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  1. I am truly disappointed with Ripple, really. It seems they milked all the money they could from small investors like us, deluded us with XRP dreams of being a high valued digital asset in the future in a very subtle way (without ever saying directly, but implying it many times) and now an IPO will forever change their initial goals, they will have to please their shareholders. How can you keep trusting a company like that? Please, I am happy to be proved wrong, fire away
  2. Thanks for all replies, just wanted to know from your experience what was your take on this and get better informed on the meaning of David's tweet,. To Ed1, considering english is not my native language, I don't mind you saying that but you should take courtesy and civility classes
  3. David Schwartz wrote on twitter: (...)...and I despise people who tell other people to "HODL" as a sign of faith and consider rational de-risking a betrayal or something. Anyone telling you crap like just wants you to be a sucker who keeps the price up so they can sell." With all due respect that David deserves and as much I understand that risking in crypto should be rational thinking, I think as CTO of Ripple coming with this now, it feels like a turn off. His sentence includes and targets at least targeting 90% of people here on XRPchat that believe in HODL and XRP's future. Thoughts on this?
  4. Hello friends, I recently invested a bit of money in this new token/project, but I am not an expert on the tech behind it. So taken from their website they say: "Banca is a new type of cryptocurrency based community platform built on blockchain technology. We use AI and expert system to achieve the dynamics of Banca's eco-chain and the automatic management. Big data analysis is utilized to deliver accurate services to various participants with specific needs." The team behind this claims to have years of experience on wall street funds and they have indeed participated/worked in reputed companies. They plan to release their code on the 30th in Github I leave you with their website https://www.banca.world I would very much appreciated if you spare a bit of your time and just share you opinion if this is a project that might succeed long term or just another dead end with no legs to go anywhere. Thanks so much
  5. I really can't get over my mind what are you still doing here if you so disbelieve in Ripple's project! All your posts is FUD so why don't you sell your stash and go somewhere else? I'm not trying to silence different opinions but your clearly are intended in creating waves with posts like this, you don't seem interested in having a real discussion just spread FUD, and I really think moderators should consider banning you from this forum because you're just trolling away. At least I will put you on my Ignore list, welcome to it!
  6. I'm guessing this wont be happening for people who own XRP on eToro, since there is no wallet available. Could someone enlight on this point?
  7. Check on Ripple's Q4 2017 released at the end of January this year, scroll down until you find the graphic: . XRP/BTC - 30.5% . XRP/KRW - 45% https://ripple.com/insights/q4-2017-xrp-markets-report/
  8. You're analyzing things the reverse way, it's XRP paired with fiat that influences the real value of a zerp and not the other way around. IIRC, XRP/BTC pairs accounts for 30% of total trading, fiat pairs (and specifically KRW) have more weight on the price of XRP. You can check this stats on Ripple's website
  9. It's fine by me if you don't like eToro, which by the way is a 12 year company experienced in the trading business and in which SBI obviously trusts, but I guess you know better than anyone, since you are a serious trader and we are not. And again, why are you derailing a topic about something you distrust so much? You don' like, we get, keep away then
  10. So you believe eToro regarding the non insurance by the Investor schemes but you do not believe them when it comes to owning the assets? It looks like you're cherry picking to suit your FUD agenda. Carry on
  11. Etoro: "Do I own my cryptos? Users who have invested in a BUY crypto position since 3 September 2017 own the underlying asset rather than a CFD. While eToro does offer real cryptocurrency trading, we will only be offering the option to transfer cryptocurrencies to a digital wallet later in 2018."
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