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    Chookstar reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    So yeah 5 weeks off but still not bad,  considering bitcoin was around $3.8k when I made the prediction on March 1st!!  And 90% of people were calling for a retest of the lows!!
    In a few days 3 or 4 the 100 day EMA will break the 200 day EMA (golden cross)  by then I would guess it will be undeniable that we are entering another bull market.  Last time this Happened by the way it was November of 2015 and the price of Bitcoin was $265 and it went up 74x from there.  Assuming we're around $6.5k when we make the cross and things play out the same it puts a price of bitcoin at $480,000.  Haven't ordered the Lambo yet, but have been looking at Mansions and deciding on what watches I'll have in my collection, tried on the white gold submariner with the blue face (the smurf)  and the 41mm Day Date, maybe an AP Offshore, gotta see what looks best on my 7.5" wrist.  But hey crypto always likes to surprise so anything can happen.

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    Chookstar reacted to ManBearPig in HODL'rs Only   
    Just bought +700 xrp this morning. I am just about done filling up the bags anymore outside of a major correction. I am just about done filling up any other bags for other cryptos as well.
    If we are capitulated, that would truly mean people have given up and would not be here.  The remaining hardcore believers will skew the results towards a more optimistic tilt.
    Given that: a) It is awfully quiet around here and b) polls are optimistic (the naysayers are exiting) — these are signs of capitulation.
    Prepare to sit this one out for a while.
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    Chookstar reacted to 2ndtimearound in HODL'rs Only   
    Of course I am still holding.  Stopped buying in January this year as I hit my ultimate limit (there is such a thing for me, may you find it!).  If anything I feel a lot more patient this year than last year.  Last year was "too soon" after the bull run so there was a constant anticipation of fireworks.  Now I'm really into my "2 to 4 year plan" mode (as it was 3 to 5 year last year).  I still read up on crypto news, but have I have no expectations this year, though I do trust Ripple and R3 will keep moving forward with their plans and infrastructure/liquidity.
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    Chookstar got a reaction from Julian_Williams in HODL'rs Only   
    I'm still here, still holding, still meditating.
    I add to my stack every so often but I have made a rule that I only buy if my DCA stays the same or drops.
    I don't know if in time I'll think this investment was a dud or a divine decision; but I don't have any other grand plans for super wealth, nor do I have a need for the money.
    So I'll just wait it out and see what time brings, just wish that time was NOW!
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    Chookstar got a reaction from Cesar1810 in HODL'rs Only   
    I'm still here, still holding, still meditating.
    I add to my stack every so often but I have made a rule that I only buy if my DCA stays the same or drops.
    I don't know if in time I'll think this investment was a dud or a divine decision; but I don't have any other grand plans for super wealth, nor do I have a need for the money.
    So I'll just wait it out and see what time brings, just wish that time was NOW!
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    Chookstar reacted to RegalChicken in HODL'rs Only   
    As many of you know, the majority of us pro-XRP long time HODL'ers are paid per post to incite FOMO among the masses. Now that much of our work is done and we have reached mass capitulation, the very whales who paid us per post on XRPChat are now asking us to survey the general mood of the people to see where we are as a society and where we are headed. The biggest question on everyones mind is "are we in full capitulation, yet?".
    Generally speaking I am seeing long time HODL'ers selling part or all of their stashes in a way that I haven't seen since December 11th, 2017 (go look at that date on an XRP chart).
    I consider this to be a bullish signal, personally.  XRP might be only $.30 in September, or it may be $22 later this month (the same rate of growth XRP had by May 2017).
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    Chookstar got a reaction from LordVetinari in New Puzzle App   
    Hey everyone 
    My brother in-law Lucas has just released his puzzle solving app. I never play games online but I thought it would appeal to some of you. 
    Here is the link:
    Feedback is welcome in the Trinagon forum! Or let me know here if you prefer.
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    Chookstar reacted to kryptoroi in Ripple currently has 150 signed institutions.   
    Ross D Arcy in a recent interview announced that Ripple is currently at 150 signed institutions. (at 12:45). I don't know why but for some reason i expected more than 150. But when i think about the "signing 1 customer a week" it makes more sense. And also, the 150 are those who are already CONFIRMED, im sure there are many others in testing or just not yet disclosed. When you also factor in the possible new banks in the R3 consortium that may concurrently adopt Ripple, the future looks promising for Ripple.
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    Chookstar reacted to GiddyUp in XRP’s New Position on R3’s Payments App Could Propel it Much Higher   
    Not news, but a very nice article...
