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  1. Bye for now everyone, off to yoga! PS. I can see your rolling eyes!
  2. Glad I made you laugh! I knew I'd cop some flak for it. Most of you guys that have read my posts know I'm the mild mannered meditator of us all. I am a hippy at heart, but always wanted to be a financial one!
  3. I started buying XRP in July 2017. Like many of you, I did my research and thought it was the best bet based on the fundamentals and everything else already discussed. I've never sold a single XRP, but I did trade some for ETH, BTC and TRX. Then I traded ETH and BTC back to XRP. One thing I have learned is that jumping around, chasing the coin rainbow, has not worked for me. I have come to the conclusion that I know nothing. I could sell XRP and jump into XLM or ADA, and the following day XRP goes parabolic. I could stay with XRP and watch my funds slowly bleed. Something goes wrong with
  4. What does moon price mean to you @Jack21? Also any word on ETH price? Thanks for your input btw.
  5. Hey everyone I might be missing something but how come my sister in Austria goes to Conbase (whoops, typo, I mean Coinbase!?) to set up an account to buy XRP and it’s not even listed there? I thought trading was only being suspended for US residents?
  6. Hi @Eric123, can you recommend your top ALT to buy? I’m thinking of adding to my VET stack but would like your opinion..
  7. I agree @Julian_Williams. Unfortunately I have always been too nervous to jump in and out, and I've also wanted to keep the tax side of things simple. But well done on your end for taking action. I'm happy for you.
  8. Well happy new year everyone. What a roller coaster it's been. I wish each and every one of you good times ahead, be they in crypto or life in general. It is of course stating the obvious that the past week has been a challenge to our community to say the least. I have felt very flat at times, for myself yes, but more so for those that have sold their XRP and lost money, and /or lost faith in Ripple / XRP, and feel generally defeated. I ask myself questions fairly frequently if I am listening and reading information that confirms my bias and therefore still hopeful that all this will
  9. You are keeping me sane and positive @Eric123. Thanks again and again! It's nice to know that you are both a lawyer and someone who has been in this space for such a long time. I am a housewife and a casual relief teacher. My learning curve in all this has been very steep. I tend to just glean the overall big picture. All the nitty gritty I can't really be bothered to understand, it mostly goes over my head. I'm not saying I'm ditzy though.
  10. So what are your thoughts now @Julian_Williams?
  11. Thanks @Julian_Williams. I always appreciate your honesty, I know you can be trusted. And I share your sentiments about what I thought Ripple Labs were rolling out. I guess in the end I am hoping that the SEC document paints the worst possible picture and somehow BG and CL have just as strong a case to fire back at them. Only time will tell...
  12. @Julian_WilliamsHi Julian, as you know I read your posts daily and highly regard your opinion. I am really sad all this has lead you to selling half your XRP. Hopefully you buy back in at a profit. One thing I'm confused about is that I also really value Crypto Eri's work and she doesn't seem to be dismayed by BG's and CL's actions, yet. I believe she is waiting to hear their side of the story first. And I know you like her work too. I am just wondering if you are making up your mind about the state of the affairs prematurely? You have a much greater grip on the intricacies than I do, so perha
  13. Still here still holding still meditating. Stay strong everyone, thinking of you all.
  14. Crypto Eri is fantastic. As are Blockchain Backer, MoonLambo, Kevin Cage, Jungle Inc, Working Money Chanel and Brad Kimes. Listen to them all and you will gain a broad spectrum of knowledge.
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