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  1. I'm working to understand why BTC is still on the move upwards and XRP is still quite a bit further behind. In the 2017 bullrun am I correct in saying it took 3 weeks for XRP and alts to follow BTC? If so I am wondering if the time frame is as important as the ATH? In other words, BTC needed to reach it's ATH before money started spilling into ALTs? If that is true we need to see BTC beyond $24K (AUD, and the 2017 ATH) for XRP to start it's mega run to beyond $4 (AUD). I hope I am making sense!
  2. I have been thinking about this exact thing and recently an email from 'The Barefoot Investor' (Scott Pape, in Australia) caught my attention: Scott, My husband (30) and I (24) have inherited an eye-watering $6.5 million! We have paid off our mortgage, bought an investment property and cleared our debts, yet we have no idea what to do with the rest of it. (We have locked it up in our high-interest account while we decide what next.) Now that we have the financial freedom to enjoy our weekly wages freely, we want to be wise with our next move. What do you suggest? Tim and Sarah Scott's Answer Hi guys, You have reached your ‘enough’ figure at a time when most couples are still trying to scrape up a house deposit. That’s the first bit of advice: understand that you have ‘enough’. More money won’t make you any happier from this point on. In fact, as you’ve probably worked out, having lots of zeroes in your bank account is actually bloody stressful, right? Well, here’s how I’d think about it if I were in your shoes. Let’s say you have $5 million, which you decide to invest in a low-cost index fund (via a family trust for asset protection). I want you to think of that investment the same way I think about my family farm (stay with me here!). Twice a year your ‘farm’ will deliver you a golden harvest, in the form of dividends, and it will grow each and every year. In my case, the land value of my farm goes up, down and sideways (just like share prices), but I don’t care, because I’ll never ever sell my family farm. Besides, it’s the harvest that puts food on the table. In your case, your ‘farm’ should deliver you around $275,000 pre-tax a year. Yes, there will be the occasional ‘drought’, and lean times — but as long as you own the farm, you collect the harvest. And that’s the lesson: you plant once, and then you can harvest forever. And that is why you have more than enough. Scott I am thinking along these lines. I already own my modest home and have a fairly free lifestyle, however my husband works hard and is time poor. I'd love to change that for him. PS. I really love reading about everyone's different situations on here. I am truly happy for those that are already doing so well financially, such as @dr_ed And for those who are just starting out, you truly can achieve your dreams - be clear about what they are and lazer focused on your outcomes and you will succeed.
  3. I'm still here, still holding, still meditating. I add to my stack every so often but I have made a rule that I only buy if my DCA stays the same or drops. I don't know if in time I'll think this investment was a dud or a divine decision; but I don't have any other grand plans for super wealth, nor do I have a need for the money. So I'll just wait it out and see what time brings, just wish that time was NOW!
  4. Hey everyone My brother in-law Lucas has just released his puzzle solving app. I never play games online but I thought it would appeal to some of you. Here is the link: https://trinagon.com/ Feedback is welcome in the Trinagon forum! Or let me know here if you prefer.
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm sure it will happen in due time. I can wait. As it's been said before, I'd rather have a completely working system rather than announcements that are premature.
  6. Hi everyone Just a query whether or not Brad Garlinghouse is still to announce a major partnership with a bank that will use xRapid by the end of this year? I know PNC Bank joined RippleNet sometime in September - was this perhaps the bank Brad was referring to or do you think a major announcement is still to come? Thanks for your input...
  7. This is an excellent read and I'm surprised there have not been more comments about it. Good find @Plikk, thank you!
  8. @Hodor I sincerely hope you realize just how much you do for our community. Every blog so well researched, so well put together, so well written. You really do make it so much easier for us to understand this space and have faith in our investment. Thank you as always.
  9. With regards to Bill Clinton speaking at Swell, my perspective is that he is a very well known and well connected individual. While his personal past is tainted, I hardly know anyone whose isn't. I also think that people should be allowed to grow and evolve as human beings and we need to try not judge them. @RegalChicken, some of your suggestions as to who may have been a better speaker to have on board may be really good ones, but I have no idea who they are. I'm in Australia, and not very politically minded but I do at least know who Bill Clinton is and I'm sure he is not all bad. People all over the world know him, he was the president of the USA! That is incredible. I think what I am trying to say is don't throw the baby out with the bath water. I think it would be crazy for any of us to think that the journey for Ripple and XRP will always be of the highest kind. They will undoubtedly slip up along the way but as long as they are generally headed in the right direction then that is enough for me. Surely Ripple have some of the best marketing savvy people working for them. I'm sure they know what they are doing. I really hope Regal Chicken that you will see it in a different light. You have been wonderfully positive overall and such an asset to this chat site.
  10. Hi @ripplewaytogo! Ive been quiet about my gender because I found it interesting that I was often interpreted as being a male (at least I think it was like that)! But actually I’m female. I am the big picture financial person in my marriage, while my husband is the more risk adverse. I am the investor while he provides the weekly cash flow. Never judge a book by its cover! ?
  11. Thanks @Spekul8 for the time you have put into this for helping us all. I am always playing around with a solid exit strategy. I have not yet settled on my best approach. I really understand that greed could get in the way of making smart decisions. For me I need to keep coming back to the financial goals I am trying to obtain to get to my next level. I think if I try and move beyond those too quickly, then that is where I will come unstuck. Thanks again for your help.
  12. Hello hello! I was wondering where everyone had disappeared to! Can I get an invite please? Thanks, Chookstar.
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