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  1. Chookstar

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    I regularly listen to Susie, DM Logic and The Digital Asset Investor. I also like Alex Cobb and lately I've tuned in to Kung Fu Nerd and Jungle Inc. I think they all offer something positive and their own unique input into this crypto, specifically XRP space. Each and everyone of them has lifted my spirits at one time or another. I am grateful to the research they do that makes my job as investor and hodler of XRP easier. I feel so lucky to be part of this whole community. I truly hope that dreams are realized for all of us, and if not, at least we don't go down alone!
  2. They are most certainly able to trade. I know of two who actively do so, one of them being my dad. 70 is the new 50.
  3. Chookstar

    Are members here still buying ?

    Thank you @Prometheus_Rising I think you have hit the nail on the head with assessing what one’s primary then secondary financial goals are. It reminds me to not get greedy by trying to jump too far ahead financially too quickly. I really like your strategy, I’ll give it some serious thought.
  4. Chookstar

    Are members here still buying ?

    This is me too. I am still buying when a pay check comes in. I have a bigger stash than I ever anticipated, but I am questioning how high the price can really go. Naturally if it only goes to $10 the more you have the better you do, which is a good reason to keep buying. However the amount of fiat I’m spending is starting to feel more substantial than before. I hope I am not so far down the rabbit hole that I can’t see things from a broader perspective. One question that arises for me is that say the price got to $100 and people started selling, according to wallet statistics there would be many many people sitting on $100 million plus. Is that really possible? Can that really happen, for so many people to suddenly have so much wealth? If anyone can shed some light on this element I’d really appreciate it.
  5. Chookstar

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    That’s so crazy. I’m so naive, I thought your name was infering ‘Barry McHocke knew’! As in you knew XRP would moon. Or at least leave the stratosphere. 😂
  6. Chookstar

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Hey everyone it’s a sign!!!
  7. Chookstar


    I believe OP is talking AUD
  8. Love your work @Chewiecoin! Thank you as always.
  9. I really agree with this thinking. I know it because its exactly how I have behaved in the past. Now even though I do question if I’m throwing away money, I am still buying when I have the fiat to do so. Even though I am fearful to an extent, I am not paying attention to that fear. I am conscious of my average buy in going too high. However, I must remember that the fundamentals have not changed.
  10. Chookstar

    First prediction

    I honestly have no idea where the price is going. But I do know if it starts jumping I will think to myself “yes I knew it, I was right all along, it was actually so clear, I should have trusted my original instincts, why didn’t I buy more, yes, yes, yes!!!” And if the price is stagnating I will feel melancholic and wonder if I’ve been buying into confirmation bias and waiting for a pipe dream.
  11. Excellent! Now we have 3! Thank you.
  12. @2ndtimearound and @xrphilosophy I hope you are right, it certainly sounds plausible even to my untrained ears. Deep down I have patience. It's only on the surface that I feel like I want things to move a bit faster. Truth be told, I am in a much better position for things to take off now compared with the ALT, but I will be in an even better position if it does take a little longer to take effect, CGT (and the need to hold an asset for one year or more in Australia to only pay tax on 50% of the profit) being one contributing factor.
  13. Awesome stuff @Hodor. I was actually genuinely a bit worried about you when I hadn't heard something for a while. I'm glad to see that you are okay! I have to admit that a great deal of your post goes over my head, but I think I am astute enough to pick up the important bits. For me it is these points: 1. Ripple is expanding like wildfire. 2. Cross border value transfer is seriously gigantically astronomically massive and Ripple with XRP will more than likely dominate this space in the near future. 3. XRP can handle / support humongous amounts of transactions that could be used for micropayments (micropayments being a very small payment made online). All this is quite mind boggling if you can manage to get your head around it. Think I'll go buy some more.
  14. Chookstar

    Australian Exchange Recommendaiton

    Coinspot. Not exactly sure on fees, but 50K daily withdrawal limit.