    XRP’s New Position on R3’s Payments App Could Propel it Much Higher
    Nicholas Say on December 11, 2018
    "Corda Settler allows an amazing amount of flexibility when it comes to how payments are handled. According to media reports, Corda Settler will allow payments to be settled on the Corda blockchain from multiple payment rails, both crypto and conventional."
    "The Corda blockchain will be updated automatically once a payment has been successful, which opens up a lot of doors for how both Corda Settler and XRP may be used in the not-too-distant future. Until now there have been few ‘turnkey’ solutions for an interface between existing payment infrastructure, and new forms of crypto settlement, which may be why R3 chose to focus on Corda Settler."
    "There is no shortage of uses for a platform like Corda Settler. R3 has numerous members that are operating at the highest levels of finance, and this platform could be the beginning of a new era in payment technology."
    (Bold emphasis is mine)
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    Chookstar reacted to 7Bs in Question re. banks using xRapid   
    Brad made the statement back in March at a conference in Singapore.
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    Chookstar reacted to Julian_Williams in Question re. banks using xRapid   
    The XRP community (and ecosystem) put a lot of pressure on Ripple to make these sorts of bullish announcements, then when Ripple don't hit their target date the same people get upset and accuse Ripple of hyping the truth.  In September the road ahead probably looked clear, but as happens with all development work nothing works to a preplanned schedule.   You should always take these sorts of announcements with a pinch of salt.  It was noteworthy that Brad was willing to give a likely time span.
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    Chookstar reacted to Dutchpinoy in Question re. banks using xRapid   
    The first bank using xRapid might very well be unannounced. Whether it becomes publically known or not makes no difference utility wise. Don't hold your breath for any offical word.
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    Chookstar got a reaction from Cesar1810 in Question re. banks using xRapid   
    Hi everyone
    Just a query whether or not Brad Garlinghouse is still to announce a major partnership with a bank that will use xRapid by the end of this year?
    I know PNC Bank joined RippleNet sometime in September - was this perhaps the bank Brad was referring to or do you think a major announcement is still to come?
    Thanks for your input...
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    Chookstar reacted to Julian_Williams in The Illusion of Tranquility   
    Love the boldness.  Definitely agree with you that the palpable feeling of energy building in the XRP ecosystem/community cannot be contained for ever and will blow.  I have no idea if it will be this side of the EoY.  I imagine once the growth happens it will snowball across into new speculative markets as well as into the institutions.
    XRP once touched, and the concept behind it understood, is addictive.  We have all witnessed this experience/phenomenon in ourselves and others will follow where you have led.
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    Chookstar got a reaction from Chewiecoin in Please Assist Me with this Incredibly Important XRP Price Research   
    This made me laugh out loud. Love it. 
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    Chookstar reacted to Chewiecoin in Please Assist Me with this Incredibly Important XRP Price Research   
    I have posted this poll on Twitter trying to get a gauge on the XRP Community’s feeling on the short, medium and long term price expectations for XRP. I understand that price prediction is difficult and should not be relied upon but I feel that our community is large enough and sophisticated to the point where the community’s views can be tapped as a proper scientific research point.
    To ensure I have a good cross section of the community’s views I want to start this thread in XRPChat attaching the link to the Twitter poll to get our voices heard as well.
    Rest assured all answers are anonymous and the results will be used by me in conjunction with a local university to help plot future price points for XRP.
    Thank you in advance for contributing.
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    Chookstar reacted to 2ndtimearound in SATIS or SADISTS?   
    xRapid goes live this year.  If it goes smoothly, then xRapid has a future, and XRP has a future.  I think this is the make or break year for XRP - really.  You can think: "if xRapid doesn't go smoothly in 2018,  they can make it happen in 2019 or 2020".  NO.  They build it up from this year. This is the year.  That's good news for XRP holders - we will know sooner rather than later.  I'd rather lose my money this year than wait 3 years to find out XRP failed.  Guys, the rubber hits the road THIS YEAR.  Big corridors being serviced by xRapid - Philippines, US, Mexico.  Small volume this year, building up from here on out.  xRapid cannot wait until 2020 to be a success. It must start this year to consolidate its grip on Fintech.
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    Chookstar reacted to 2ndtimearound in SATIS or SADISTS?   
    Ripple need to fail this year with xRapid (in the next 4 months) for XRP to be 1 cent in ten years.  If xRapid runs smoothly after it goes live, then XRP has made history as the first crypto/digital asset to be used as a bridge currency. Even if Ripple capture 5% of their market, they will make good money and be a success, and XRP will be successful. 
