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  1. Wow, it’s so boring around here lately and the one glimmer of intrigue squashed like this. Bummer
  2. Please summarize your clues or expand on them! This tease is killing me?
  3. You’re a very generous person. Did I mention I’m actually 5000 xrp short of my goal?
  4. I’ve seen David Schwartz describe how volume will increase price and is not a “neutral” transaction with xrapid. I’m going to say that David knows more than anyone on this forum and as long as he’s still with Ripple and owns XRP then I’m all in on it too. If he leaves then I will seriously reconsider my position but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon
  5. Anything you can expand upon? Always interested in first-hand accounts
  6. I’m not interested in Japanese speculative investors. I’m interested in the possible Japanese FX market and the role SBI/xrp could play there.
  7. It’s one thread out of hundreds of threads. Here’s a really wild idea...,don’t read this thread. I know it’s “out there” and I’m not sure you can do it but give it a try. Maybe do some gardening instead, it’s more productive?
  8. Seriously you guys, this thread is so dumb. How could anyone believe something that I don’t believe? There couldn’t possibly be other ideas out there that aren’t my own. I have nothing better in my sad life than to follow a thread that I don’t believe in just to tell the people who are contributing to it that they are stupid. So there, stupids
  9. Don’t forget the words you wrote in a post awhile back...”the game is already over”. The current problem is that we’re all waiting (im)patiently for xrapid to go live. It’s not taking that long for things to happen, it just feels that way because we are so focused on it daily and aren’t in the know. Once it’s live, we’ll see a trickle of adoption early but then it’ll hit a point where it explodes with adoption. A bank won’t be able to survive without using xrapid. It’ll seem like every bank is using it, which will basically be true. Navin Gupta knows what he’s talking about.
  10. I’ll hodl to $1!!! And $2, and $10, and $50, and $100??.
  11. I thought/hoped you were giving a cryptic clue or something. Perhaps Central Bank of F(something). Haha oh well. Carry on
  12. Easy, potential is how it’s valued right now. If you take out potential as having value then anything not in use should be $0. And that would go for anything in the world, not just crypto. And I do not think the crypto market should be worth $0. Now the actual value is subjective right now. I think a valid argument can be made for overvalue and undervalued but I think Xrp specifically is slightly undervalued due to some use through testing and how close it is to live production.
  13. Whether something is in use or not isn’t the entire argument for value. Value is subjective and I would argue Xrp is currently undervalued, but not extremely undervalued. Do patents that have not been put in use yet have no value?
  14. “ I have a few reasons of why, and how it could possibly reach that price.” Care to expand on this or is it just a “gut feeling”?
  15. Thanks @OzAlphaWolf for your invaluable work. You are our local GCC expert. It’s very intriguing and exciting. I look forward to a part 2 someday as more info becomes available. Well done.
  16. Why would I like it? I don’t know what it’s about. I’m chasing 5 little kids around and wanted to catch up on any new xrp news or updates. Just was asking if he could summarizes anything important and apparently he couldn’t. I’ve done plenty of research over the past year but can’t watch that video today. Maybe I’ll be able to later in the week but something else will probably come up. Anyway, sorry I asked for a little help. Won’t happen again
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