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  1. Many of us here have degrees in economics or finance. Finance for me. We can either follow what the OP is saying or we have studied enough on our own to grasp the concept. In the financial crisis of 2008, there was a lender of last resort. The central bank propped up AIG and Bear Sterns, and let Lehman Brothers fall. AIG and bear sterns were saved because the economy is incredibly interconnected, the argument is that if the central bank had not stepped in, there could have been a domino effect on a large scale. The central bank stepped in, requiring it to print more USD, or sell bonds to raise funds, or a combination of the two. What the OP is saying is that the XRP supply is fixed and there is not a central authority who could perform the same role the central bank performed in the financial crisis. APPLES and ORANGES XRP is not a currency. It is a tool that companies and individuals can use to transfer value. The idea is to not hold XRP on the balance sheet. The idea is to have very limited exposure to XRP because it is volatile. If there is not liquidity trading XRP (XRP ecosystem financial crisis), fine, individuals and companies will not have access to the tool they once did that helped them operate efficiently, they will have to go back to older systems. It would be similar to a computer system for air traffic control getting shutdown so air travel would halt and people would have to travel by train or by bus until the air traffic computer system got working again, a inconvenience, but XRP is not a currency, there are central banks for USD, USD is not going away, USD denominated assets and liabilities are not changing to XRP. liquidity in XRP is the bigger issue, if the efficiencies of using XRP are enough for businesses and individuals to use XRP and still allow market makers to make some money with a decent spread, that is all that matters. The other thought on that: market makers are computers these days, they make their money in volume, not markup, so volume/liquidity is self reinforcing.
  2. It is the point when everyone is a permabear that we are near the bottom ... I am happy to see the OP's thoughts. If I took away one thing during January 18, it is that the market stops going up when people dont want to buy any more, and it stops going down when people dont want to sell anymore.
  3. I really hope this is a joke. support and resistance around whole numbers and consolidation are about the only technical indicators that matter.
  4. They may have more assets, BoA may have more dominance in cross border transactions. My biggest concern is the discussion in the first place, why would @Naweed be discussing this openly? His/her job would be a higher priority than letting any of us know, unless @Naweed is not a true insider, but connected by several links, which makes sense given the lack of details, and in that case, would make this little more than a rumor.
  5. I was one of the ones originally telling the OP he/she was an idiot at the beginning of this thread. I guess he/she knew a thing or two. I bought in the $.20's in 11/17. I have not been buying anything substantial until today. It feels good to buy more. I have more cash if we go lower, but I am happy to be buying. I feel the trade is asymmetric to the upside right now. Ripple has stopped announcing partnerships for months, it seems there could be some big announcements coming into the market over the next six months, all the ground work has been done, now the market just needs to utilize the technology. It feels like a dam that still seems structurally sound, but careful observers have noticed a leak, and the leak will grow, until in bursts. When all hell breaks loose, speculation will drive this thing nuts. I should buy more.
  6. I agree with your points and I am pretty bullish, have been in this a while. I am talking about timing. Maybe I am projecting the huge run up and crash we had in early 2018 into the future, all I am saying is that XRP will continue to have emotionally charged movements, and high volatility for many years as adoption grows. I am trying to make the most money I can, we could have a huge, huge spike, like $6 to $120, I would take chips off the table.
  7. This is interesting. It makes a case that speculative volume could actually persist in digital assets. I have been trying to figure out who will be taking the most XRP out of circulating supply in the future. I figured it would be market makers. FI's and banks will all be hedged so no impact from them. Speculators today are far and away the largest group of holders, and maybe that will continue into the future longer that I thought. The long term speculation on XRP, 10, 20 year down the road wont be on adoption, that will already be baked into the price. The future speculation of XRP will be much like a commodity, dependent on current events, politics, supply and demand.
  8. I have been googling "XRP velocity" because my mind has been coming back to the same question recently. I am trying to think who will really be holding xrp besides speculators. Joelkatz said some companies like uber and airbnb could hold it, but really he is just saying they would become market makers. Xrapid will create a lot of market takers, to fill the vacuum will be a large supply of market makers. The single largest holder of XRP, outside of speculators, will be market makers in my mind. Shore, maybe some institutions and FI's may hold XRP on their balance sheet, but it will always be hedged 100% negating any impact of their holding XRP and reducing the circulating supply. The bottom line is that it will be similar to the USD and Gold. What I mean is that the only thing giving the USD value is someone elses willingness to accept it. Much of the value in gold is a self fullfilling prophecy that it will hold value. Initially speculators will hold significant percentages of XRP, but we all have a goal in our heads right? In the future, as the price rises and people such as myself sell out, less XRP will be held by speculators and more will be placed into the circulating supply. The key will be to get out at the highest ratio of Volume/Circulating supply. In other words, it is likely XRP will have a huge speculative run up once real world volume really gets going, and it is my reckoning that could hit the highest price for the next 20 years (volume would need time to catch up to all the speculative supply that will be released). The good news is that the market makers will always have an incentive to provide for the market takers and market takers will provide for the market makers, speculators are not needed, just along for the ride.
  9. One more thing - in regard to David Schwartz comment earlier today about liquidity being the next hurdle he sees. Each trading pair, XRP/USD, XRP/JPY, etc. I would think of as separate watering holes. Right now we are experiencing a drought in all watering holes/liquidity pools. When Xrapid goes live, the remittance companies will begin testing with small transactions with the largest liquidity pools (XRP/JPY, XRP/KRW). They will buy from one liquidity pool and sell in the other. The initial pools they are using will become more efficient, spreads will come down and liquidity will increase. These strong liquidity pools will allow weaker pools that share a strong pair (JPY, KRW), to tip toe into the market. Strength will lead to strength, liquidity will give rise to added liquidity. The dry Sahara will become a rain forest.
  10. View from 30,000 ft: - We have used XRP to transfer money in our own wallets and it takes less than 3 seconds. We could start value transfer companies ourselves if we had the connections, time, and drive. The XRP ledger is already a game changer. Xrapid is organizing it into a cohesive user experience. - Ripple has endless resources. The number one thing startups need (cash), ripple has in spades. Let the macroeconomics play out. The short term is a voting machine, the long term is a scale -Benjamin Graham/Warren Buffett
  11. I have been following this also. In relation to the rest of the volume, the amount being sold is not significant, however, I wonder if there are enough people following it that sentiment will be impacted positively once the 200 MM XRP are sold? Maybe the volume is actually significant, most of the volume may be from short term traders, their volume impact is large and neutral, where as this volume is large and exclusively selling.
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