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  1. I did the same, and that’s how I expect it will play out.
  2. I've been following BCB for a long time now, well over a year, maybe even two, and have recently started his course. I have found him to be consistent, genuine and good at what he does. He's taught me a lot. We are so lucky to have people like him in the space. I've also recently started listening to Donovan Jolly from DIY Investing. His thumbnails had always put me off in the past, but actually he is really good too. Super bright, positive and worth giving a go. Crypto Eri has also been a favourite of mine for a long time now.
  3. Okay, that certainly looks easy enough. I hope my current exchanges will offer this option, I'd prefer to not have to open up a new one. So does "Delegation" essentially mean the same as "Staking"? I have set up an Exodus wallet and I stake ADA there, so I've got that far with this at least.
  4. Ha, don't get me wrong, I still feel the emotions, but yes it's true I've not made any rash decisions. Like I've said, we've got the support of some super cool technical people here. What I admire greatly about @Eric123 is his consistent steady composure. Has he ever wavered or missed a beat? Not that I've seen. Meditation is truly a wonderful gift you can give yourself....and truly anyone can do it, it really is just practice, and you only need start with 5 minutes a day. It's taken me years to improve, but I have, and ten minutes a day can give me hours of benefit - I think clearer, am calmer and make better decisions - very good for crypto! It's very normal for your mind to jump around -( they don't call it 'monkey mind' for no reason), you just keep bringing it back to your focus - be it a candle, your breath, light or whatever. On a side note, 6 years ago I also totally gave up alcohol. Has been one of my best decisions ever. I was tired of feeling good for an hour or two after a couple of drinks, then crap for the whole next day because I didn't sleep so well, made poorer decisions, ate bad food etc. I kept a diary for a while about how I felt after drinking, it started to become clear that 2 hours of fun = 2 days of mediocrity. I'm not a mathematician but my maths is good enough to realise it wasn't adding up! Now I never worry about driving over the limit, never think about alcohol related accidents or illnesses, and of course money that once might have gone on a nice bottle of wine can now go towards dollar cost averaging into crypto! Anyway, this will probably fall on deaf ears in this forum - I do laugh about that, but just thought it might be useful to someone... And now for a return to the charts......hehehe....let's go BTC, let's go XRP, let's go any other coin that any of you are invested in!
  5. I have been really working with my emotions with this whole rollercoaster of a ride. I'm learning to do the opposite of what they tell me. I'm now buying the dips when I feel scared and stupid for doing so. My next thing to do is sell when I am feeling euphoric. Although to be honest I have not yet felt overly euphoric because: a) I haven't sold yet b) I haven't reached my targets But I remembered what you said about taking what the market gives you, so will adjust my targets accordingly when the next run happens (which I am pretty certain it will). Thanks for sharing this and for being part of our discussions. I've said it time and time again how grateful l am to have people like @Plikk and @Eric123 and @Nat99 , and now you, sharing their knowledge and expertise. I am yoga loving hippy at heart and sometimes I wonder, what am I doing here? How did I get here talking about fibonacci extensions, ascending and descending triangles and all this other stuff? The thing is that I have always wanted freedom and financial independence and for my money to work for me and not me for it. (Having said that, I put a lot of work into understanding this space and keeping up with all the advancements). I'm with you on this. XRP is still the coin I believe in and understand the most. It's helped by the fact that I got my Dad into it. He spent years running an international importing business where sending money between countries and currencies was a total night mare. It was slow and expensive. So he totally sees XRP as solving a trillion dollar problem. I am not really into conspiracy theories but I do think there is a reason for the hold up in its price and expansion. I think there are many high powered people that have vested interests in it not succeeding. But nevertheless I think it will succeed and we will be rewarded accordingly.
  6. I am a total novice at all this technical stuff, so I answered 0%. Until I understand what I'm doing, I'll do nothing. Also I will be happy with the allocation of FLR I get, so I never even contemplated swapping my XRP for it. And I would only do so if it were really easy to do on my exchange.
  7. I couldn't have said this better myself. It's exactly how I feel. Except I was going to call it "Flare for Dummies". However reading @Seoulite's post did leave me feeling like, hey I at least know what he is talking about on a macro level. But it's true that I currently have no idea what to do with FLR once I get them. I'll probably do absolutely nothing until I understand it better.
  8. After reading everyone’s latest comments, the only thing I care about In the end is that the trend is upwards. And I mean for the whole market not any particular coin. So far that seems to be the case. And considering all the news, the technology, and the more institutional interest, I think that trend is going to continue. Time and patience will pay off IMO.
  9. I agree. More and more I see making money here as just time in the market, and patience.
  10. This is me too. When I get the chance to sell again I will do so, probably only 30 to 50% but I think I've learned my lesson now.
  11. I'm standing strong with you and @Eric123 and @Plikk. I have been through this too many times to not know how this goes now. I am buying, albeit tiny amounts because I don't hav a lot of fiat to play with.
  12. I’ve been through many crashes. I should know better but they still scare me, so you are not alone. It’s always been best hold and buy the dips if you can, in my experience.
  13. Sorry, I actually wasn't referring to Jed's sales, but a graph of the ALT seasons over the number of days/months, just like you did for BTC.
  14. Just wanted to give you a huge thank you for all your analysis @Seoulite. I read your posts every day and learn a little more every time. Please know how much I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise. Can I clarify that if you believe that we will see a 500% increase, then you foresee a price target of at least 5x from here? So currently that would be around $7.75 us?
  15. It would be interesting to see a graph like this of the ALT coins overlaying this graph.
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