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  1. Thanks @Seoulite for all the updates. I guess I’ll continue to do what I’ve done so far, keep hodling away.
  2. Good luck! I agree why not! I also wonder if people underestimate XRP potential. I’m starting to feel it’s the one coin held down because it’s truly the one that can make a massive difference, and some people know it.
  3. That's interesting, I'm quite in experienced in this side of crypto. But it's still a good ROI right? I think I still prefer some diversity.
  4. Any thoughts on TRX @Eric123? It still hasn't reached its previous ATH. Seems like it could be a solid coin.
  5. @Moonraker I’m really sorry to hear about your Father. I am so pleased you’ve stuck with XRP and I’m certain you will create a wonderful future for your kids.
  6. Do you mean you don’t like Coinspot? I also have Btc markets, but I find the interface of coinspot much easier. I’m not super techy
  7. It’s on Coinspot...I’m down under. I find Coinspot to be an excellent exchange. Fast, responsive to queries, and super easy to use.
  8. Not a dumb move at all. But be patient and don’t panic sell if it does dip.
  9. But having said that, I do also respect the work of the mods. And I guess if they made the decision to ban him it’s for good reason. I just have never read anything from @Hopium that seemed not nice.
  10. Yes, I submitted the form a couple of days ago. I think Jeremy Hogan and John Deaton are both huge assets to our community. My husband would agree with you re Dead Pool.
  11. I remember you doing this! I'm guessing you didn't record the phonecall!? At least on this site there would be evidence that you stated you called and spoke to them and got no clear answer.
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