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  1. It's crunch time... The FLD slope is the perfect angle for an impulse upwards and the FLD has acted as resistance until the angle improved. If this push fails then we could see a significant retrace to the $47,000 to $50,000 area.
  2. When in doubt, zoom out ! S2F still right on track...
  3. As this Hurst analysis is built upon waves and cycles, this pattern is not uncommon. In recent btc history I have seen both the wavelength and amplitude decrease simultaneously prior to a push up. On this occasion it dropped, but only to a price approaching the mean Gann octave (dark blue). You will also see that the prior btc highs seem to stall at the next highest octave (white).
  4. No need to panic yet, we still have the two longest up trends intact (Mar & Oct 2020) despite the weekend correction... Recent daily history with FLD (yellow) : Note the angles of the FLD when btc price breaks to upside (in French = grave accent) and downside (aigu accent), they are always similar angles for each direction...
  5. Numerous people unable to execute Doge trades on Robinhood (sound familiar ?) Why anyone would stay with RH is beyond me.
  6. S2F calculated high this cycle is around $120,000 S2Fx calc is around $280,000 Historically btc price overshoots these calculated values by between 50-100% https://digitalik.net/btc/
  7. Which S2F model are you using to get that number for 2021 because Plan B's models are nothing like that...and yes I know they overshoot the calculated values, but again nothing like your forecast.
  8. I used to read his twitter posts religiously, but these days you have to wade through masses of (self) promotional rubbish to find the one nugget of information. I gave up
  9. ...and to think the price should still double from here in this cycle !
  10. Several years ago there were a number of articles where the authors claimed the design-brief price of xrp was $10,000. Given where we are today that seems outlandish, but just a cursory glance at the bitcoin chart covering the last 10 years should suggest otherwise.
  11. Good idea...can't hurt to tell them they have made a bad business decision. Edit : I would add some verbiage to prevent them from using your xrp balance to profit, eg. I wrote at the end of my email to them... I trust that if you continue on this path that you will attest and guarantee that you will not be using my XRP balance in any business transaction, eg. loaning for profit or collateral against other financial instruments.
  12. Due to recent developments and current regulatory uncertainty, Celsius will no longer be able to offer rewards on XRP for US-based customers until further notice. This change will take effect beginning this Friday, April 9, 2021 at 05:00:00 UTC. You will still receive rewards for the current accrual period, and your final XRP rewards payment will be reflected in your Celsius account with our weekly rewards distribution this coming Monday, April 12, 2021. You can continue to hold XRP in your Celsius account, but you will no longer earn rewards on your XRP balance, and
  13. You can use the Toast website as long as you have the back-up phrase to restore the wallet... https://toastwallet.com/browser/index.html
  14. Then buy a caye in Belize like I plan to do. We can call them the Ripple Cayes
  15. For me alt season already started...most of my alt portfolio has increased significantly over the last 4 months. If you expect it to go even further from here then great !
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