    The report does not even mention the Lightning Network (with all its associated problems too) for BTC which is significant - I don't honestly think they're aware of such a significant development within BTC.  They lazily refer to XRP as "centralized" (it's clearly not) and "not needed within their own network" - again, xRapid proves that wrong, and it going live will negate this report 100%. To sum up, the report was written by people ignorant of technical developments and have a complete lack of understanding as to the use-cases of each respective crypto.
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    Chookstar reacted to 2ndtimearound in It's about to happen   
    I've had private PMs from @BarryM17 before this thread was made (will say no more on that) - I trust his judgement here and I understand why he's circumspect about the details.  He's made the thread as a positive statement - it's basically saying "I've heard some good things I can't divulge publicly, but it's positive things about XRP".  If I were him, I'd do the same, and I think most of us would.  It's in the same spirit that BG123 has shared info.  Will say no more.  I get the frustration when we're 8 months deep into a bear market, so the to-and-fro is perhaps inevitable, and all the more power to @BarryM17 for making this thread.
    edit to add: "about to happen" can mean in the coming months, not coming days (though who knows?).  These things take time...
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    Chookstar reacted to ReformedEquityTrader in FUD is ending   
    Taking the long view.  Buying bits and pieces.
    Throne, hardly.  But I definitely have a perspective that most here don't, being a former professional trader and a lifelong investor in many asset classes.  I imagine that I have lost more money in five seconds than you have ever invested in anything.
    I don't necessarily agree with those that call for $589, but "XRP is dying" is about the farthest thing from the truth that could be said about this.  It's a statement that can only be made from an emotional place.  Emotions are what kills the potential of an investment on a personal level, but it has no bearing on the success of the investment itself.
    Hundreds of millions of dollars are being injected into the financial infrastructure to support crypto in general.  The idea that companies and governments would do this without clarity is to be blind to the last 400 years of economic history.
    Now, if you're not patient enough to wait it out, that's fine. Sell your XRP, trade between coins, move to greener pastures, whatever, and you can make some money in the near term.   Short attention spans and the need for immediate gratification are the halmarks of today.  Which again does not mean that you can't be successful that way, but the richest of the financial elite are not traders, they're value investors with LONG horizons.
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    Chookstar got a reaction from ImBroke in Market crash, you say?   
    This is an excellent read and I'm surprised there have not been more comments about it. Good find @Plikk, thank you!
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    Chookstar reacted to Chewiecoin in My apologies   
    Being a positive person does not make me insane. I am proud of the type of person I am and I make no apologies for that. I have come across people like you all my life, people that do not understand my positivity. I don’t expect you to understand but I ask that you please be a little more open minded.
    I celebrate XRP and what I believe is a great asset for us to HODL. Again I make no apologies for this.
    Trust me, I get frustrated too with the current prices, I am human. What I choose to do however is focus on the research I have done and the unbelievable future I believe is ahead of us rather than focus on the falling price and the negative.
    Negativity creates stress. Too much stress is not helpful for you. 
    I am honest with myself if I believe XRP will falter then I will sell. I have said many times in here that if I think anything changes in regards my views to XRP I will express them here and explain why.
    I wish you well and hope we all taste success with our investment in the future. 
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    Chookstar reacted to OzAlphaWolf in My apologies   
    The difference between @Chewiecoin and many others is that he's taken the time to understand where we're going and what the destination looks like. If you truly get the Internet of Value, if you buy into that vision, you can't help but be confident 99.9% of the time. The world is moving on. The way money moves just has to change now - it's inevitable. Ripple have already shown the possibilities to the financial world. FIs are not going to remain on the starting line or benches forever. 
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    Chookstar reacted to Chewiecoin in My apologies   
    Thanks @BarryM17 this is an excellent post. 
    There a lot of smart people invested in and commenting on XRP in here and I don’t mean me.  I have had very similar conversations to the same type of people you have mentioned about XRP and what it’s potential is. 
    Are we all wrong? Yes we could be. There are no guarantees but, like you, I like my odds.
    Please don’t apologise for venting as @Liagala posted you should vent in here. You need to vent so we can share your frustration and offer you, hopefully, words or encouragement. You have nothing to apologise for.
    Lets forget about the current price and look forward to a very bright future together and most importantly enjoy the ride. 
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    Chookstar reacted to BarryM17 in My apologies   
    Good points.  I edited my post.  You're starting to become one of my favorite forum members.  You really have offered up some great insight in the short time you've been registered here.  Thanks.
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