from here or very soon thereafter. Keep in mind that if the cycle holds, once the bottom is reached there will be a parabolic increase to start the next cycle (cycles marked with vertical purple lines)
  8. BTC is in the cup section of the cycle, which I expect to lead to a lower high followed by a drop. Notice too that the sub-octaves are indeed acting as S/R.
  9. It appears that I will be way off with my forecast (green rectangle), however I believe I can see why and that the price level still has a good chance of being hit. The last cycle was significantly shorter than typical (by about a week). Although it looks like the usual pattern is being repeated (I have hand-drawn the rough cycle shape above the price action, though it's not to scale). The white line close to 8700 is the center octave/ mid-point and represents major S/R. Again, take this with a pinch of salt, just putting it here for people to comment on, especially if they have experience with Hurst or Gann methodologies.
  10. We'll see...I'm testing Hurst cycles and displaced MA's. Also learning about Gann octaves to see if they can contribute anything.
  11. I'm exploring a new TA system based on cycles and just for fun I will share the latest prediction... btc @ 6,442 on January 8th.
  12. Exactly, I trade mostly on Binance (0.1% fees) and just started on BitMex. Tried Bitfinex also but the spreads are a problem sometimes, especially on anything other than the big 3.
  13. I'm buying and selling...swing trading...mostly bitcoin, but some xrp (and SPXL) too. My HODl order sits around $0.15. My greatest realization was that you can still profit even when you are in the red by selling the losing tokens and buying back more at a lower price. Took a while to gain the confidence to do it, but good risk management has facilitated this endeavor.
  14. I'm no TA expert, and I too have been watching it for months (and successfully trading it). I'm glad we are in agreement on what we are watching, but there's nothing bullish about a drop from 14,000 to 6,500. I'm sure you also realize that to say it keeps going down until it goes up, doesn't require a chart to predict
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